Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna Search For the Mystery of Elsa’s Powers

Lion? Grizzly bear? Crazy monster? Hans! Biggest mistake of your life. He wouldn't even kiss you. Villian! We all kind of got it. Ok Olaf your turn. Lightning round boys against girl I've got this Unicorn teapot Castle Oakin Elsa I don't think Olaf should get to rearrange. I'ts fine we are about to win anyways. *hears singing coming from outside* Distracted, nope. Nope confused. No worried. I need a minute Um, do you think Elsa has been acting strange lately? um, I think she's acting like Elsa Kristoff I think we won! Give me five. Um Would you settle for four? Sure Once long ago There was a magical forest an enchanted place But something went wrong and since then no one can get in or out You've seen an enchanted forest? You must be prepared Mama that was…

Epic! Elsa are you ok? Yeah, I just kind of miss mom and dad. Are you worried about ruling the kingdom? Yeah, don't worry. You're doing a great job! What would I do without you? You'll always have me "more enchanted singing* *enchanted singing wakes up Elsa* Who are you and what do you want? *enchanted singing…Elsa sings ah ah ahhhh Ahhhh! Oh no…oh no what's happening? Yeah what's happening? Elsa? Elsa? Are you okay? I heard a voice it showed me an enchanted land. I think the voice has answers to my questions. Maybe now I'll know how I got my powers Elsa Elsa Arendell is in big trouble! Trouble what do you mean trouble? You must go into the unknown and find the enchanted forest. Follow the voice to the north? Whoo…whooo..whooo.. Creepy I might have to bite my fingers Yes, your grandfather started a war with the North Uldra The war struck the natures spirits.

I believe you woke the spirits yourself tonight. go into the unknown. there You'll find the answers that you have been searching for. You must learn the truth about your past and tame the spirits of nature to Find the truth Hmm what is going on here, come on guys, let's go I am Olaf and I like warm hugs. Wait, Ana. Was it something I said? Okay, bye-bye Magic is very alluring I'm afraid she might lose herself to it. *gasps* Elsa I am coming with you! Ana no, it's too dangerous Excuse me. I survived the North mountain, a frozen heart and a prince who betrayed me…without magic So yeah, I'm coming. Oh Ana what would I ever do without you? You'll always have me. That's the mist from my dream the enchanted forest must be inside. Elsa! Elsa wait! Woah look at these symbols? What do you think they mean? What's that wind noise? RUN!!! Hurry Elsa we are getting swept away! Woah what..was…that?!? I think it was the wind spirit.

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