Vacationing in Capri Island✨🏝 | Travel Vlog 2023 #4K

Hello This is our day 2 in Capri We just got up and got ready We have this antique looking closet next to the door It has extra toilet paper, towels and pillows and hair dryer We’re at the rooftop of our hotel Let me give you a quick tour of this balcony Capri Island has been kind of my dream destination since childhood actually because of this juice I used to drink as a child called Capri-Sun I don’t know if any of you guys drank this juice growing up as well But I remember looking at the picture on this juice thinking that this place called Capri must be some kind of a tropical paradise And I’m so glad I was able to actually pay a visit But I think it’ll just have to be a one time thing since the price of everything here was so steep and it definitely seemed like a high-end luxury destination We just got back from Blue Grotto And we decided to go down to Marina Grande for a swim at the beach there And we saw the bus line and the bus like was really long so we decided to just hike down for like a half an hour which is a little risky because the road here is like really really narrow but we found like a little hiking path like a stair path down So we’re trying that out now But part of it involves walking on the road The roads are so narrow We’re almost there We made it back Hello We just took our very well needed showers And we’re heading to get some dinner And also look at the streets in the night light The sky is so blue right now We’re just checking out of our place And now we’re off to take the ferry to Amalfi Coast The place we stayed here was amazing We had such a good time and yea I checked the ferry schedule online and there’s only two ferries like two time frames that we could take which is 11 and 3 But we found out from our ferry from Sorrento to Capri that The online time tables are not very reliable So we’re just gonna go there and hope there’s some ferry between 11 and 3 Cuz we just missed the 11 o clock one and 3 is a little too late for us So we’ll see We’re down at the Marina Grande And we missed the first ferry turns out there’s only two ferries So we missed the 11 o clock one bc we got here at like 11:30 It only took us like 45 minutes to eat But luckily we found this little shade to wait Thank you guys all for making it to the end of this video And I’ll be back with more cinematic vlogs from Amalfi and more Bye!

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