The Last of Us Part I – Before You Buy

Jake Hey and we’re back with another episode of Before You Buy. That show where we give you some straight up game play And, of course, our first impressions of the latest games releasing As usual.

It’s me Jake, And today we’re talking about The Last of us Part, One.

Yes, that’s what it’s called now.

This is Naughty Dog rebuilding the original game for the PlayStation 5, taking advantage of its features and graphics, It’s significant because it has been billed by them as more of a remake, not just a simple up resolution remaster Now I just replayed The Last of Us again just a little bit over a year ago And, as you guys know, I strongly felt that this release wasn’t really necessary.

Thankfully, I think I’ve been proven wrong, Unlike some remakes and remasters.

This one feels like it really got.

The, right amount of love the care it needed.

There are a couple of little things I wish they had added, but I still really immediately got sucked back in and binged the hell out of it.

I just couldn’t help it, but you’re, also probably not gon na – be surprised to hear that.

I think the price is steep. Everybody’s, wallet and priorities are different.

I don’t always talk about game prices here.

Some people will want this right away.

Some people will wait for a sale.

Some people think it should only cost 2.

I didn’t get it early from Sonia.

I went out and I paid 75.

U S dollars for a game that I played many times that was originally released back in like 2013, But I’ll say whether you’re die hard and you buy it right now or you wait for a sale.

Whoever you are.

The bottom line is that this is a really good, definitive version of this game, like this now classic game And if you’ve never played it before. I will say consider yourself lucky that you get to play this version First and foremost the visuals.

Now you can play it in resolution mode with full 4k and very above 30 frames per second frame rate or performance mode, with a still respectable resolution and a locked 60 frames a a second, Interestingly enough.

You can also take advantage of an unlocked frame rate for both modes.

If you have the TV to support it, which I did and it was pretty nice, But I think at this point for a game this age, the performance was a given.



The detail overhaul that impressed me the most and is what I think ultimately really drew me back in Environments, really look incredible Like layout wise.

They’re not as complex as part two and you definitely notice, but art style wise.

There are tons of new details worth experiencing Denser foliage, more detailed desks and clutter inside Completely different wall.

Textures lighting flourishes, reflections flowing water, little tweaks in the color palette or atmospheric effects are cool And they also didn 39. T bother me in terms of an artistic change.

You ever play a game that was remade or remastered in like an area or the sky is completely a different color stuff, like that, I wasn’t offended here with any creative choices or any differences.

The feel is completely retained and also just improved.

In my opinion, The game already just had so many stunner scenes empty, neighborhoods, crumbling cities, overgrown buildings sunken streets, They’re all just better here.

Right from the start, You’ll notice.

Boston has a bit more detail and flourishes to the building and architecture that make it feel a little bit more Bostony.

I can only draw from my own experience here And for me the real kicker was the redone characters.

I’m playing for the story.

I like to tale enough that I’ve wanted to experience it multiple times over these years and here with way more in depth, facial, animations and detail.

It makes a hell of a difference. Every character looks and feels more like a real person and matches the quality of the second game.

Even a lot of NPCs suddenly look really damn great.

I’m talking background characters going from zero to hero, but the faces for the main characters.

Dude many pivotal scenes are heightened thanks to a more realistic human glint in the eye of a character, a facial twitch here and there stuff like that, The big moments, the big emotion, is sold way way more.

Everybody will have a scene where it really kicks in.

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