[TOMORROW X TOGETHER X ENPHYEN] [This content was filmed safely before the increase
of the social distancing level and in compliance
with the government's COVID-19 control guidelines] [Come on] [Everybody shake it] [Dancing like crazy to kick off the show] [Gonna get real pumped up
just for today] [Celebrating the biggest national holiday
Seollal! Ready for lots of exciting games!] [TOGETHER X TOMORROW X ENHYPEN]
[Yut nori] [But not just ordinary yut nori] [but with an LED yut board
with various hidden
challenges and missions!] [Coming Soon!
Various missions
you can't take your eyes off of] The thing with yut nori is
[Mission Yut Nori] if the tables turn just once you can't turn it back you can't turn it back
[Never let your guard down!] Catch him! Catch him! Bye! Bye!
[An intense competition
between the two teams] All we need to do is
keep them from capturing SUNOO Anybody but SUNOO! I don't know anymore Hey, this is fun!
[Don't be so sure about anything!] [T ^ T] Dummies are what?
[But] Lucky!
[Don't ever give up] [No end to the plot twists in this game] Nice! I'll use *** now
[The table can be turned anytime] -Wow
-Wow You have to play yut nori until the end
[It's not over until it's really over] [Here's the full package of
Seollal fun we've prepared for you
since we don't know what you'd like] This is really nice
[Which team would be able
to spend a plentiful Seollal?] [Playground]
[TOMORROW X TOGETHER X ENPHYEN] As this is an opportunity
for the two teams to come together we'll be mixing up the teams
and ENHYPEN] It's an honor for the person
who'll be on my team
[Counting his chickens already] More like a bummer
[Not an honor] [A game to divide up the teams]
[Race for it! Random ball draw] [1.

Two people will play
rock, paper, scissors] [and choose either
a cushion or a hopper ball] [2. Race on the item they've chosen] [to choose the box they want first] [Red vs. yellow]
[Those who choose the same colored
balls will be on the same team!] [Which members will
choose their teams first?] [The youngest in TOMORROW X TOGETHER]
[HUENINGKAI] [The youngest in ENHYPEN]
[NI-KI] [The battle between
the youngest members] Fighting, NI-KI! Why are you cheering for him?
[Jealous] HUENINGKAI, fighting!
[Older members' actions don't match their words] Fighting, fighting! Fighting [Thank you♥] Oh! Hang on!
[Time out] [NI-fused] What are you gonna play, NI-KI?
[Playing a cheap trick from the start] Oh, he's playing with his mind Rock
[Innocent] Rock?!
trick have worked?] I'll believe in you, NI-KI If you don't play, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! [Really chose rock] [King of tricks, HUENINGKAI wins] Thanks, NI-KI!! You're so mean
[Boohoo] Gonna choose the cushion
[Rock paper scissors winner
HUENINGKAI chooses the cushion] NI-KI looks like he's gonna blast off
[NI-KI automatically gets
the hopper ball] I think the cushion's gonna be slower Is that the right choice??
[A cushion…] Come to think of it,
I think I made the wrong choice! HUENING, face the back
and go backwards instead [Turns around right away
after hearing BEOMGYU's advice] [FYI, this is just a game to choose teams,
not the official game] [But for some reason
everybody's anxiously holding their breath] Run for it!
[START] Run! [NI-KI leads the race
with the starting signal] Gotta choose the hopper ball
for this no matter what
[The distance between them increases] [That's our NI-KI♥]
[ENHYPEN, proud of their youngest member] [and TOMORROW X TOGETHER,
feeling bad for their youngest member] Wait, NI-KI! What are you doing?
[Imma help you out] NI-KI! Hang on, hang on!
[Plan A: make NI-KI stop] [Really waiting for him]
[Crawling] I've got something to say! Hang on!
[This isn't because I want to win] Hang on! Wanna talk?
[I've really got something to tell you
Wanna talk??] I'm sorry, but this is really embarrassing
[Quick to cut ties with him] [Plan A failed because
YEONJUN was embarrassed of him] [Then time for a fast strategy change] [Plan B: catch up to NI-KI
by rolling on the floor] [What are the colors of the balls
HUENINGKAI and NI-KI have picked?] [HUENINGKAI: yellow
NI-KI: red] [Team Yellow: HUENINGKAI]
[Team Red: NI-KI] [Next up is JUNGWON vs.

SUNOO] Rock, paper, scissors [Win] [Lose] I'll choose the hopper ball
[JUNGWON chose the hopper ball
without hesitating] Oh [Let's take a moment to see
how ENHYPEN would respond
when they're competing against each other!] Doesn't matter who wins!
[Type 1: cheering for anybody] Hope they both lose
[Type 2: saying anything on their mind] Our team's got dibs on the winner
[Type 3: thinking of what's important] [♥Good luck, Fox-Catz!♥] SUNOO, I think you crossed the line You crossed the line!
[Gotcha] No, I didn't
[Denying it for now] [Can totally tell the difference] Did he cross the line
because his name is SUNOO?
[Taking this chance to crack a joke] [Doesn't respond to jokes
that crosses the line (?)] [Ready to race fair and square
after lining up on the starting line] Let's go! [Hop] [Hop] [Thunoo wiggling the best he can] How can he be so fast on that?
[JUNGWON's already far ahead of SUNOO] [But chooses the table
instead of a box?] Hey! What are you doing? [Never would've imagined
he'd move the table] Hey, move the table around!
[Moves the table and
calmly chooses the box he wants] What are you doing?
[Heave-ho] [Kindly (?) helping SUNOO's leg workout] That's so cruel!
[Even the king of tricks HUENINGKAI
gives up] Wow, that's so evil
[Light-hearted back]
[Heavy-hearted front] [Light-hearted back]
[Heavy-hearted front] Show us what you chose
[SUNOO chooses a box
after getting to the table late] My ball's yellow
[JUNGWON: yellow] JUNGWON [SUNOO: red] [Yay! SUNOO's on our team♥] [Team Yellow: HUENINGKAI, JUNGWON]
[Team Red: NI-KI, SUNOO] Next…

[Next up is TXT's
BEOMGYU vs. SOOBIN] [Is it finally my turn?] Bring it on! Looking forward to a real dirty race!
[Spoiler alert! This duo calls for
an unprecedentedly dirty race] What are you gonna choose?
[Provoking him] [Wait for it] These two don't care
about the race anymore!
[Knows his members well] [Fascinated] I'm… gonna choose paper! [Using his brain to the fullest] Okay! If you play, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! If you choose rock, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! [BEOMGYU wins] [Feels like he's been tricked?] If you choose rock, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! Then you'll win if you choose scissors? [This is the big picture
BEOMGYU the brain had in mind] BEOMGYU! Team Yellow, right? Yup, Team Red! Ready? [SOOBIN, where are you off to?] [As expected (?)
this race is getting dirty] [Total chaos]
[Getting back at bad SOOBIN] Hang on
[Used to this] What??? What??
[A culture shock] [This turned into a chase] [So fun for those in the audience] [So] [happy] I knew it [Chose their boxes
while squabbling until the end] [One last bang] Wow, that was crazy
[Respect] Why does this matter anyway?
[Why be so passionate about this?] I chose the yellow ball
[SOOBIN: yellow
[Epilogue: <A League of Their Own>] That was a fair (?) fight
[Asking to shake his hand] Okay, that was a good fight
[And shaking his hand] Good game
[A happy ending…♥] How do we top that?
[The next two people who will continue
with the legendary (?) race?] Next up is…

HEESEUNG vs. JAY Oh, well If you don't play, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! [JAY's surprise attack]
[But ends up losing] [Oh no] I'll choose this one
[HEESEUNG chose the hopper ball] Can I only move sitting down? You can do whatever you want
[※No limits to how you move※] Do it the way you like!
[TRICK X TOGETHER] [Got it] Doesn't matter as long as
your body is touching the item [Heard that?]
[Conspiring with their eyes] [START] [Making a dash] What're they doing? [Zip] [Zip] [The race is over in a flash] Welcome!
[Team Red: NI-KI, SUNOO, BEOMGYU, JAY] At least the people that are left
know how to play fair
[Shameless BEOMGYU] Who's the nicest person in ENHYPEN? Nobody!
[Honest] Really? Next up is…
[Somebody please ride on me properly] SUNGHOON vs. JAKE Let's do this for real Okay If you don't play, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors! [A tie] Rock, paper, scissors!
[Another tie] Rock, paper, scissors!
[And another tie] [When will this rock, paper, scissors
be over?] [The winner of this never-ending
Rock, paper, scissors round is…] [SUNGHOON] Nice! -So cute
-He's so happy [SUNGHOON chooses the hopping ball
JAKE chooses the cushion] SUNGHOON's famous for
always playing fair [But SUNGHOON,
who used to play fair…] He crossed the line already! [Quickly going reverse] Ready? Oh? [Huh?] [Unexpected slapstick] [Giggling] [SUNGHOON's_difficult_journey] [Got there] [Gave up]
[Just because you're on the hopper ball
doesn't mean you're always fast] [JAKE: red] [SUNGHOON: yellow] [Team Yellow: HUENINGKAI, JUNGWON,
will be on Team Yellow? [Last round:

YEONJUN] I hope we get YEONJUN
[A huge fan of YEONJUN] [Welcoming their new member]
[Finding his place] [Getting ready on their own
amidst all this craziness] -TAEHYUN, let's play fair!
-Okay! If you don't play, you lose!
Rock, paper, scissors!
[Playing the game on their own] [YEONJUN wins!] Okay [Would they play fair and square
just as they promised each other?] TAEHYUN's already playing cheap
from his starting position [We can all tell what's coming (?)
from his starting position] Let's play fair
[Emphasizing again] Okay
[Sure!] Ready? Oh, this is so exciting! Oh, what was that?!?
[Failed to play fair
from the beginning] That's it, that's our members! [TAEHYUN pushes excited YEONJUN
and takes the lead] [Can't lose like this] [Racing] [YEONJUN's hand] [TAEHYUN's hand] [Their hopes for playing fair
were in vain…★] Oh, the red ball! [YEONJUN: red] The yellow ball!!
[TAEHYUN: yellow] [Chose the same color as their hair] [Wow! YEONJUN's on our team♥] [Both teams are super satisfied] [Team Yellow.

[Time to choose team names] How should we name our team?
[Time to choose team names] Always gotta choose a provocative name
[Team Yellow focusing on
provoking the other team] We gotta win no matter what Got anything interesting?
[On the other hand, Team Red
is looking for an interesting team name] Got anything interesting? Are you gonna come up
with one tomorrow? What? We chose one as soon as we heard it
[We already chose ours!] We're done
[What are the team names
each team chose?] -"Even if we lose!"
-"We're handsome!" [Team Yellow]
[Even if we lose, we're handsome] We ended up with
handsome members
[Means they're all handsome] so we wanted to emphasize that All from the visual line
[Self-proclaimed visual lines] [Then what's the team name
for Team Red?] -"Brave!"
-"Dummies" [Team Red]
[Brave dummies] So are the four from ENHYPHEN the brave
and the other two the dummies? [The dummies] [The brave] [No!] Because! It means we're "treasures of ocean"
[Play-on-word with "Dummy"] No, it's not that!
[CUT] Yut nori is all about luck! -So generally…
-I'm sorry, guys Dummies tend to be lucky
[Didn't get others to agree with him
but saying that they'll be lucky dummies] No, it's just–
[CUT] We all laugh like dummies
[Hehe, YEONJUN♥]
[They laugh like "Treasures of the Ocean"] Isn't it cute, though?
[Finally agreed on their team name
after some squabbling] Right!
[Finally agreed on their team name
after some squabbling] [Finally decided on the teams]
["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!

WLWH) vs. "Brave dummies"] [Playground] [Warm-up game #1.
"Deciding who will go first"]
[Moving balls with pipes] [Moving balls with pipes
to decide which team will go first] [Three people from each team
will connect three pipes to
move a ping-pong ball in 5 minutes] [If you drop the ball,
you have to start over from that spot] [At least two pipes should be connected
to each other when the ball goes
into the bucket for it to pass] Any volunteers?!
[Choosing three people from each team] It's okay if you mess up
Just come if you want to play
["Brave dummies" asking for volunteers] I'll try to do my best
[JAY the passionate
enters voluntarily] Good! JAY, good!
[JAY the passionate
enters voluntarily] If you don't play, you lose
Rock, paper, scissors
["WLWH" leaves it to fate] HEESEUNG, JUNGWON, and KAI!

["Brave dummies": JAY, JAKE, BEOMGYU] You're a mess ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"
vs. "Brave dummies"] Okay, okay
[Taking this time to practice] Good
[Taking this time to practice] Okay, do it like that
[Taking this time to practice] [The two are pulled together
as if hypnotized] [Joining in as if they're on the same team] [Receiving the ball just like that] [and running away] [Stop right there] [Kaido_HUENING's_end.txt] [Just kidding] Let's start again
[Let the games begin] The ball rolls faster than I thought Take it slow Gotta take it slow It's too slanted
[This game requires them to be
both calm and swift] Calm! Be calm! Take it slow, it's okay, it's okay
["Brave dummies" stand along each other
to move the ball] Nice Nice!
["WLWH" facing each other
and working in unison] Calm down! Take it easy!
["WLWH" facing each other
and working in unison] Good, good!
["WLWH" facing each other
and working in unison] -Good, good
-Let's take it slow, it's okay Oh, you're doing great
[Neck and neck] Wow, you're doing great! [Super focused]
[Continuing calmly as planned] [Perfect chemistry] Okay [What's with all this teamwork?] Guys, watch where you're going
[In perfect sync] Oh, they're fast!
[Can't tell who's faster] ["WLWH" gets the ball
into the bucket first] ["Brave dummies"
also gets the ball into the bucket
right after them] [Fail] [Too bad] [An invisible hand (?) appears] [My hand is faster than your eyes] [NO cheating] [Then we'll go back
to where we dropped it] Like this Let's go!
[Into the bucket, fair and square] [Meanwhile, "WLWH"
is moving with the second ball] We won, so take it slow
[Meanwhile, "WLWH"
is moving with the second ball] They're breathing calmly
[Kudos to our team members
who are so calm!] Let's take it slow, it's okay to lose
["Brave dummies" starts out again
after dealing with the cheating] Take it slow
It's okay if we lose ["WLWH"] [Already a huge distance]
["Brave dummies"] Come Okay, there!
["WLWH" got the second ball
safely into the bucket] [No more cheating!] Nice, nice Gotta take it slow now
[Even if it takes longer,
"Brave dummies" are slowly catching up] Connect them Oh [But they still can't
close the distance between them] [Just then!] [JUNGWON let go of the pipe
while carrying the ball] Don't make a mistake! It's okay! Oh, wow, oh, wow…

[But this wasn't the end of it…] Ughh… Oh, no
[The ball keeps running away] Again, again
[The ball keeps running away] [Using just one pipe]
[Even breaking the rules!] Whoa! Whoa! Hold up!
[Referee!!!] Connect the two, okay?
["Brave dummies"
are sticking to the rules] Come over here, connect the two Oh, great
["WLWH"][gradually catching up]
["Brave dummies"] [Thinking hard] JAKE, JAKE! Yeah? JAKE, did you have dinner?
[Interfering] Yeah, I did, SOOBIN
[JAKE / Not CHOI YEONJUN] Yeah? Okay
[Nice to hear you had dinner :) ] -Yeah, I did
-Great, good to hear that JAKE, JAKE!
[JAKE's super popular] Yes, I did, TAEHYUN
[Cutting it off] JAY, what did you have for lunch?
[Interfering] Something delicious [That's enough ;) ]
[JAY / Not CHOI YEONJUN at all] JAKE! What's 3 times 8?
[HUENING keeps attempting
to interfere] BEOMGYU! How was your day today? [Ended up making mistakes
while trying to interfere] Hey, just focus on the game He outsmarted himself
[Haha] ["Brave dummies" has almost caught up] Wow, it's neck and neck Wow, it's harder than I thought
[The two teams keep running nonstop
Which team will end up winning?] Put it in, put it in Last, last, last one!
[The last ball that will
decide who will win or lose] If we can do this, we'll win! Run! Think of this
as your debut performance! [Who will get to decide
which team goes first?] [Please…] ["Brave dummies" start cheering…] [Drops the ball] [Goal] [Lost by a whisker] [That was amazing my brothers] Good job, dummies
["Brave dummies" made
a thrilling comeback win] Good job
[Meanwhile, "WLWH" lost by a whisker] We did our best
[Meanwhile, "WLWH" lost by a whisker] Good job
[It's fine, since even if we lose,
we're handsome] ["WLWH"! vs.

"Brave dummies"]
["Brave dummies" gets to
decide who goes first] [Warm-up game #2
for "Move 1 space forward"]
[The Blue Flag White Flag Game] [An item you need in a critical moment
during yut nori]
["Move 1 space forward" card] The Blue Flag White Flag Game? Wow, I'm not good at this
[Not confident] You know this game, NI-KI? No [The Blue Flag White Flag Game
for the "Move 1 space forward" card]
[Teaching a crash course] [Holding up the blue flag or the white flag
following the directions] [A 1:1 relay tournament] [If you get it wrong,
you're OUT immediately] [You win if all members of
the other team are OUT] Can we interfere
with the other team's playing? No interfering
[Squabbling] Why? Why?
[Squabbling] He's playing so dirty (?) Just made it clear
that I've never– [No more playing dirty (?)!] [GAME START] White flag down, blue flag stay Blue flag up, white flag down [Wrong] [Oops] Wrong!
[Quick to report] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!

"Brave dummies"]
[People left – 6:5] It's fine, SUNOO!
[YEONJUN comforting SUNOO,
the first person to be out] It's okay, it's okay! [This time, a battle between
TAEHYUN vs. BEOMGYU] Blue flag up, white flag down,
blue flag down, white flag up
[Even harder] [Didn't put down the white flag] [Freeze] [Tag] I was wrong?
[Both OUT on their first try] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!
vs. "Brave dummies"]
[People left – 5:4] [What? It's already my turn?] Park SUNGHOON, bring it on!!
[YEONJUN provokes the figure prince
with his spin] [He's so hilarious] White flag stay, blue flag stay Blue flag, white flag, stay Blue flag, white flag, down Blue flag up, white flag up,
blue flag down, white flag stay
[Calm] [Poised] Oh, I'm a bit smart
[Fooled by calm expression]
[Everybody thought he was right] HEESEUNG's taking a break
[Relaxed] Okay, okay Blue flag up, white flag up,
blue flag down, white flag stay [Blue flag down, white flag stay] Huh? Got it wrong, got it wrong
[You got it wrong] Hey! Hang on
[Told me to wait] This is so hard
[Tied again thanks to
YEONJUN with amazing concentration] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"

"Brave dummies"]
[People left – 4:4] Blue flag goes right
[I, CHOI YEONJUN…] White flag to the left
[toiled away behind everybody else…] [and ended up standing here proud
without being nervous at all] Like this, like this
[and ended up standing here proud
without being nervous at all] Park SUNGHOON!
[Reached a tie after
defeating Park SUNGHOON (?)] Park SUNGHOON, bring it on!!
[Reached a tie after
defeating Park SUNGHOON (?)] Yeah, that's the ace on our team, got it?
[I'll show you how skilled
CHOI YEONJUN the ace is] Blue flag down, white flag stay White flag stay
[White flag up] Can you talk a bit faster, please?? Bye!
We won't see you out ;) ] -Kick him out! Kick him out!
-Bye! Hey, I'm really sorry
[YEONJUN the ace (almost)
and his 3 minutes of glory] -I heard you
-It's fine ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!

"Brave dummies"]
[People left – 4:3] -HEESEUNG, finish it off here!
-Okay, okay [This won't be easy] Bring it on!
[A battle between ENHYPEN
HEESEUNG vs. JAKE] White flag up, white flag down
Blue flag up, white flag up White flag up, white flag down
Blue flag spin, white flag up
[More missions] Oh! JAKE!
[He was startled himself too] [Nice JAKE] JAKE and the beanstalk, yo! Blue flag down, white flag stay [White flag stay]
[HEESEUNG put down the white flag] [Blue flag down]
[JAKE held up the blue flag] [Mess-hypen both out] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!
vs. "Brave dummies"]
[People left – 3:2] Hey! [Yang + Jungwon]
Hey, Sheep Garden, bring it on! You have to finish it here!
[JUNGWON, you're all we trust] You can't trust the people
that will come after you! [The untrustworthy two people
after JUNGWON (?)] -I'll finish this
-JUNGWON fighting! Fighting!
[Let's go] [It's NI-KI's turn from "Brave dummies"
but he's never played
the Blue Flag White Flag Game] [Feeling pressured] Blue, white!
[BEOMGYU kindly tells him again] Blue, white! Blue, white!
[You can do this!!] NI-KI, fighting!! Blue flag down, white flag down Right, right
[So cute] [Doing better than I thought] Blue flag up,
White flag stay, blue flag up -Hey, he's good
-Am I right? Is this correct? Right! Right!! Right! NI-KI was right!!
[CHOI YEONJUN / NI-KI's mom] Don't tell him he's wrong! He's right!!
[My baby's a genius!
Everything he says is right!!] Right, right
[Even the other team
knows that he did well] White flag up, white flag down
Blue flag spin, white flag up White flag up [Blue flag up]

No…] Oh… It's over
[NI-KI is OUT, sadly] Arghh…
[NI-KI is OUT, sadly] Oh, do this for us! Good!!
[It's okay] [You did well] Good, good
[Great job!] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!
vs. "Brave dummies"]
[People left – 3:1] Fighting!
[3 left from "WLWH"]
[1 left from "Brave dummies"] 3:1… this is too cruel
[3 left from "WLWH"]
[1 left from "Brave dummies"] Being last is really stressful
[Bonus: let's watch the emotional change
in the last person from "Brave dummies" ] [No way it'd come all the way to me…]
[Level 1: not thinking anything] [No way…]
[Level 2: anxious and nervous] It's a tie, there's hope!
[Level 3: a flash of hope] [Level 4: soulless (?)] I can't do this…
it's too much pressure
[Feeling so pressured] -You can do this! Fighting!
-Fighting! [A round of fightings for JAY,
who's feeling pressured to go last] Go for it, you brave dummy! [Much less nervous
thanks to the surprise (?) cheer] Fighting!
[cheering for "Brave dummies"] Nooo
[HUENING, come over here] It's okay, since we're brave and dummies…

Never mind
[It's a secret though] Throw up white flag and receive it
[New mission] There's no such thing
[Dumbfounded] Referee's words are the rules Blue flag shake
White flag up, white flag down White flag stay
Blue flag up, white flag up JAY, you're slow! Slow! Right!
[Back and forth]
["WLWH" swarming in like bees] That's it! That's it!
[That's what I'm talking about] They've already lost
in terms of mentality I won't be shaken
[Self-hypnosis] [PARK JAY… please hang in there…] White flag stay
Blue flag up, white flag up -Oh
-Right!! [Concentrating] [Concentrating here too] Blue flag shake
White flag up, white flag down He missed it!
That was a miss OUT! This is…
[Huh? I missed it?] White flag up, white flag down
[JAY didn't put the white flag down] [I was right, huh?] [Happy] [Disappointed] [Sheep Garden did it!!] JUNGWON, you did great!
[Sheep Garden did it!!] JUNGWON, you were so good! JUNGWON, you did great
["WLWH" wins
the Blue Flag White Flag Game!] It's okay, it's okay
[JAY did great too] It's a tie anyway We're handsome
even if we win or lose! [In your face] That was a good one
[Hmmph] That's so annoying
[Finally realizes the true
meaning of their team name] ["Even if we lose, we're handsome"!

"Brave dummies"]
["WLWH" gets "Move 1 space forward" card] Wow, it's the Reverse card
[Warm-up game #3
the "Reflect capture" card] Hey, this one's really good!
It can cancel out an attack
[The Newspaper Game] [Can stop the other team
from capturing your horse during yut nori]
["Reflect capture"] All 6 of us have to stand on this
[The Newspaper Game
to win the "Reflect capture" card] [All team members will stand
on a sheet of paper
and hold their position for 5 seconds] [The size of the paper
will be reduced in half
with each level] [The key is to hold out while
hugging each other tightly♥] [You're OUT the moment
your feet step out of the paper] It's fine, they're taller on average
[Relatively taller "WLWH" vs.
Relatively shorter"Brave dummies"] Our members have wide shoulders too We're already too handsome
and even our shoulders are broad [Feels like they've already lost
even before the game began] Do we have to step on it??
[The game begins] Gotta feel how it's like
to live in a huge house (?) [Lots of space] [Tons of space] Let's step on it
[Level 1: stepping on paper
that hasn't been folded at all] Come over here [Huddled tight] Piece of cake [Everybody stepped on
the huge sheet of paper] Fold it in half
[Must fold the paper
in half for Level 2] Let's fold it So what we do is…

Let's fold the paper once
[Master of cheap tricks
Mr. Half-moon Kkyu's hack] [1. Fold the paper in half] [Fold the paper so that
it looks like it's been folded in half] Wow, it's too small now
[2. Emphasize how small
the paper is in a loud voice] Wow, it's tiny
[3. Emphasize one more time] [4. Scan to see if he got caught] [Hehe, that was perfect] -BEOMGYU!?
-Yes? Sorry, sorry
[Apologizing on behalf] Wow!! Hang on!
[Next door neighbors
just heard the news now] Wow, what are you doing???
[SOOB-rious] It wasn't us, it was BEOMGYU!
[Quick to cut off ties] Sorry, our bad [OK] How did he think of that?
[Just awestruck] No need to fold it exactly in half
[5 minutes ago]
["WLWH" actually thought of it too] [Both teams are ready for Level 2
fair and square] Great! All you need is
to put one foot over the paper One foot
[Strategy: just putting one foot
over the paper] It's already hard
Operation Piggyback] -Oooh…

Hang on
-Oh, I think we can go with piggybacks 1 2 3 4 5 [Both teams pass Level 2 easily] [The paper keeps getting smaller] Wow, what do we do now?! Wanna step on my feet, guys? No need to do that already Do this, then everybody
put your feet over this ["Brave Dummies" put their feet
together at Mr. Kkyu's orders] -Hang on
-There, there [Still getting ready]
["Brave dummies", who were ready,
tries first] 1
[START] 2 3 4 5! ["Brave dummies" pass Level 3] Okay, okay, go up, try it
["WLWH" tries after them] Hang on! Don't push!
[Operation Piggyback Ride] [A mess]
[Feet sticking out of the paper]
[Feet that don't know where to go] Let's not do this
Change of strategy
[Taking time to change their strategy] Change of strategy Come up over here [Monitoring them with eyes of a tiger] I think we can do this
["WLWH" holding each other tightly] My feet hurt so much right now HUENINGKAI's foot is sticking out!!! [Sticking out] [Puppy Jake is here to watch them] Can you come over here, HUENINGKAI?
[Calmly closing ranks] There
[Begins their mission
amid lots of attention] 2 -3…

-SUNGHOON's heel is sticking out!! We're watching from the back! 5! Success!
[Succeeded despite
Mr. Kkyu interfering] Wow… how are we gonna
pull off the next round? [While everybody's worried
about the next round] [Suspicious move by Mr. Half-moon Kkyu] Now, "Even if we lose, we're handsome"
[Suspicious move by Mr. Half-moon Kkyu] [Folding it like earlier] Cut it out! [This is all for our team] How are we gonna do this?
[The paper has already become this small] Seriously…!
[The paper has already become this small] This is the real game
[The real game begins now] If we pull this off, we win!
[This'll be the last round] Step on it
Everybody else step on it [Holding a serious strategic meeting
without playing any cheap tricks this time] Okay, try it
[Needing teamwork and unity
at the moment] 1, 2, 3 1 2 3 [Fail] Here goes!
[Trying again right away] Not yet! Not yet!
[FAIL] Not yet! Ready? Go! Oh, hang on
[Fail] This side is harder…
Hang on Let's do this properly [Scanning the other team] So for this
[Finished scanning] we should all hold each other
and lean back slightly
[※The key: finding the center of gravity※] Trusting each other
["WLWH" immediately tries out
what SUNGHOON suggested] -Oh, this is working
-1, 2, 3 Oh, we can do this
[Looks like "WLWH" can pull this off?!] -Okay, that's it
-We can definitely do this Start!
[Going for it right away] 1, 2, 3
[Going for it right away] [Lost their balance
as soon as they began] 1, 2, 3 [Keeps losing balance] Went too far back 1, 2, 3
[Keeps losing balance] [Keeps failing]
[Time keeps passing by] Let's come up with some strategies One person should go like this
and then let's stand like this [Mr.

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