The Blitz: Mock Draft Time | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Here it is at long last. It's
draft week for your Dallas Cowboys. And it's Mock Draft
time here on the blitz. Plus what are the top 10 draft
classes in Dallas Cowboys history. It's all coming up.
Next on the blitz, your Dallas Cowboys report. South of the right direction
tackle, Prescott, throws it down. The
right side for Less heaves, it deep down the left
side for gal. He's got a touchdown. You're moving to the wide
receiver. I don't know how many times you say. He take her
Assyria prayed for his County you came. I think it's got does. And this guy he can run the
route. Tree. Whatever route you need. He can run. In the days of play maker and
all three levels and the dog with volunteers and put this down the outside of the
Jessica Rabbit. He needs to get off, press, or going to be
disappointed. This doesn't look very mature you level up there.
This was a huge is just place.

We have it jumps off the tape.
The river was like a crazy Trust. And that is exactly what the
Dallas Cowboys are looking for this week. They are looking for
real football players. And we're doing the same here on
this Draft preview edition of The Blitz Bill Jones along with
Kyle, Yeomans. We will have our own mock draft for you, but I could just listen to that
stuff for the next 30 minutes. Can you hear my smile to like, I
feel like I can't stop smiling. My cheeks are stuck.
Its draft week. We're closing in on that NFL draft. It's such
a fun time. Year, and it's also a
nerve-wracking time of year as well. Exactly. And you can, you
can sense it ended that behind-the-scenes stuff there in
the draft room, the work that's been done behind the
scenes and really with the inactivity
as far as outside, free agents being side and the needs that
this team has.

There's a lot of pressure in
that room to come up with the best players. Absolutely.
There is. You look at the
window. Everybody talks about the
winning window and you still have a core of your guys. You
still have the Dak Prescott CD Lambs. The Michael gallo. Oops, and Zach Martin's
on the offensive side. Then of course, you've got young stars
that you found in the draft with Micah Parsons and Trevon
digs on the defensive side of the football. The draft is where
you keep that window open. You keep that extended
even within an activity in terms of the free agency side of things. Yes. That is a
disappointing aspect in its own, right? However, this is a
chance for you to get better as a football team, moving into the
future and it starts in NFL draft night one and it makes it
really tough on this front and that draft ruined.

made some very office Good decisions here of late. As
we showed you there for pro bowlers in the last four drafts
including Micah Parsons last year, Trayvon digs the year
before, what up next? Well, what's up next? For us is
the mock draft. It will tell you who the Cowboys are thinking
about Drafting and the first three rounds of this
track. The blitz is brought to you by
AT & T official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys and by the
Dallas Cowboys Football Club.

This segment is brought to you
by AT & T official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys. Oh what an exciting segment.
This is as we have our mock draft ready to roll right here.
We will tell you exactly who the Cowboys won't pick on Thursday in the first round
and on Friday in the second and third round heart. Let's dive
into our mock draft 2022. The Five Guys that you think
might be available for the Cowboys. So here's the
thing. I'm got guys that are off
of the board. So that way we keep
this as a realistic scenario these Are not available for the
cowboys that pick number 24, Tyler lender, bomb Trevor
pinning, Jordan Davis. David O, Jabo Edge rusher out of Michigan. Who tore his Achilles in the draft process and then there's guys that are not great at high enough,
Bernard Ryman out of Central, Michigan offensive. Lineman
Caillou Elam a corner out of Florida and then Sky more of the
wide receiver from Western, Michigan. So here are the five
guys that are on the board that we're going to pick between, if I'm the Dallas Cowboys.

looking at offensive line, those two names up at the top.
Been heavily talked about throughout this draft process
and it starts with Kenyan green out of Texas. A & M the play string, the SEC caliber
the ability to block on the run to be in. Pass sets to
move to get to the second level. He has all of those
things, what he doesn't have are the testing numbers.

provides a little bit of pause. It provides some room for
debate. That's why Zion Johnson's even in the
conversation out of Boston College, but if I'm making the
pick Bill Jones in that Cowboys war room, the guy on standing. Table four is Kenyon, green out
of Texas A & M. All right, it if I see that devyn Lloyd the
linebacker from Utah is available for the Cowboys at
number 24, in the first round. I am instructing everyone to run to the front and with that card with Devin Lloyd. This guy is a
playmaker testing numbers, great 63 237, everything about him. I'd love,
and I think that you pair him with Micah Parsons. Here's a guy
that at eight sacks for interceptions 22, Tackles for a
loss. They brought him off the edge
just like, what Penn State did with Micah
Parsons with, the Cowboys, do with Micah Parsons. I love that
pic. But I also understand the need that this team has
right now, that's the position
value versus the need value for the
Cowboys back and forth.

Are you go best player available? Have
the Cowboys set themselves up going to enough to go best player
available in this scenario. I don't necessarily think they
have. I think they've unaddressed that offensive line.
It's definitely a struggle for this team. The linebacker spot, you still
feel decent about. No, it's not a foregone conclusion. That
Layton Van Der. Ash Micah Parsons loot Gifford and jabril
cocks are going to be the best linebacking Corps in the NFC
East. However, I think there's more there to work with than they have on the offensive line.
That's why I think you have to go with that position.
Will need in pick number 24. In the first row. We are taking
Kenya green at Texas A & M and the Aggies Rejoice. I also like with that number of
players available. I like trading down. I'm picking up
another top 100 pick, good possibility.

This is a very deep
draft. All right, round two, the players available on
our board. There. You have it right there. Yeah, you got a couple really
good names here. A couple of offensive lineman. We just took
one in Kenya on green. So maybe Abraham Lucas is off the board
here, Washington State, Dairy and Canard. You can maybe throw
him in the conversation because he has that guard tackle
flex, but I think those next two names Bill are where
the really that conversation begins Sam Williams out of.
Miss. He's a damn Queen guy. He's been
somebody that's been in that conversation all the way
through this draft process, a sneaky Edge rusher, had some
off-the-field issues that kind of suppress, his early draft
growth, or at least his recognizer, his his view of in terms of the
draft experts out there, but he's really kind of Sword to
toward the top of draft boards, or at least into that second
round. He provided a ton of jolt for that Ole Miss defense.

One of which I was one of the
best in the SEC, but Is it enough to go away from a
wide receiver? That's where it gets tough. And I love this wide
receiver out of North Dakota State and that of course,
would be Christian Watson, who ran a for, 3640 check out his numbers, thirty
eight and a half vertical 11 for broad. Jump 696 cone drill.
He has he brings special teams value in
the return game. He reminds me of Jordy Nelson,
at 64 208 pounds, and if he's available at number
two, I'm In the card up for I didn't get to run the card up
for Devin Lloyd, but I would him. for Christian Watson. Have I
convinced you? You know, what you've convinced me. It's a
little scary knowing that he played in stadiums that have
bouncy houses in the end zone and they're playing against
future accountants and whatnot.

However, I really do like
Christian Watson a lot and there was no George Pickens on
the board. There was no Jahan Dotson on the board. So wide receiver. Pretty thin, when
you get 256. If he's there. I'm okay with that being
the pick. All right. So we've taken a guard and a wide
receiver and now round 3, here's what we have available.
Yeah, this is really tough for the Cowboys because you don't
get a shot at David Bell.

Logan Hall, Christian Harris, Brian.
Asamoah, Jalen Peachtree. It seems like it's drying up.
However, you do have a couple guys here.
What about Jelani Woods? This is where you might be able after
addressing some positional needs in the first
two rounds with wide receiver and offensive line. Maybe you keep going to best
player available from here on out. This could be where it
starts and Jelani Woods six foot seven and every Bill inch
of it, he is as athletic of as we've seen testing wise in
the history of the NFL draft, a tight end he could fit in this offense
because he could fit in any offense, Bill Jones.

I'm okay.
With this being the pick don't sleep on an edge rusher here
again, even though Sam Williams that conversation. He wasn't
picked. I think they can maybe was in go edge but here I'm okay with
Jelani Willie have a consensus in the draft room. Jelani Woods
is the pic started his career at Oklahoma State finished at
Virginia and put up big numbers. He is your number two. Two tight end for the Dallas
Cowboys. All right up next here on the blitz we go one on
one with Trayvon Diggs.

This segment was brought to you
by AT & T official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys. Welcome back to the blitz,
Cowboys began their official offseason program this past
week, and Rob Phillips had a chance to catch up with
Trayvon dings. Rob Phillips. here with
Cowboys Pro Bowl Corner. Trayvon dicks, Pro Bowl has a
nice ring to it. Trayvon. Thanks for
joining us and it's nice to catch up with you, not only in
the offseason but in a kind of a normal offseason where we're
there's not covid restrictions right now. Does it feel kind of
normal for you guys? Getting back at it with this voluntary
offseason program right now with those kind of normal this act My first real
normal like no covid restrictions anything like first

So it's kind of like, feel like my rookie year.
So because I got all the, you know, everything back to normal.
So I'm enjoying this fun. You know, you don't have a
lot of restrictions, you know,
everybody just be their self and I feel like it's going to
make us closer. Yeah. And and walk us through for fans that
aren't familiar with how the program works. You guys are
now in week 1.

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