Tere Bina Mein Nahi Episode 10 | 28th February 2023 (English Subtitles) | ARY Digital

I forgot to tell you guys that why I've brought sweetmeats anyway… at least have some sweets these sweetmeats are in the joy of my promotion have some, aunt Tehniyat, have some where are you going? you also have some its most important for you to eat these sweetmeats have some No… some of it won't work, have some more its a happy occasion congratulations! thank you! Tehniyat! Won't you show me your room? yes, why not? aunty, shall we go? yes, show her your room but… today on wards, you won't call me aunty but mom yes nice are you happy? good! Noor… time & again I realize that I came in between the two of you No absolutely not! in fact, I should say…. I feel that I came in between the two of you as far as that phone call is concerned, it was just a joke friends do such kind of jokes honestly speaking Tehniyat now I thank God after coming into this house that whatever decision was made, was right for me its a different matter that I used to like Murtaza a lot but I cannot give preference to any of my liking on my dreams never! because my dreams are the most important thing for me in my life some time is required to understand a few things only time tells us whether we have to laugh or cry on them anyways..

Murtaza & I are going to Islamabad by tomorrow's flight and from there, we'll go to a hill station as well oh… honeymoon? nice nice! So, have fun! ok? so happy for you dad, my colleagues are planning a trip to celebrate my promotion I told them that I am not in a mood to go its a good thing dear, doing a job is a different thing & to roam around in another city is something else Besides, in this situation the girls should avoid these trips from where the gender comes in everything, dad? my office colleges are planning this trip for my happiness.

How will they feel if I won't go? and its my responsibility after all, I am company's manager Noor, you should think seriously about getting married & settled the path on which you are walking, is quite long & tiring On this way, people gets tired & sit back because they had lost a lot of shelters by their own hands dad, again you've started! I am very happy & satisfied on the success I've achieved in my life and I expect the same from all of you if you people cannot be happy in my happiness, then at least let me be happy please! I have a request don't make me a stranger in my house nobody understands my emotions here by the way the weather is pleasant, but still keep some warm clothes and this shawl will be so helpful for you sister, what will I do with so many clothes? these are the days to get dressed up & dolled up later, the girls get occupied with household responsibilities they need to take less care of them & more care of their husband & children Tehniyat, the beginning days of a marriage are quite beautiful & precious sister…

I've agreed for this marriage just because of my parents orders otherwise, I wanted to do a lot in my life people say, a person's life becomes complete after marriage but a lot of my dreams are left incomplete sister, you know.. I want to do the job as well hey Murtaza come, do your packing as well. I've already kept Tehniyat's clothes sister, its just that I've to keep a few pairs of pants & shirts. I will manage do keep the warm clothes let me go & check on the lunch, mom must be doing it alone so you are wearing the ring? thank you! everyone would have questioned if I haven't so you are wearing it because you are afraid of all? I would be happy if you would have insisted me to wear it Tehniyat look…

I think we should move on from the fight of agreement & disagreement there is no doubt that we are about to be in the same boat and we are heading towards the same destination our families have boarded us for this journey with a lot of love & care So, its our duty to keep their honor intact are you getting what I am saying? yes and Tehniyat, first of all I want you to take care of the household responsibilities and later if you want to do the job, then I don't have any objection everyone has welcomed you in this house with a lot of happiness so please take care of their happiness & satisfaction I promise you that it will be my duty to take care of your every happiness but I have a request take care of everyone in this house first of all give preference to everyone lets go downstairs, so that I can help your mother & sister dad, what had happened to you?
How can you give her so much of freedom? she doesn't take any permission from anyone, besides she doesn't even take anyone's suggestion this is quite weird, that she is going to another city with her office colleagues & that too for a few days I'm sorry, whether if you consider me narrow-minded, conservative or anything.

But I don't get it dear, I've tried explaining her but she… dad, doing a job & to earn money doesn't mean that a person shall take a decision against their family traditions and that too such a decision, which is hurting others this way the basis of our family will be shaken sister, the society is moving ahead so quickly whoever walks on its foot steps achieve their goals and becomes successful and whoever has old school of thought lives a suffocated life they make their life difficult along with others talk with respect! Noor, I've been noticing that you've become really ill-mannered & out spoken having a good job doesn't mean that one shall forget how to respect their relations & elders I explain this to Rida as well, as today I am telling you too next time stay in your limits! mom Tehniyat has expressed her feelings with me once again for doing the job there is no harm if she wants to take the burden of additional responsibilities but I don't think so that right now its required what is the need to take these worries by leaving the peace of your house don't know why but I think its Noor ul Ain's conspiracy behind Tehniyat's desire God forgive me, I don't want to keep any doubt but..

In this stance Tehniyat's thinking is less & Noor ul Ain's thinking is more yes! even I doubt the same we cannot ignore Noor ul Ain's behavior but I'm just praying that soon the relation between Murtaza & Tehniyat shall become strong so that this doubt shall leave our heart I am feeling some hesitation in between the two of them don't worry Tahira. Look, the relation of a husband & a wife is quite strange but yes, if somebody wants to do compromise then their life can become better mom, then tell Murtaza to let Tehniyat fulfill her dreams so that she doesn't feel that we've brought her in this house as a sacrificial animal No Tahira! I've already said a lot of things to Murtaza.

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