Family’s Crime | Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 100 | Full Episode | 22 July 2022


Speak! Sir, I'm Guddu. I got this candy from
a girl at Mira Road. The girl wears a scarf,
wearing a cream coloured bag. Can you help with her sketch? I don't remember
due to intoxication, sir. Good morning..
– Good morning. – Good morning. Sir, you're in uniform today. I went to see the commissioner.
There was a meeting. Listen. A drug has been active in
Mira Bhayandhar area. The narcotics
department needs us because our network is strong. So this case has
been handed to us. This is the file.
Check it, Khan. We have to get to work.

do you have a rubber band? I lost mine. I can't find it. Sister, it's in my bag. Take it. Okay. Sister,
did you find a rubber band? What is this?
– It is a rose. What else? I'm not a child.
I understand everything. If you understand,
then don't speak. Mind your own business. I know you like Yogesh a lot.
But he's not a good boy. This is good.
He was your boyfriend you were praising him a lot. I made a mistake. But when I found out
the truth about him I broke up with him. And you'll do the same.
– This is my life. I'll make my life's
decisions myself. You're my sister,
don't try to be my mother. I think we get paid to
be cursed by foreigners. It is our job Sandya.

By the way curses over the phone
shouldn't be taken seriously. Nowadays auto drivers
have become arrogant. They don't have change. Dad! Dad, how are you here? Dear, I had some work here.
Come on, sit. Sandya, I'll go with my father.
Okay? Bye.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Wow! Wonderful. It is said that if a daughter
talks back to her father then the father should
get her married before she defames her father. You don't need to
worry about my wedding. I'll take care of that myself. And yes I got some snacks for you.
Eat this and drink. Listen. Three Manchurian noodles
for them. How long will it take, Tarun? Just five minutes.
It's almost done. There is a party
at Girish's place. No, pal. I feel awkward
in the presence of so many boys. Why feel awkward when your
boyfriend is with you? Hop on. Mom.. Mom is coming!
Just leave.. Kamini, wasn't that Yogesh?
– Come on, Mom.

Can't you think of anyone else?
– Well, what are you doing here? I came here to get
Chinese food for dad. Tarun, is it done?
– It is.. Here..
– I'll make the payment online. Tarun, wasn't he Yogesh? I don't know, ma'am.
There are so many customers here I am so busy with them. We got a lead from
the Narcotics dept. that in Mira Bhayandar, a girl in
her twenties is peddling drugs. Sir, Meghna was
my elder daughter. In fact she was more like a son to me.
– After mom's demise she took care of us. Sameer is still reeling
under trauma. What happened last night? Why did Meghna go out late
in the night? – I don't know but the moment she went out I woke up but I couldn't get up
on my feet.

That's because I was completely sloshed. We found drugs on Meghna. And for the past few days we've been looking for a girl in
her twenties who supplies drugs. We think it is Meghna.
– You are mistaken, sir. But we recovered drugs
near her corpse. Possibly she was the supplier
and an addict. No, sir. These accusations
are baseless. Sister cannot do that.
I don't know the reason behind drugs being
found near her corpse.

But she cannot have
anything to do with this, sir. Sir, some water.. Mr. Madhukar,
you are a retired cop. You should be aware
that the more you hide the deeper you'll
get into trouble. Sir, I am not lying to you. Enough of.. Kamini, does Meghna
have any boyfriend? No. I don't know if she
had a boyfriend but she was a good girl. Did you hear about
she having a tiff or quarrelling with her family?
– How can we? Kamble is a drunkard. He would always pick
fights with Meghna. Sometimes he would follow her.
He would suspect her.

Sir, Meghna and Sameer
are like my siblings. Their family buys
Chinese food from our stall. Is there a CCTV camera in
this area? – Yes, sir. One is here and the other
is at the link road. Madhukar and his
son appear fishy. The other day he was crying
over his daughter's death. But the neighbours said he
never got along well with her. They would always fight. The mere mention of drugs
unsettled the lad. And Kamini.. She is a sly girl. She spoke fearlessly while the
other two were mincing words. They are hiding something.
– Sir! We found CCTV footage
from outside Meghna's house.

Look, sir. That night, Meghna
left home at 11:30 p.m. and Madhukar went after her. he returned home after
45 minutes, at 12:15 a.m. Madhukar is lying to us. Bring him.
– Sir. Madhukar, I did tell you the more you lie, the deeper
you'll be in trouble. – Sir.. The CCTV footage doesn't
prove that I killed her. Sir, however Sir, I admit that
I followed her. But that's because I was
concerned about her.

She was very disturbed
since the last few months. She had got this
erratic behaviour. She used to get cranky
for no reason. She used to talk to someone
over the phone in private. She was hiding something, sir. Why are you so late? Where had you been? I had been to office. Where else would I go? You are lying. I had gone to your office today. They told me that
from the last two months you have been leaving office
after the first half of the day. Where do you go
on the second half? Dad.. – Look, I have found
drugs in your drawer. Do you do drugs? Or, do you sell them? Dad, I don't know
anything about drugs. Why did you go to meet
that man in the afternoon? And, why did you
give him that envelop? Tell me. Wasn't it drugs? No, Dad.

It was my bio-data. There's no growth
in this company. I want to try elsewhere. He was Rahul,
Sandhya's fiance. He is helping me in all this. Why did he give you money? Sandhya borrowed Rs. 10,000
from me a few months ago. He was returning them. Now listen to me. You are not
stepping out of home. You are not continuing your job. You are getting married.
– Dad. Come. – Dad. Dad, you can't do this.
– Come. Dad..

Before she could up end up
doing some big mistake I wanted to get her married off. And that night she left from home. Sir, I made a mistake. Had I stopped her that day this wouldn't have happened. She told you a good story. But it wasn't the truth. Now I will tell you a story. You were following her. You saw something and you
couldn't accept it. You got angry and killed her. I didn't kill her. She was my daughter, sir. Madhukar,
alcohol snatches from you the rationale to judge
what's good or bad.

Sameer, do you want to end up
in jail in this young age? Tell me. Is he right? Yes. My dad cannot kill my sister. He is strict. But he also loves us a lot. You know the procedure. Yes, sir. I know. You are not leaving the city. Understood? Sangaram. – Yes, sir. Keep an eye on him. Because if he has
committed the murder it won't be easy for us
to prove it. He has years of experience. He would always be
two steps ahead of us. Sir, the PM report has revealed that Meghna died due to
excessive blood loss. She was stabbed five times
on the her back. Did you find the
traces of drugs? No, sir. It's clean. That means, Meghna didn't
use to do drugs. May be, she just used
to sell them. Did you come to
conclusion so soon? Sir, let's do this. Let's search Meghna's house. If we find the orange veil
and a cream colour bag we have got the lead.

Get the warrant and check. Okay, sir. – Okay, sir. Sir, we got a call from
the Narcotic Department. There's still a girl
who supplies drugs. The identification is same. Orange veil and
cream colour bag. And yes, they have got someone. He has given the same statement which Guddu gave. That means,
Meghna isn't a peddler either. That means,
there are many like Meghna involved in this racket. Sir, here's Meghna's CDR report. She has mostly called
her family members. Yes. But there's a girl
named Sandhya Singh she was in regular contact with. I have found out that
even Sandhya does drugs. You both used to work
in a BPO together. You knew everything
about each other. But you hid one thing.
You do drugs.

Sir, I used to do drugs before.
But I don't do it anymore. Look, Sandhya you will undergo a medical test and we will find out everything. So it's better you yourself
tell us everything now. No, sir. She will not tell us
so easily. Come. – Come. I will tell you, sir. Yes, I do drugs. You hid drugs with
Meghna in a packed box. Without her knowledge, right? Sir, had dad know that I still
do drugs then he'd send me again
to a rehab centre.

Meghna knew about your drugs
and to keep her from telling you killed her. That is what
happened, right? No, sir! I did not kill Meghna! Please trust me! Rahul is your fiance, right? Yes, sir. – Where would Meghna
go on a half day leave? Sir, she ran tuitions.
Her father troubled her a lot. He would scold her a lot
to get money for alcohol.

Kamini too worked
somewhere, right? Yes, GRV solutions. It is also a call centre. Meghna had any boyfriend?
– A guy named Yogesh Deora. They had an affair for a year
and then he began taking drugs. In fact he told Meghna
to start supplying drugs. I lost my job and hence
I ask you to do this. It will bring a lot of money.
No one doubts girls. You want me to supply drugs?
You want me to be a criminal? You will not have any problem
once you get the money.

Do not ever contact me again.
We are done! It is over! Meghna, listen to me. Once Meghna refused he began
an affair with Kamini. What? – Meghna
did talk to her. I know you like Yogesh
but he is not a good guy. It is my life and I will
make my own decisions. Meghna was troubled
about this. Sir, Kamini is not as honest as she pretends to be. She never told us
about Yogesh. Meghna had stopped Kamini
from dating Yogesh and that can be a motive. Or could it be
something else? One that is being kept
from us. Call her to the station.
– Yes, sir. Sir, Sandhya is lying.
She herself is an addict. Kamini, you kept this from us. I did not hide it from you.
I just did not mention it. Since you asked if sister
still had an affair. But sister and Yogesh had
broken up six months ago. Yogesh is your boyfriend
and he does drugs. But drugs were found
with your sister Meghna. So Kamini this is no longer
just a murder case. It becomes a drug racket now. The more you lie the worse
you will suffer.

Decide now. Will it be the truth
or more lies? Sir, I love Yogesh. Sister left Yogesh when
he was a drug addict. I was with him
when he needed support. Hence we grew closer. Lovers stop each other
from doing wrong things. Did you not have a problem
with Yogesh taking drugs? I did have a problem with that. Yogesh, why don't you
stop doing drugs? Promise me that you will..
– Let's move to Manali. Think over it. Mountains,
sunsets and you. Do you even listen to me?
– I do.

I will do as you say,
all right? Yogesh was about
to stop doing drugs. But I have lost contact
with him since past two days. I am scared that something
bad might have happened to him. Can it be that he killed
himself? Really? She is telling us
the entire story. Can it be that you killed Yogesh and trying to save yourself
before body is found? No, sir! I have done
no such thing.

Sir, please. Please let me go home.
I did nothing. Please. Let me go home.
– Yes, you may go. Even after such pressure
she did not break. She could be telling
the truth. She is trained.
Sangram. – Sir. What did Sandhya say?
Where does she work? GRV Solutions. When Kamini joined here she was very hard working
and very intelligent. But she began behaving
very irresponsible recently. Coming late to work. Casual
attitude towards work. I was ignoring it all but suddenly phones
and expensive belongings of my office staff
were going missing. When I checked CCTV footage,
it was Kamini. Kamini used to steal
from here? – Yes, sir. She agreed when we confronted
her with proof. So we fired her. When did you fire her?
– Two months ago. Is Kamini at home?
– She has not come yet. She should have been here
by 10:00 a.m. She went for a night shift. She will soon be here. Your daughter has been fired
from her job two months ago.

As she was caught stealing. Did you know?
– No. But she left for work. If she is not at work then.. Sir, Kamini has not
gone home yet. Her phone is switched off. I've put it on tracing. We'll know once it is
turned on. Good. – Sir.
I went to Meghna's college. To check her background. What did you get?
– I spoke to her old friends.

She has a friend named Chitra. She told me that there was a guy
named Rahul in the college who was madly in love
with Meghna. He proposed her
in front of everyone. Meghna, I love you. You are the most important
person for me. Come what may,
I will never leave you. Will you be my valentine? Sir, at that time,
Meghna rejected him. But he was so madly
in love with her that he used to follow her
to her house, daily. Chitra also told me that when Yogesh and Meghna
were having an affair then also Rahul
was stalking Meghna.

I have seen a lot
of roadside lovers like you. Leave me!
– Listen. If you try to follow her again
then I will kill you. Got it? Get lost! Let's go. Meghna and Chitra met once. Today, I am very happy.
Do you know why? Rahul is finally engaged. I don't think so, Meghna. He got engaged with your
best friend in your office. And I am very sure that maybe he is doing all this
just to get you. That's not right.
He has forgotten everything. Oh, please, Meghna!
Accept the fact. You told me that he comes to your
office building and tries to talk to you. Of course. Sandhya is my friend.
Indeed, he will talk. Please, Meghna!
Not everyone is a good guy. What can I do about it? Sandhya is a very good
friend of mine. She loves him too. If I tell her
then she will be hurt. She will be sad. But if you don't tell her
then her life will be ruined.

Anyway, it's up to you. Sir, this is the footage
from the CCTV outside Meghna's house. And this is the footage
from the day of the murder. Rahul was standing there
outside her house. Later, he went into the same
direction that Meghna followed. Khan, it seems more like a case
of love-triangle than drugs. Yes. Bring Rahul. Sir, I was engaged to Sandhya. But still I used to love Meghna. But I didn't kill her, sir. What were you doing
outside her house that day? Sir, I used to go near her house
regularly. Because if I could see her
once through the window then I used to feel happy. But that day,
she didn't come out. So, I returned. You stopped at a distance.
Then Meghna came there. You Proposed her,
she rejected you. Then you got angry
and you killed her. Sir, nothing like that happened.
Sir, trust me. He will not take the easy way.
Take him into the custody.

Take him away.
– Sir.. – Come on! Sir, trust me.
– Come! Sir..
– Come on! Khan..
– Yes. Everyone is saying
that Meghna was a nice girl. But we found drugs
with her dead body. But she has no connection
with drugs. One girl is still supplying
drugs. Is someone using the drugs
to distract us? It's possible, sir. Because only Yogesh's name
is related to drugs.

Sir, he is Arun Borkar. He wants to tell you
something related to the case. Yes. Tell me. Sir, I am Arun Borkar. I live in 'Tripti' building. My building is around 500
meters away from the place where that girl was murdered. On that day
when she was killed.. I booked a cab to go
to the airport that night at 11:15 p.m. Sir, I was going
out of the building when she was entering
the building. Are you sure
that she was Meghna? Yes, sir. Because I saw her photo
in the newspaper. Who was she meeting there? I don't know, sir.
But she looked very angry. Greetings, sir. Bring the visitors' register.
– Yes, sir. Here it is, sir. My name is Mukesh Yadav.
And I was on duty on the 14th. Why don't I see Meghna's name
in this book? Sir, please don't hit me. Sometimes, I forget.
– Do you have the CCTV footage? Or have you forgotten
about that too? Sir, as Arun told us
Meghan crossed him and went inside the building. Then at 11:35 p.m.
she came out of the building in a rush.

But no one was following her. Meghna's time of death was between 12 to 1:30 p.m. She was running away.
You saw her. Will you tell us here or do you
want to go to police station? Speak up! Sir, I will tell you. Sir, she went
to flat number 502. Whose flat is that? It's Mr. Girish Jain's flat. And they use to have
regular parties. Boys and girls come and go
as couples. At the beginning I asked them
to write their names. But Mr. Girish threatened me. That I should not ask anything
to his guests. Sangram, I want
the details of this flat. – Sir. Right, sir. We can't assume that Meghna
went to 502 just because that watchman
is telling us. We need to talk to all the flat
owners of this building. Maybe Meghna didn't enter
Flat number 502 but one of the other flats. Sir, I spoke to
all the flat owners but they don't know Meghna.
So.. That day, she had entered
flat number 502. Harsha, any information
on Kamini.

No, sir. Her phone is switched
off since yesterday night. But the last location of her
phone is in the house and got switched off
there only. Hello. Tell me. What! Sir, one more girl's dead body
has been found near the pond. What is wrong
with your hands? I stumbled from the stairs
and got hurt. This way? We got the forensic report
of Girish's house. We found Meghna's blood traces. Meghna died the day she came
to the flat to see you. No.. No, sir. – We found one
more blood traces.

I think, that is yours. Tell the truth as to what
had happened that day? Or else, the bandage will be..
– No.. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! – Talk!
– I'll tell everything, sir. Sir, Yogesh is our friend. Regularly, we take drugs
from Yogesh. Sir.. Sir! – Go!
– Sir! Leave us, sir. Harsha. – Sir. After they came out
of Trupti Building find out the places
of their mobile location. – Sir! Sir, I don't understand.. Meghna and Yogesh..
Both their relations had ended. Okay. – Still, why did Meghna
go to save Yogesh? How did she come to know that Yogesh
was in Trupti building? We're missing on something, sir.

Sir, I've ordered for
the back route CCTV footage. We'll get in in some time. Sir, two numbers were active
near Kamini's body.. Lokesh and Vijay's. Both of them
have fake identities. Those address proofs are fake. But since the past few months,
there was a lot of conversation between the two
phone numbers. Trace the mobile location. See if you can find anything. Sir..
– Yes, sir. Sir, we found Yogesh. Yogesh was found by an NGO
in a near-dead state so his treatment was going
on there since many days. Look, we got Kamini
and Meghna's bodies what do you know
about them? Meghna and Kamini's death
was due to drugs, sir. Everything was going on
well between Meghna and I. But Vipul and his friends got me to use drugs. I had become so greedy
that I'd use drugs then started supplying it too.

Amidst all this I tried to get Meghna involved. 'Never try to meet me again.' 'Our relationship ends here.' 'Meghna, listen..' Then I always remained tense and Kamini..
Kamini supported me. I forced Kamini to sell drugs,
sir. 'Kamini,
you love me, right?' 'Do it for me, please.' 'Okay.' So the girl about
whom we got news.. That she was peddling drugs..
Was that Kamini? Yes, sir. Where were you on 14th? I took money from
Vipul and Rajiv but I didn't deliver
their items. They threatened to kill me. I tried to call and tell
Kamini everything but Kamini didn't receive
my call. I sent her a message. Maybe Meghna read that message
and came there. Look, Yogesh you didn't commit
the murder but you were involved
in drug peddling.

So you'll be punished. Sir, I checked the CCTV footage
of backroads of Trupti Building Vipul and Rajiv used to come
there often with their friends. At the place where
Kamini died.. Two numbers were active. One of the phone numbers
showed the location as starting from
Madhukar's house and travelling to all the places
where drugs were sold. I enquired the people who
called that phone number.

I found out that there
was a girl who sold drugs. So this number belongs
to Kamini. To whom does the other
number belong? The other number was active
around the colony. There was a conversation
between these two on the night when Kamini
went out for the last time. And the two numbers were travelling towards
Kamini's dead body. Is the other phone
number active? – Yes, sir. And yes, sir.
One more thing. This phone number was active
at Meghna's murder spot too.

We must catch him red-handed
else he won't admit it. What do we do, sir? We need to rack our brains. Yes, sir.
This is the phone number that we used to call
and buy drugs. He called us and said, 'Please
take money from Yogesh.' Call him and say that
you need drugs urgently. Put it on speaker..
– I-I'm doing it.. – Yes. Tell me, Vipul. Hello? I'm upset. Dad bailed me out but I have a headache. I need those drugs urgently.
Will I get it? You'll get it. Come to the
same place in 15 minutes. Come.. Yes, I am here.
Where are you? I kept a parcel addressed
to you at a Chinese stall.

Go and take it.
– Okay. Get up.. I'm very annoyed now,
don't waste my time. Tell me the truth. We will hit you so badly. You will disappear
from the earth. Speak up!
– I am telling you everything.. The drug mafia of Mira Road
and Bhayandar.. I supply drugs
in the entire area. I was supposed to give
Yogesh a lot of money. So I made him the distributor. He tried a lot
to convince Meghna to supply drugs. But Meghna didn't agree. Kamini agreed. Kamini used to come
to my Chinese food joint. She used to take
drugs from me That crazy girl has
cut Rajiv's hand. Delete photos
from her phone. If we get caught,
you will be in trouble too. Got it? Meghna. Give me your mobile. I need to delete their footage.
Give me the phone.

How do you know
I have photos? Give me your phone.
– I won't give you. So that no one
gets those photos. Why did you kill Kamini? Kamini changed a lot
after Megna's murder. She told me she wouldn't
supply drugs this anymore. Think again. You won't be able to earn
so much money doing a job. I have made up my mind. I was doing this for Yogesh. Now, I don't even know
if he is alive or not. I lost my elder sister
because of drugs. Now, I have lost Yogesh too. I curse myself even now. If I didn't sleep on that night if I saw the message
and went there my elder sister would have
been alive today.

Arrest him on charges of
murdering Meghna and Kamini. Make the charge sheet. And inform the narcotics
department. – Sir. And find his boss. Your racket is finished. I am not alone
in this racket. It's the game
of demand and supply. As long as there is demand,
drugs will be supplied. It can't be stopped.
– Sir.. It will be stopped. Every citizen of India will
fight against drug peddlers. And drugs will be thrown
out of the country. Got it? Take him in custody.
– Come! Leave me..
– Come on! Sir, what Tarun is saying
is true. The demand and supply
of drugs.. It's a chain. Khan, today's youth can
buy drugs very easily. They don't even know
they are inviting death. Sir, in many places, drugs are
supplied for free initially. So that they become
their clients in future. There is no permanent
solution of this. People need to stay alert. If someone is selling drugs
in their locality they need to
inform the police.

If peddlers get caught our country will be
free of drugs. Let's see when it will happen. Right, sir. 'Tarun.' 'Yogesh'.

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