Tech Tuesday: Golf R „20 Years“ Special Edition #1 | Volkswagen R

That's exactly what you feel, especially on small racetracks like in Oschersleben. It's also one of our racetracks, where you have load change curves, where you take your foot off the gas and put it back on. You simply notice that the power unit responds much faster and you have the power available more quickly. What we are trying to do with all these work measures is to shorten the working paths in order to get a more direct response from the engine. So that you as a driver can simply call up more power. When we improve the intake side, then of course we also want to do a little bit on the exhaust side, so we changed a lot on the turbocharger. Turbocharger is a great key word, Benny. We have changed something in the waste-gate control. The waste-gate controls how much exhaust gas mass drives the turbocharger. The exhaust gas drives the turbo so that it can suck in fresh air and compress it. If you don't need full power, i.e. the turbocharger doesn't have to run at full speed, the waste-gate opens and the exhaust gas can slip past the turbocharger.

However, this also has the effect that the turbocharger stalls quite a bit, and when you step on the gas again and want power, the waste-gate is closed and the turbocharger first has to be revved up again from low revs. Of course, you will notice that the engine is not there immediately. The turbocharger is already up to speed and the engine can develop its power much better. So to speak the anti lag system for the road. Exactly. These are the two big things we have changed for drivability. It doesn't sound like much, but it has a huge effect on the drivability and therefore on the lap time on the race track. That's it for episode 1 of Tech Tuesday about the Golf R 20 Years. Of course, we have more highlights to show you in episode 2.
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