RB Battles Championship Season 3 Trailer (Roblox Battles)

(mysterious music) (wind whistling) (feet pattering) (truck engine humming) (passengers cheering) (truck engine humming) (audience cheering) (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (static crackling) (train whizzing) (upbeat music continues)
(announcer chattering) (train engine humming) (upbeat electronic music) (fireworks blasting) (upbeat electronic music)
(audience cheers and whistles) – [RussoPlays] And now let's meet the Season 3 competitors! Bandites! – [Bandites] Yeah, I think I'm ready. (upbeat electronic music continues) – [RussoPlays] Calixo! – That's right! – [RussoPlays] Denis! – [Denis] That was it? That was my intro? – [RussoPlays] Flamingo! – [Flamingo] Whoever wins is
so much better at everything! – [RussoPlays] Jayingee! – [Jayingee] Yeah! (Jayingee roars) – [RussoPlays] IBella! – [IBella] Hey, guys (laughs)! (upbeat electronic music) – [RussoPlays] iamSanna! – [iamSanna] Hi! – [RussoPlays] Leah Ashe! – [Leah Ashe] Oh, I'm not worried. I could do that with my eyes closed.

– [RussoPlays] PghLFilms! – [PghLFilms] Yes, thank you. Thank you so much. – [RussoPlays] PinkLeaf! – [PinkLeaf] Okay, I'm
actually kind of hype. (audience whistles)
(upbeat electronic music) – [RussoPlays] Ominous Nebula. – [Ominous Nebula] Yes, sir, here we are! – [RussoPlays] KreekCraft! – [KreekCraft] Where's TanqR at? I've been looking for
him for over a year now. – [RussoPlays] MeganPlays! – [MeganPlays] Hello, I'm
back for my redemption round. – [RussoPlays] Thinknoodles. – [Thinknoodles] Hey, guys! – [RussoPlays] And your
defending champion, TanqR! – Here I am.
– Can a new competitor take his crown? Wait, where's Jackeryz?
– [Jackeryz] I did the strat. – [RussoPlays] There he is! (air whooshes)
(fists thump) (air whooshes)
(fists thump) (air whooshes)
(fists thump) (upbeat electronic music) (air whooshes)
(fists thump) (air whooshes)
(upbeat electronic music) (air whooshes)
(fists thump) (upbeat electronic music continues) (audience cheers and whistles) (upbeat electronic music continues) (lips smack) (audience cheers and whistles)
(upbeat electronic music) Who will stand to win fame and
glory by emerging victorious? This is RB Battles! This time around in RB
Battles Season Three, uh, our lobby got destroyed, we're in a spaceship, and we have no idea what to do! Uh, judges, help.

– Um, I guess we'll just wing it. Each day a new RB Battles
episode is released, the game that's played in that video will update with a brand-new, never-before-seen RB Battles challenge. Complete the RB Battles challenges in each game to earn special event badges, and acquire some awesome limited
time items along the way. – Here's how you can get these items: earn all 12 event badges to unlock the Winner's Wings 2.0 in the badge room of our
RB Battles Roblox game. – [SabrinaBrite] Well,
that badge room's destroyed. We need to put it back in the old lobby. – Oh, yeah, we still gotta do that. Um, it'll be in there. Trust me, it'll be there. Just give us time. – Wait, what about all the other items? The Season 3 final battle was destroyed with the new lobby. (static buzzing) Mr. B? – [DJMonopoli] What? – Is that Mr. Boringsworth?
– I interrupt this broadcast- – [SabrinaBrite] Why isn't
he in the ship with us? – Some very important information. We need to work together as a community to get to the bottom of
who or what was involved in the concert intrusion to protect ourselves from
it ever happening again.

I have reason to believe they
are still close by in hiding, so we need to find them
as soon as possible and put an end to their
plans before it's too late. The problem is, whoever or whatever was at
the source of that intrusion has a lot of power, so we're going to need
tools to protect ourselves in case we ever confront them again. (Mr. Boringsworth mutters) Fortunately, the instruments the hosts were playing during the concert happened to hold enough power to create some of the most powerful tools in the RB Battles universe.

However, during the explosion, they were blasted into the Metaverse. And by that, I mean the
participating event games. I urge you all to find the Bits and return them to me in my laboratory. It shouldn't be too difficult to find. When you do that, I will utilize the power from the Bits to create a special tool for you with a unique power, that you will need to
help protect yourself once we get to the bottom of this.

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