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What's up guys we're that's amazing and today we are in our brand-new house that we bought. Wow. This place is amazing Just kidding. We're actually in Florida on vacation This is very temporary But we are going to make the best of it today when you're gonna do three ping-pong Challenges and if you went two of them you win the whole video me versus Matthew so you might not have two people challenges Challenge number one is cup pong whoever scores and all the other members cups is the winner We each get two turns at a time before giving it to the other person But if you score both of them, which I doubt will happen because these cups are rigged You get to keep going I look first Here we go. And just say the smaller cups are harder. And since these are glass they bounce out like crazy. You'll see See All right, guys, I'm gonna start off by going for the last row make my way up If he scores this when he gets another area two turns another two turns I'm going for the back middle I was going for the back middle, but I'll take that one too Guys that was in the cup and it roll around of this like that is how unfortunate like these cups can be So I will go for him, what do you Oh This is impossible, oh That was impressive it like went in it bounced around jumped back out and went back into the cup I know it'll work Let's go I'm in the lead Oh No Now he's up 1-0 in the series of two – so if he wins one more I lose so for the next challenge, which is Tic-tac-toe I am going to trick Tommy saying I'm going for the middle which is a glass cup, which is so much harder And I'm really not But I don't want him to know that so I'm doing it in secret right here.

So yeah, welcome to challenge number two it's a simple game of tic-tac-toe, but with ping-pong balls and if I lose I lose the whole challenge, so I need to To make it harder on ourselves. We put a glass cup in the middle. It's probably the most important position in the game It's gonna really screw up some strategies. Let's go Matt. I will go first again I am obviously gonna aim for the middle cup obviously. Oh How could I possibly miss there's nine cups like See, that's where my day that's where I strategies different I'm gonna really build up the real estate on the outside and then kind of surround the middle Left and win already.

I'm so nervous Come up with a big play here, back middle What wait you have to know road to spot yeah, I could make it the bottom right corner or the back middle. All right Just to show off, I'll go for the back one. Thank you Okay Oh wow It is in the same cup it doesn't count Blocked it he's got only one spot to win now See that middle is so hard, but if Tommy blocks be retired now we have to start over Ah that's what you did for like going blindfolded and doing all those crazy shots. I blocked you both ways It's Matthew's upset it's a cat's game but we're going to balcony winner takes all You did not want to win this game. You blindfolded yourself. Ah That's a shame. All right, let's go to the balcony Challenge number three last but not least actually is the greatest Well, it might be the highest ping pong shot of all time We're up on our balcony and we are going to throw it down into that one single Cup Whoever makes it first as a winner of this entire challenge Good oh oh Bouncing Hey guys, we are not on the balcony right now we are actually at our house because it got too dark and we came back to Milwaukee and now We are gonna film something completely different the person who can make the best trickshot takes all but the catch is Owen and Collin a four year old and a six year old are grading our shots.

So like You got to get on their side For my trick shot, I'm going to hit them all up and then snipe it midair behind the back Matthew shot was amazing on the same dining room table as I'm doing my shot This is the Eiffel Tower of ping pong trick shots We're gonna try to throw a ping pong ball through all three holes bounce it off the boards in and into the cup Yeah Three four three It is currently the next day and that means the little boys are awake He's lying Richard are you kidding? They got rides by Tommy and that they had the Tommy mentality Thanks for watching guys If you disagree with Collin and Ellen selection Make sure to head over to our Instagram at that's underscore amazing seventy-seven a comment below what you think? Check out some of our other videos and subscribe to our channel and we will see you later

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