Spectator carrying Pride rainbow flag storms World Cup clash between Portugal and Uruguay

A protestor carrying a Pride flag has run
onto the pitch at the Portugal v Uruguay match at the Qatar World Cup tonight in defiance
of the country's anti-LGBT laws. Being gay is illegal in Qatar with a jail
sentence of up to seven years leading to huge controversy around the tournament. In the World Cup, expressions of homosexuality
are prohibited And the German national team expressed its
anger at that decision before the Japan match The German national team has been criticized
for its position on the colored armband This fan was carrying a rainbow flag and was
running across the field and the match was stopped The security men were running after him, so
he threw the flag on the ground The fan was arrested and taken away from the
stadium The ruling brought out this undesirable science
in the Arab Muslim countries that criminalize homosexuality and only recognize
the relationship between a man and a woman

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