The 14″ M3 iPad Studio is Coming with iPadOS Pro!

Now this makes a little bit of sense because we also had info that the 14.1 inch iPad was canceled for 2023 and that 2024 date also makes sense because when Apple releases their iPads they usually have a launch cycle about a year and a half so that would line up say for Springtime and the second part of that is that special version of iPad West 17 that's being developed specifically for larger iPads which could be called the iPad Ultra or Studio video and the change in there for two 6K displays at 60 hertz so that is a support in the code He also mentioned that that signals that it's going to have an M3 Pro uh but not so fast I don't think so and he actually kind of agreed that it does not make sense because it doesn't have to have an M3 Pro in order to have multiple displays that are external that could just be a fix for the M3 chip both the M1 and M2 Chip could only support One external display that was a limitation but people are having enough of that they're getting fed up so with the M3 chip it makes much more sense that that chip itself could support two external displays and that also gives this device a capability like that now another option is that this larger iPad could have two Thunderbolt ports built in and I say absolutely yes please if we're getting a larger iPad with better software that does have a high price tag give us two ports that way you can charge at the same time and connect something else or connect multiple devices and multiple displays so what do you guys think about a larger iPad with better software is that something that you would spend extra money on an iPad that is actually a laptop replacement but with the extra added features of a tablet you'll have a new keyboard case that's also probably going to be expensive Apple got a patent for that you let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below how much would you be willing to spend go ahead and click that Circle above to subscribe check out one of those great videos right over there this has been Max and I'll see you in the next video [Music] foreign

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