STOP! Do NOT wait for the M2 Ultra Mac Pro.. (New Leaks)

the Apple silicon Mac Pro has been in the works for years now and we finally got a huge leak dump from Mark German with a bunch of answers to the questions that we had about it now the biggest question that we're going to answer in this video is should you actually wait for it or should you just look elsewhere and get a different machine right now well let's jump right into it of course we have Mark German's Twitter right here and before I get into the brand new power on newsletter that he just released I want to go through the update that we had last year with what's going on with the Apple silicon Mac Pro and unfortunately the news was that Apple was scaling back its high-end Mac Pro plans and canceling the M2 extreme chip meaning that it's only going to be running the M2 Ultra with up to 24 CPU cores 76 GPU cores and 192 gigs of RAM but now we just got a brand new update with some new news in addition to the canceling of the into extreme the machine is going to look identical to the current 2019 Intel model and unfortunately there is not going to be any user upgradable RAM and that could be a huge disappointment to a lot of you guys because we've been having leaks and rumors of a smaller Mac Pro for months maybe even years now and a lot of people were excited for that because the current one is huge it's massive it's heavy it's hard to move around so a new redesign was very exciting but now let's actually dig deep into the power on newsletter itself and look at all of the details now this new Mac Pro is going to be limited to the M2 Ultra it's not going to have user upgradable Ram but here's the interesting addition right here there are still going to be two SSD storage slots and there's going to be GPU PCI Express slots for graphics media and networking cards and the big standout is the graphics that means that either apple is going to be allowing third-party gpus which I'm kind of iffy about I don't think they will or they're going to make their own custom apple gpus and that is going to allow Apple to increase their profit margins by just offering that but now let's get into the extreme chip now the leaks for the extreme chip are kind of interesting because way back in July of last year mark German within an interview that I actually conducted with him he said that Apple actually had an M1 based extreme Mac Pro ready to ship but they ended up calling it off canceling it and delaying it to wait for the second generation of M chips and then fast forward to December 18th when he said the M2 extreme was getting canceled that was a huge disappointment because for me the whole point of the Mac Pro is to be a status symbol showing that the arm-based chips with the M2 extreme are coming to disrupt the entire industry and the crazy thing is that we actually have leaks last year like for Majin Buu showing that Apple was legit working on this new extreme processor with two M1 Ultras put together and you can even see this new Ultra Fusion fabric right here and a little diagram of the four dies within the extreme chip so Apple was working on it but as far as why I think the extreme ship was canceled altogether even for the M2 extreme it all comes down to an exclusive source that we had last year that told us that Apple's M1 family at chips came with a design limitation or a flaw that ruined the GPU scaling that didn't allow the chips to scale that well specifically with the M1 Max where you started to see a hint of scaling issues and the M1 Ultra that had massive massive scaling issues now let me show show you this this is a video when we compared the Mac Studio three different versions We had the 24 core M1 Max then the 48 core GPU M1 Ultra and the fully loaded 64 core and as you can see you're not getting perfect scaling in terms of 3D Mark Wildlife extreme especially going from the 48 core M1 Ultra to the 64 core it's barely faster so we started doing calculations and you can see here that as you get to more GPU cores there is less FPS per core so the scaling gets worse and now here's where it gets into why this applies to the M2 extreme well Mark German himself and I've been saying for a while that the M2 Chip is a stopgap chip I believe it's basically the same design as the M1 just tuned up and over clocked so the thing is if the M1 Familia chips had the flaw with scaling that's going to translate to the M2 Chip now for a while I was hoping that the M2 Pro and M2 Max would come on three nanometer but it's looking more and more like it's not going to be three nanometer with a new design it's looking like it's just gonna be another improved four nanometer or five nanometer chip and we even looked at leaked benchmark scores for the M2 Max chip and as you can see the single core is pretty decent and the multi-core is okay but it's nowhere near the score it should be if it was actually built on three nanometer so that means that the entire M2 Max die and the M2 Ultra and likely the theoretical M2 extreme would have the same scaling issue so that's what I believe happened I believe Apple canceled it once they started testing out the M2 extreme chip they saw that the scaling was horrible they decided to completely cancel it to not embarrass themselves because we of course would test it out and see this is not worth it the scaling is bad ad don't buy the M2 extreme so unfortunately we're going to be stuck with the M2 Ultra as the highest end chip for the Mac Pro but there is some good news because back in December Mark German said that apple is planning to move Mac Pro production completely out of the us over to Asia which is in Vietnam and that by itself is gonna help Apple save money so Apple's gonna save money on multiple fronts they're going to save money by reusing the same chassis they've already been making they're going to save money by not having to put in a GPU card and extra Ram slots because it's all going to be built into the M2 Max I believe the M2 Max is going to be the base model with an upgrade to the M2 Ultra and they're going to manufacture it in Vietnam so because of those reasons we could even see four thousand or five thousand dollars as the entry base price for the Mac Pro but with all that said this is going to create some issues within Apple's High high-end Mac lineup because we got the Max studio last year and the interesting thing about the Mac Studio is that it comes with the M1 Ultra as the highest end ship so if the Mac Pro is going to have the M2 Ultra as the highest end chip I fully believe that apple is gonna have to do something with the Mac Studio to make sure that that does not get updated with the M2 Ultra because you're gonna have a choice between the same chip either with the Mac Studio or even more expensive Mac Pro I don't think Apple's gonna want that Clash so one option is to completely discontinue the Mac Studio altogether but I don't think that's gonna happen I believe that apple is going to put the Max studio on the back burner like they're not going to care about it for a full three years from the release date which means we might not even see a new Mac Studio update until 2025 when eventually I believe Apple's gonna fix the scaling issues and it's going to come with an M3 Ultra while we could get a Mac Pro with finally the M3 extreme four die chip in 2025 or maybe even 2026 I'm not sure but I believe it's going to be put on the back burner because we just got this report from cirp saying that they have a new report with the Mac model mix of the September 2022 quarter yes they were able to look at which Macs are the most popular and interestingly if you look right here out of all Macs only one percent of the sales go to the Mac Studio which is terrible which means Apple should not prioritize the Mac Studio at all they can easily put it on the back burner also only one percent for the Mac Mini of all Max sales likely because people are waiting for the M2 version there were a lot of leaks but surprisingly out of all of the desktop Max 43 of the sales go to the Mac Pro which I didn't think it was that high but the main takeaway here is that the Mac Studio doesn't sell well Apple likely doesn't care about it they'll probably put it on the back burner and will likely see the M2 Ultra Mac Pro as the only way to get that Ultra chip so that's one reason why you would want to wait for the Mac Pro because that's going to be likely the only way to get an M2 Ultra chip but then the question is how is the scaling going to be what if the scaling is just as bad or maybe even worse so if you don't like the fact that it's going to have the same chassis non-upgradable Ram then maybe you should just forget about the Mac Pro altogether forget about spending all that money and literally just go and buy a 16 inch MacBook Pro which is about to get updated with the M2 Max chip that's likely going to be the best option because it is a mobile solution but then again there are still people buying Intel Mac Pro right now and they have their own reasons for it they need it for their heavy duty tasks so if you're one of those people you probably know already so let me know what you think about all of these leaks are you disappointed by the ram Thing by the design Thing by the extreme chip cancellation thing let me know down in the comment section below and if you want to see which Mac I recommend you buy right now use the YouTube tagging feature to see it right now so thanks for watching click the circle above to subscribe for more videos like this one and we'll see you in the next video [Music] foreign

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