Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review – 2 Zombies 1 Cut

sup everybody welcome to my review not review of 
the halfway done dying light 2. we were warned   that the co-op which unfortunately this game is 
built around corrupts save games so what i did was   waited for the second patch to cover the game and 
discuss it but this will be only the single player   coverage for now as well as some information 
about co-op this video is brought to you by nobody   dynalight 2 asks the question what happens when 
the lives you've saved end up being worse than   the world that you're saving them from in tech 
land sequel to the stunning classic dying light   you play as a new protagonist aiden a pilgrim 
with his own problems the need to stay human as   the title of the game suggests and the desire to 
fight for your life and to unravel the mystery of   a long-lost family member and their whereabouts 
while navigating a city that's about nine tenths   zombie and one tenth sherwood forest built on the 
team's new c game engine dynalite 2 separates the   initial city into this break line of verticality 
it's like it has two horizons really the one   of the land itself the sun that always clocks 
down until night and that of the city streets   separation from the rooftops relative safety 
comes in the form of the world that people have   built in the last 20 years that's clumsy just 
ramshackle crafted onto the roofs of the world   with little oases of life that you can rest in in 
places where just a moment of quiet can be found   this is all interspersed with a tiny bit of danger 
occasionally if you try to take a shortcut or when   it's nighttime and the infected may chase people 
onto the roofs claiming the street for their own   and the streets are mean night time the zombies 
are out and in about almost complete control   stay too long and make a mistake and you may just 
have a fear squirting run as you try to hopscotch   yourself to some safe house always watching out 
for a little envelope of purple uv light that   indicates a place where the zombies won't go and 
between day and night the world changes during   the night while the streets are more dangerous 
the decrepit innards of all the buildings many   of them holding rare items and weapons await 
anyone who's bold enough to take a little dip   into the shadows while during the day those very 
places are where the dead sleep in massive numbers   leaving the streets just a bit safer and that's 
not all the difference we have here culturally the   city is a surprise it's like one big shakespeare 
in the park one part jericho a post-apocalyptic   sherwood forest characters not only looking a bit 
dark ages but actually dressing like it knives   across shoulders and hoods and various symbols 
almost like knighthoods it's a stark contrast to   the other side's groups that you're going to meet 
in the game that have militant characters are the   typical road warrior mad max kind of character you 
would expect in a lot of other post-apocalyptic   games now technically the sea engine feels 
like a vast improvement with a couple caveats   the improvements they're noticeable with many 
more animations for parkour and hugely detailed   characters and skin textures they have veins 
sticking out of arms brushed in red knuckles from   beating somebody up they have bruises on their 
bodies there's still that big gulf of the uncanny   valley but this is something i was not expecting 
as well there's a huge jump in the character   textures and look for the most part the city 
does look awesome as well with you traveling to   more metropolitan locations later in the game but 
always having some location some architecture that   you're gonna notice when you're running for your 
friggin life and it helps so much it got fairly   easy for me to go around a corner and realize that 
it was gonna be a lighthouse on the right then two   trucks and then a place for me to hide out you 
start to pick those locations out without ever   having to look at your map however the game does 
have an issue especially when you get up in high   locations and use your binoculars in a state of 
decay style where you basically look through them   and zoom in and unlock new spots within the 
city that you can explore or mysteries or events   the problem here is that the game is very 
very heavy-handed when it comes to pop-in   especially the enemies you're going to see 
them bouncing in and out like undead quarks   speaking about pc for a moment when it comes to 
performance a 3080 ti could not do ray tracing   at 60 fps 4k everything maxed you could set 
some settings down or you can turn on fsr   or dlss's quality modes and you're going to be 
above 60.

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