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Not anymore! he is Tehniyat's husband, he has got complete right on her. He can allow her if he wants to and now, I think its not required to interfere in a husband & a wife's matter uselessly sometimes if the younger ones wants to move ahead to get success then their elders should show some support to them I would like you request you all for the last time please dad, let me spend my life according to me let me reach to my decided motive what will happen? I will fall, right?
I will stand again but please let me take some of my life's decision according to me please dear remember my words a woman reaches to a lot of heights in her life she gets success & victory but when she stands with her relatives & loved ones then that pride feeling is something else and if…

She is standing all alone on the rocky pinnacle then everywhere there are pits & deep openings you can go if you want to go go for sure we won't stop you anymore because… by this, our ego & self respect will be hurt go dear dad, I have decided today on wards, I will not speak in any matter related to Noor she can do whatever she want to Tehniyat, have you visited this place before? I had visited long time ago with my parents I usually visit here once in 2 years I love the mountains they seem so arrogant & stubborn but when you go near to them you feel quite loved and I love hiking what happen, brother? Sir, you have to walk ahead really! Okay.

Tehniyat come, lets go. This way we'll do some hiking but Murtaza, we have the luggage as well Sir, your luggage will be delivered the luggage will come
come on Murtaza, what kind of place your friends have booked? I love such kind of places I love it! are you tired? when we have promised to walk together for our entire life, then one shouldn't get tired madam, we have to go through a lot of things in our life I am tired that's our hotel a little more.

Come on I'm sorry, actually my friends let me clear it I'm really sorry about this Its Ok, I will do it by the way, the view is really nice yes, its good nice hotel Okay, I am so hungry. Would you like to eat something? No Murtaza, actually I am so tired so I will rest for a while Sure hmm… I will go outside for a round after getting freshen up on my way back, I will bring something to eat Okay Sorry about this its alright listen let me take out a jacket for you, maybe it will get cold in a while Thanks you are welcome! this way is from the jungle, so you might get to see the leopards or so Okay be careful
thank you! sorry, sorry… did you got scared? what are you doing here? following you! I am joking I don't follow married men, its not in my book Noor ul Ain, tell me the truth. What are you doing here? why are you getting worried? first of all, I shall tell you that what I am doing here then you'll ask, why do you come in my thoughts? then you'll ask, Noor ul Ain why do you come in my dreams? I shall give you the clarifications for how many things? I am joking I came on an official trip with my colleagues aren't you here for the honeymoon? why are you roaming around all alone? Tehniyat was tired so she is resting in the hotel was she tired or…

You are preferring to walk alone? what do you want to hear? shall I say the truth? let me say it, if it resolves all the issues Noor ul Ain, this is true that I am unable to forget you this is also true that I & Tehniyat are married we aren't getting along I know it will take time but what is the work of time, Noor ul Ain? it keeps on passing I've told my truth now tell me the rest of the truth if you have the courage I still love you! I've been sleeping for so long Murtaza Murtaza he haven't come back as of yet its quite late just think, who knew it that both of us will meet each other at such a beautiful place after so many days even I hadn't thought, Noor ul Ain that someday I will feel guilty while sitting with you come on, quickly finish your soup we have to bid farewell to each other as well because I don't want you to feel guilty while sitting with me after all, you have to answer Tehniyat too the soup is good, but the weather is so cold Noor ul Ain, now its night time Also, Tehniyat must be waiting for me keep this jacket otherwise, you'll fall sick while reaching the hotel thank you! I am keeping it while considering it as your last gift don't take it back Sure did you talk to Tehniyat & Murtaza? No I thought not to disturb the children as they have gone for their honeymoon Tehniyat will call me whenever she will have free time yes, these are the days for them to enjoy why will they miss their parents! hmm…

You are missing your daughter, right? you are saying in such a manner as if you are not missing her Sajid, its just that the heart should be satisfied. Rest all is ok I am so happy that my daughter has got such a nice house & a husband I pray that God shall keep my daughter happy & blessed you are right shall I go & check?
No, let me check God… hey Rida… greetings!* you've come on the right time, we were drinking tea. Would you like to have some? Yes, why not? I really like the tea prepared by you come, please sit. Let me bring piping hot tea for you Okay greetings! greetings to you too!
dear come, sit how are you? fine?
I'm absolutely fine, how about you? I'm fine, is everything fine at home? yes, everything is fine at home Okay..

Here you go Rida tea for you
thank you! you guys must be sad after Tehniyat's wedding, right? So I thought to visit you to kill the boredom. That's why I came here I hardly get time from work. I was thinking to visit your house since quite a long time I got to know that Noor ul Ain got a promotion. Heartiest congratulations to you! yes, you've heard it right. She got a promotion and in order to celebrate her promotion, she has gone on a tour to Murree & Nathiagali along with her office colleagues really! Even Tehniyat & Murtaza have gone there really! when did they go? their flight was of 4pm. And at what time Noor ul Ain went? even Noor took 4pm flight Tehniyat, come.. I've brought the dinner Murtaza Murtaza, I've been calling you since so long. Why weren't you picking? actually there was a lot of noise in the market, that's why sorry you took the jacket with you, right?
so why you didn't wear it? yes, I took the jacket with me I guess, I have forgotten it somewhere how can you forget your jacket? Tehniyat let it be, I will wear another one Come, lets have dinner.

You must be hungry I've eaten the dinner, Murtaza maybe you don't have an idea that you came back so late not just the jacket, even you seem quite lost.

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