The 14″ M3 iPad Studio is Coming with iPadOS Pro!

not only is Apple working on a larger iPad but with that a new version of iPad OS that is going to make use of this larger display now in this video I'm going to give you guys all the info that we have we had previous leaks and some new information from a user that actually was the first person to mention Apple's Dynamic Island for the iPhone back when we thought we're gonna have two separate cutouts side by side on the iPhones and he's been putting out new leaks that are very credible now before we get into the details on this new iPad I have to mention that I am actually even more excited for a better version of iPad OS 17 because when Apple added the M1 chip to the iPad we were all finally waiting on a professional version of iPad OS that would solve a lot of the shortcomings even the previous chips were just fine the limitation was the software but unfortunately Apple just added a few little features and they were still really limiting later they gave us stage manager as a kind of fix but a lot of people weren't super impressed with it especially with uh the limitations and the certain chips and iPads you couldn't use it with it was more like an upgrade tactic so you guys let me know what are you more excited for a larger iPad or just better iPad software that has a lot more capabilities to make use of the powerful Hardware now on to the larger iPad some people might say why would you want a larger iPad 12.9 inches is big enough well there are a few reasons and for those that are kind of doubting this I think by the end of this video you won't be take a look at what Apple has been doing recently we had the iPhone 14 plus which is a cheaper version with a larger screen that is a first and then the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air that is going to be a large screen for a cheaper price which is what a lot of people want now all the way back in 2021 Mark German which has a great track record said the apple is working on larger screened iPads but they will take a couple years to come and here we are in 2023 and then after that Ross young which is a display analyst with pretty much the most accurate record in terms of devices with these displays coming to Market you can literally see his record the only thing he got wrong is the naming of the iPhone se he confirmed that the 14.1 inch iPad Pro is being developed with their supply chain sources in that it will have many LEDs and promotion as well and he gave us a timeline of 2023 and confirming that Majin Buu another great source said that apple is developing a 14.1 inch iPad M2 with 512 gigs and 16 gigs of RAM as the base storage meaning that this is going to be a high-end device now the m two-part that part right there is a little weird because these this new leak says that it's going to be an M3 based chip but of course this product is still in the works and it could make sense if it's high-end that it will have the latest chip if it was pushed back just a little bit especially if it's gonna have those base specs and it's going to be an expensive device and even the iPad Air is going to be getting the M2 so they want it to stand apart but the weird thing was that shortly after that he revised his information saying that it doesn't look to feature a mini LED or Pro motion so this iPad that was still being developed doesn't seem to be a pro device that costs a lot of confusion and it didn't make sense why would Apple make the largest iPad ever and make it a budget one uh one kind of thought was to upsell those that have smaller iPads but the people are willing to use such a a large device it would make a lot more sense to price it higher and have higher end features and that's what looks like is actually going to come latest info is from analyst 941 who is a Twitter user and that post on the Mac Rumors forums telling us about the iPad Pro 14.1 inch and giving us some info now once again he was the guy that first brought out the news about Apple's Dynamic Island how the layout will be based on information from his engineer friends and more recently he was the one that shared the info about the capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro Models the microprocessor that's gonna manage all of this and a lot of other information that have since been confirmed and with that a bunch of information on iOS 17 lock screen details control center a bunch of different updates as well so he is very welcome connected now the first info that he gave us was short but it actually points to a few different things including the M3 chip on the upcoming MacBooks and I'll explain why but this is what he said a 14.1 inch iPad that supports two 6K Thunderbolt slash usb4 displays using daisy chaining and a date of 2024.

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