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We will be looking closely at the headset in this video. What exactly is a headset? What does the headset actually do? At times it might be too tight, which makes steering feel strange. This makes it hard to steer, and it will require so much effort that it ruins the fun. But alternatively, your headset might be too loose, which means that your bars may wobble back and forth. So, how do we determine the state of the headset? Start by pulling on the front brake, and put your other hand on the silver cap. Wiggle it all about a bit. If there’s any play in the headset – which means it’s too loose – this is where we’ll discover it. How do we correctly set up the headset? We need the following tools: 5 mm, 6 mm and 4 mm hex wrenches, plus this headset adjustment tool. First of all, we start with the 5 mm hex wrench to loosen the bolt of the stem clamp. Do not remove it; just loosen it.

Then pull the stem up and off the fork shaft. Now grab the 4 mm hex wrench and use it to loosen the silver top cap. Same again here: don’t take the screw out – just enough so that you can move the cap. It should stay sitting on the fork shaft. Now get the tool. You can put the big, black spacer to one side for now – back to that later. Remove the top cap from the inside part of the tool by unscrewing the bolt.

Now put the bung of the tool inside the fork shaft. Using the 6 mm hex wrench, tighten the tool into the fork shaft. Then put the spacer over the top of the fork. Then install the little top cap with its bolt and hand-screw it back in a little. You can finish that off with the 5 mm hex wrench to tighten it by feel – not too tight otherwise your headset will be too stiff. That’s no good for anyone. Now let's check: Ok… is the silver cap aligned with the front wheel? There’s a sort of slot here. If it’s wonky – like now – just line it up with the tyre, facing forward. It may take a bit of force because the headset is currently held tight by the tool. Once you have done all this, the headset will be pretty much ready. We just have to fix it in position.

That involves using the 4 mm hex wrench and tightening the screw on the headset cap and removing the adjustment tool – we don’t need that any longer, so just put it aside for now. Then take the stem and bars and put them back on the fork shaft. What’s important here is that the bars are aligned with the front wheel. If they’re not, you’ll have wonky bars. No one wants that. It won't be much fun to ride. Tighten the screw but always remember that over-tightening can also be damaging. So just make sure that it’s tight enough. If not, it could loosen while riding – you might be planning to turn left or right and while the bars might turn, the front wheel simply won’t. Right, brilliant! This bike is now ready for use again.

Have a great ride!.

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