Tekken Tips – Punishable…on Hit?

[Music] in tekken you'll be familiar with punishing moves on block but did you know there are certain moves that are punishable on hit worry not if you don't because in this video we'll be going through the most important ones the most common punishable on-hit move in the game is brian's gravity blow as a relatively fast unblockable mid it sounds ridiculous on paper but once you realize it's -12 on hit its utility goes down to merely being a somewhat high risk round ender as it can still be interrupted quite easily and is super linear next up are the first three hits of paul's 10-hit combo this is all a natural combo from a jab but is -14 on hit with a bit of pushback be sure to punish paul for using this as a 10 frame punisher unless it's of course to close the round [Music] the first hit of gunru's isana uchi string might occasionally by itself come out as a misinput if it does it's -19 on hit and a whopping -30 on block meaning every character can launch punish it regardless lee's laser edge kick combo is a very risky string to use in the neutral the follow-up lows can be parried even if the first one connects and the first kick by itself is punishable on hits at -14.

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