Hi housewives at SMD Bojo by Den engke
wong wadon, God's creature, which is so unique , extraordinarily busy wanting the president's skin to be smart,
hugging engineers from morning to stifling, early in the morning, rocking Stoke's prediction rock, is it okay, stake
kalimantab, tok tok, go home, yes, we'll hook up later at dawn it's
getting more mature coming down later maning wong wadon Kaisiepo Hi Rajagukguk farmers share Betung no tok
no tok wong wadon kawit at dawn this is sweet Sir's job oh my God because wong
wadon a year old child papat iku sing what guinea pig OK Google carry the big little one who
can expect baby to be able sikile Bonek Arok mopped the floor Ghost the segments bruk-bet hand sack of chopped
onions oh my god it's quiet at dawn Sumba when it arrives Pottery makes school kids use it annoyance
I'm like this all curled up I'm so mad granny Docebo's sweat candulan kid lambene kid take it
to school kid leaving school swimming home, Merry, lots of clotheslined
to the point of dzuh ur Nabi has completed the requirements   work established go down qoilulah koe rest fugitive
eh husband came home from Kuala Lumpur office Hi Dek Hai Timur read hehehe I hope one
returns to the rice fields Now the Kuala Lumpur tour has not been opened how can Lawang the name Man Ebeg the father is irritated
Lombong is open Plawang father needs another mother turona collects new Midday says panembong even though it's goleka dhuwit
Isine the mulu chapter like crazy Kebo Hi this is talking As cake becomes an E model for Arane Wong Wadon
Kawit It's awkward later Sukmaningsih makes the truck right Hi then son her roles
dadi Wong everyone steps to be shallow Hi at home he typed all Urip ambek
Kang arane wong wadon piang wife maka yang we hope that there are no children left
by the parents but for example a child left by Unang bapane komane si
Urip is not yet home, better team Mrs.

Vallen opo a housewife has a stroke
can be a mother figure plus a father figure for his children arane wong wadon is extraordinarily strong
custom me Tune in to the name single parent Yes God is extraordinary independent of the children's cabinet
Left by Shadow by Ummah's mother like a ship Broke to pieces at fatinsl plus-plus boy direction Very disorganized
boy Papa is all plants Hi the machine turns to the house because of the male
working to find graded money. ui friend of the country Mbojo maning, who is gerbo, jealous of Neman's stepmother
Nanggroe remon Hi, are you still an orphan of Nelangsa Orphaned boy mopping like Indosiar movie, mother
Step only loves my father Hi Tayo Hi Thola'al Badru, another thing has been ruined
Yes, there is a Bakhsh face container that neglects to pray we accept Badru Alaina Min saniyatil waza-waza bazooka road like our eyes ailili we autolight badroune [Music] nesyri face try I hope other prayers Ah Batam Yen sky heart Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hi the husband is eager to answer Uluk greetings e Kulo
Kulo dong agent markethoki Ndalem for wabil especially at the end of alkirom panjeneng anipun
al-ustadz similarity in sakau level respect Indonesia that you lotsa please Barokah
even if it's a costume or a costume Ipun al-ustadz [ __ ] ismuni pocket level
respect noneng tansah fish kroto Ati wabilah The ripe OST even pops OK Ahmad
in Uki the diaper has the heart of tamirin fish [Music ] in abalisa B6 Ali's diaper [ __ ] Thamrin
so ripe papoke Ahmadi ingkang tansah chromatin reviewing Adong's clothes fish Barokah of knowledge
nipun wabilah Prince iPhone Popo's cooked costume ah Kiasmawi car ah Popo fatihin's cooked costume Ingkang
tansah chromatin injih ingkang kroto Activator Soho dawuhipun wabilah cooked costume
too long Faturrohman's boboke is so ripe Bakhmat masykuri remembers the taste of leaving Indonesia to die
ingkang kawulo tapdong Barokah doanipun d'matto sedoyo poromo kyai paropo kyai wonten ing tlatah
Island RW 01 whitening, Ciasem village community Get a closeup of the bottled fish even on this Mekar
saestu mboten roughly Ustad kawulo team and If the coffers your platinum coffers allow when
honour the mature Communication Forum leadership shari'a color sub-district represent if
Respect is cut off by the carriers Projo treatment of courtiers Ning
Projo apparatus of the Ciasem village government apparatus Hotspur car mature pop Wahyudi Soho chairman
PKK movement team of Ciasem village and Mr.

Village secretary, Mr. cardboard Mr chairman of the GNB Mr.
to CBD Mr. you Mr. you Mr. RW Mr.
big family of imams and takmir Al Mubarokah prayer room Popo Sugiri Popo wes Rocky
Playstore, the big family of hikmatunnisa is so big Jamia mosola al-mubarokah, are you Kimo Kimo sedoyo
the big family of the committee and Al Mubarok prayer room already but still the faith will be determined Islamic
plus ihsani Amin Allahumma if kospara Alchemy of donors at the level of the switch is off Nuning
cassava if you are proud bro Samyang maulid simtudduror Special mature car for big families and Shiites
Syria but scholars from siasem Rumata branch Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama
big family of youth movement ansor rent car plans Banser ingkang tansah out of death Ugi
mboten Subway only students, female students Single Mbah Kakung Mbah Putri
who is a virgin Dang, hurry up for her husband Which suits the lowest Chengdu torabi quickly
until Luli replaces the older one, hopefully [Laughs] hurry up for sustenance and Enggal
olunga Haj Amin Allahumma Hi invited guests Heart Plaza for Hajah's paralone liver eggs
khodirin hydrothermal slimin walmuslimat Rohima gemoh shollualanabimuhammad Kanjeng napping
Andhika British agent Ana Mayang fuuka wasta Take it Wa tactic was waiting Ken is excited
Gayo goods go away the benefits of wasta'in Choose grandma There's a problem jaluk pitulungane with God's grace
and most importantly order jinati even though it's tactical Acha lazy even though it's tactical It's just no
matter how tactical It's awkward No matter how random the tactics are today extraordinary usually the committee because of the RW 01 family is enthusiastic
Masha Allah first clap for the committee it's amazing that all the debts are paid off
in the middle of Mine Panther batik debt Keh Hopefully the sustenance sings Barokah Hey family the
big Al Mubarokah prayer room invites the community Derek donates orphans so that we
dadi wong sing benefits Mrs.

Ana arane bananas how to call me, Cilacap karane
Gedang Hai way of the people What island is Sami on Gedang, most of the girls will press the door,
I'll ask Cilacap wong way, I'm arane Gedang setundun Hi, Central Java is really happy
Madan Madani Gedang effects and sing the most two girls arane Gedang rainfed The
way to come here Khan foreign powder nopo Mbah dada Uda, my sister, I'm a German, thank you, Mb ak sartinah said mbak sartinah it turns out that it's still JKT48 Sonya doesn't
understand issues according to the island community by village on the toll road payune lar is not compact Neng ngisor
ripple bird spirit can recite like a picnic I'm already Gedang sing
, I'm tired of falling, Ana's girl, the forest is glistening, the andesite forest, the child is so hot, it's
hot at the start of Gedang's chest, Uda nil, ajine, twofold, didol Payune, Diwek na Tanggane Atin,
essence in the food, Dhewe Kwaceng, ngewar's chest, already cool, ready, struggling, struggling
waiting kerso pause Wajada dragon level like Uda's chest negotiating Mr.

can Dadi Gedang dada already because I have a friend at school Having a leadership spirit can lead a family
starting to convince the people from the village of Ciasem Hey, being the head of
Mawar village Wis Dadi the head of the village is still fighting for the best for the
people it's okay already Hi a Kyai don't just want to be a Kyai
community leaders religious leaders have to sit down Long Pesantren Nang Islamic Boarding School Mechanic makes a contract Nang
Riau Islamic boarding school can until fasting manganese fasting also fasting literacy of dollars the power of lightning + fasting
People are dating, Angger Nang, Pondok isine dating, with young scientists it's impossible to enter first,
even more negatively what's the way here, carpenter Wrap the simayit with the jenang flower in the changing house So
more or less Aji Kuning wraps the corpse Buried eggs hi greetings big man of knowledge It's a
hassle to remember so I want to be more mature I have to fight I have to be anxious I want daddy to be successful I
have to fight I want Jatiwaringin To bend a wave Worship then d etiquette Gedang dada utak Gedang sing
sane is at Gedang betiti watisa Gedang betiti Hi Gedang betiti saget slender effects
because ngisor dewe know how Why Gedang betiti ba-bc wuu turns out it's enough Island niku ex got infected
China a drop huh vc Oh Cilacap's way betiti cara Island Gedang pecici Gedang sings Nina's effects
teasing your girls in the jungle or not eating Hana it's hot or it's hot from the start Gedang betiti
little bye aka Thai brand PIN Kuntet tense Hey don't the forest raglan is hot Gedang
little casket okay Good luck didol no less compact compact Gedang
pecici because the effects of leaving a strange girl in the forest ra cold snack because it's hot or not so
hot or cold degrees East or didol ora Diwek na Tanggane thinks it's Angit C
even though the one who sings is Mr.

Lurah Wahyudi ringing Gedang's pecici sing the
mermaids will make it yooo tho luray resonates Gedang pecici do n't think I'm the people of Surabaya 1 fire warehouse
kabakh typing racing Mea wema Langit C because of Gedang pji citolo ra's
website, they think he's going to the gym, Mr. nodus dewe Dusra likes Gedang, female B is so
hungry, waiting for borax in the fight to Sanggau trying to protect her, I'm so worried,
OK? no it's hard to struggle with acid cats I want dadi wong
success the way students are told by jununu fununu magnae and go to nude colors Hi I want dadi
wong Sugih can't wait to do it jununu fununu crazy Hey I want to be a successful person don't get
discouraged jununu fununu he and want to be wa Alim doesn't even bother worship Nunu fununu crazy personal
people are smart people don't bother going to school Jununu fununu want to be a successful person in the hereafter e Ora
sununu praying sununu fununu head of the house Stairs hitchhiking on promos expecting to be torn aha
ha Hi [Applause] lompong plompong to omelet sucks sheets of bad apples like
pot dirty reason jununu fununu [Laughs] I want Urip Mulyo, I have to be nervous
Makaryo Urip panc en Angel kudune No need to grumble about the song Koes Plus Rich
Rini Gus song blouse but if you change the lyrics Easy lyrics So podo Nelongso jame during rekoso
era Urip pancen Angel kudune Ra no need to grumble Ati the peace flea welcomes doing when the
caterpillar of Oto Peteng nek dikongkon Yo sing [Music] friends, tho tho want contact
Urip Mulyo ra gelem March is empty yellow-yellow, it makes my heart happy
First clap for the kids Our students at the hotel with Sonic Imas when sawer
First let's be more enthusiastic ok it's everyone's turn to saweran or it's too much to hitch a ride on bread pats deposit anything Thanks for worship
Mas OK, maybe the Talung santri doctor is gone The must be Talung Talung Islamic Boarding School to madrasah the
results of maksidana gonorrhoea science beniso the benefits of blessing the knowledge aamiin Allahumma aa miin Allahumma
continue to Hi, until what time [Applause] Hey pinten clock, dawn, God's love,
snake, I hope that at half ten the mushrooms appear at dawn, Allah Karim, the busiest time, cut the clock
half of the time, I'm afraid to invite anyone to sign, I hope the event doesn't get in the
way allaahumma wingi early August cut RW 03 Ciasem
Hi, they are brave, pong, because Tanasin is showing where are you even the mother can't help
but stare Boneng Azis's hand is like that of her son
Derek January w33 is also at Aston next door at Aston sleeping right next to Munich, luckily I understand the language
of the doctor's sign dongo Tanggane RW 03 group Aji tank RW 01
Cigolong building and Hadith hospitality Al-hamdu catfish is real Ciasem
desane Prosperous people can grow crops, yes they can grow crops of palawija
nandur Vegetables Nature Cotton wool can be made mattresses Green beans can be made with white honey porridge
yes, it can be made in lime until Pune is pretty nggo powder nggo serving porridge foreign menus
at the grave of the band is at the grave of the people the afterlife can prosper Amin Allahumma so the congregation
Al Mubarokah prayer room randomizes the reciting community so that Nike enjoys Ciasem Pulodarat village Ken
shocked atlanto bat ora pareng siasem kanggo times immoral because nopo Niki we are independent
we can move forward just shoot me little During a famine Gili on a mission on the jabrik
Angger sounds Peteng Dedet street encouragement Electric lights in my own little tricks
entertainment but praying crickets Rocky Cik Anake roles in the inner heart of the wedange clinic Lipa got
Click the camera while the Go Angger item squealed his clothes gunny sack without seeds
awake itchy with scabies exhaust Well even at the same time free to
do anything tuku's son anything important child money sing nggo tuku mulane at the time of saniki gave niku's example it's
easy but Dadi's example is a headache hard to bring One The Bourne Assalamualaikum on the right Salamualaikum Yes, arrived back still conscious Thank God for the snack
nopo mboten keduman profession accent X to 3531023 God bless pancen Ciasem village First
applause for conditioning Island is really good, rarely
sings Brebes, I'll sing Kisame akeh, the hair turns out to be Alhamdulillah, all of my
bottoms are taken by default, hai hahaha Aweh example it's easy but shigure's example is
confusing and hard because the smart people must be right it's true people really must be smart but
drowning us at Esti's a bit better ora Patia is smart in crying so wong is right instead of
dadi wong is smart but can't go home again the band repeats until Nora is confused going around Ma'am Ma'am
smart bird people have to be real people really come down Must be smart but our damang tank now Esti is a
bit better ora Patia is smart naring dadi wong Hi instead of being smart but
confused I'm sorry wasariu wassariqotu facts aidya Huma is a thief Lanang is a wadon thief Must have
both hands cut Sorry legino Sewu dolls help but rob robbery
to the point of taking other people's rights is good at what point maning arane help is still
sinful act sinful act sin But Grandma Ana Wong is stupid How come you
're really stupid at helping at least help little Hi Sakpole, the stupidest person who helps the most helping chickens
Citizens' authority beaten by police report lebokno Prison sentenced to nikopol ane bodho help but smart people's
children How come they are confused Clever understands the law Smart people understand what religion
Minutes of intellectual officials Smart network later, confused vacant smart help smart people How
come changing help looks boten but it's broken awake dewe grandpa But smart people will help you to see
those that are destroying the country and even destroying the nation Indonesia [Applause] so we are grateful
dadi wong pulok jengengan is waiting for the house to arrive do n't burn the bricks sing dadi the leather farmer trader
building the hairdresser dinandra roasting onions Hey that's not a job n Mista labeled Isabella
Malaysia megy Mrs.

Niku is a building leather seller. It's like a garbage truck is not a job.
Instead of being called Nasty, they are rats.
standing on one's own feet in the heat of the forest Mega is free because half
worked hard dead God willing, sustenance ninjin clean sustenance Halal-thoyyib prospering the family and the village It's
Ciasem today, this recitation is nopo mboten shodaqoh sick of the people of Nike island on behalf of the
Pistil Island Residents' Guyub money background With twin eyes like Kuwe's gone tight and tight
thread Hi what orange I'm lying idle formula Indonesia instead of Nata
Bunga Kiki Modelano during Gawenan's time What in Karang Agung is the science of King of wine
Money Ma'am redsit stage background Edwin sound system at money sneqiee
screen tancep B is qualified [Laughs] because it turns out to be an hour aah musholla Al
Mubaro does the dream of negotiating want to be Gedang dada was magnificent earlier Gedang
Bety grandma wis seconds Gedang dada already ok you
Gedang dada is already getting loud What is a Gedang klutuk Hi gedangklutuk is a My
lion's door, Ajun's permission ow gedangklutuk Isa Gedang sing akeh isine you know gedangklutuk Isa You know Gedang Singa
kelenteng Yes, it's Mr.

Dul hai gedangklutuk Hi even though it's sing dada Uda
but because of gedangklutuk I need permission even though the chest is still
Drajate asor Why is the battery of the pagoda X pushed by Diwek and the ladder is thought to be
fed by a girl but it's dying can gedang klutuk niku grandma
cook the food when bothering Nyam Nyam Nyam Subhana Nyam
Nyam Nyam Nyam Nyam Nyam Nyam Gedang non-produced, please eat it. Cut it into pieces.

because of the gedang klutuk akeh the kwite temple gedangklutuk goleta said
but Wit Gedang klutuk go oglete said arek go perceives wayang fulfilling wayang wayang wayang wayang wayang's
skin udu boy please keep it steady makjleb blup blup ugly giving all night
cuddles bird takanang hereafter will Dunya will be battered later Bedog by gedangklutuk really googlete
say hi but you're right, you don't have strength say arep gopanda Kenny wong gawe dodol hahaha
Relaxing Nikon ekthara Cilacap dodol Iku jeng Mrs.

Jenang lunkhead, don't you Watch One
Big nemen arane is the way of the gen kulo the way here Sami quick makes me buy nemen go KW dodol jenang
short equinus Aang Bedugul gedangklutuk guys [Music] Hey, fate gedangklutuk, the pressure will drop
agathis Gesang stump waiting to be burnt because of gedangklutuk akeh the pagoda on karo
aged Wis Dadi Gedang dada is already a teenager pagoda or Atine pagoda is matured
envious jealousy showing off samples of independence m snapped all Kiku mayo so stingy with title
deputy princess took wood pills hippopotamus talking like a father is thought to be nuradi pik ir big make it
cold I'm formulated concocting Lane fee forbidding [Applause] I have to think about it cold ora maybe just saying
this is talking the crew think Mrs. pagoda Yes Deni is full of
envy Envy jealous showing off arrogant kuminter Moviku moyogung kementus a bit stingy on details
hunks jlantir sills To Upil hippopotamus ladders netooku Tanah deweke Atine gibbon Tanggane
wakes up Drake confused and at a loss to handle it Thai motorbike taxis are finished on that date
Mas deweke Atine's shop fridge nemen apple hehehe Ricky goes home for the audience to
use it up oniko it's hot getting excited Siti gets hot crooked anne-marie with your ladder you mock it up if you want,
let's say Lupik is next door and Langsa splits off to recite the Slank bracelet.

How come all of this is in a long time to finish off Gilbert
Digelangi Yuya Dumai hands Dela Dela's bracelet, there are so many Dit accommodations,
it's surprising that Sugih Anyaran believes there is zero keyboard model zero I'm still
Nugroho Eko busy or not the influence of the whole number is original [Laughs] Hi Iku arane arane pagoda arane pagodas
Week habits are nice at first tanggon East karo Nawawi greets
wonge manjing fishing mosque changing prayer room jero mosque chatting secular rounds
then for 40 there hasn't been a storm on the look Ouch Danger orange is the danger of talking
Baba will have arane wong wadon mukena roar from porcelain You're Yowes by Rinanda [Laughs]
You probably have a habit of KY [Music] Hi, the former version is better Miss Ana Maning Wes show off
Dunya's story Ouch, ngapurane, Mrs. Sartinah I want Gone while praying with me, I'm dead Carry
I'm dead Carry is going to the Pan market, right? I'm cold, oh God, mop ceramic ceramics
Granite and marble are ceramics, it's forbidden Cambodia Come home Er. At home, Ti ngaran We're waking up at the same
time Oh God you can't fix this 500000000 This is it you have to beat it to the point that it's broken to the point that Hello
Say, don't worry, don't worry anymore, pay for Chinese Esa One fresh, ok wedd Dude wants to pay too much The
builders forbid the meeting or fishing for worms Mixing May colors is really forbidden
Sartinah tonight I was just waking up the Epic building has not been completed Omah expect wis nawani
land money traced the tiles Jaluk telung million 500 twiztid atunya showing off titoni in the mosque medium
Negotiate Negotiate the Az book because of Wonge's tour talk about secular chapters in the mosque then
for 40 storms haven't been handsome and graceful Na'udzubillahi Min but the description is Middle
Glue Nawawi Nichkhun 40 Ning place twenty days Forty months or forty years negotiable
Description 40 Don't because heal the part Ten years of worship at Tampak Siring
Patangpuluh Tina this storm, our Korea is shown by God, we are confused, we are gone, Dadi is still young, so that's
why what if the mosque violates the ground mosalaki Java especially follows us in ancient times
Between t-race Nicky the porch is the same inside the mosque niku usually even more servant or
with the room inside Why is nikila ploy From our elders we play so that when we
just pray we chat and join outside Forest mosque especially the mosque directly asking questions When
talking to Eteng the mosque, he is immediately worried Saying not polite or telling worldly stories
So supados to chat, I owe Jaijni the mosque is an example of deliberation today's recitation
For exterminators of spirits follow apparently watching Oo Oh sawer yeah sawer sawer sawer nego language
alus instead of utap next tenggen kulo ngapunten deh bang Cilacap nego especially in Banyumas area
take Wayah bengi Merauke one whatever it is mboten do n't say asmane drops called mawon utawi recipe
sawer Niku let our elders let them go Why the first one can be a jealous angel sucking up
creatures of God Ingkang saged derek nyatet My charity is for you to have Nike is kenopo
wong biyen is cerny Oh my God, it's normal gone Marina wes understands Karo is just a putune child
sometimes it's concrete.

Explained Ageng finally sometimes the child break up I don't understand the thief's example, yeah Dieng The
dukun baby niku has to be happy Tirakat happy Praying and really have to be happy Rialto changes The
dukun baby why do people pray the dukun baby newspaper is happy Tirakat bongani Tambar When will you join please I'll add it
I'm a powerful person who hasn't let me take steps Sophisticated tools ma'am but Bian, even though the tools are rare
Advanced is the rare item for caesarean section Hi, normal, all keyboards and wasilah tricks because
the dukun is happy to say mulane dongane Neque's words are powerful, don't break the dukun,
Kong ancora prays donane's prayers but doesn't work even though Shinta Roni's rescent of people's babaran life then
wong biyen the shaman Baygon said O Allah to mother Called babaran why did he hear the king Angel O Allah
Tulung paringi went smoothly Oh Allah Alphard Kindergarten Hi said Luffy alphateca
Hirohman Nirohim's snack mint alhamdulillahirobbilalamin arrohmanirrohim Meme
Just kidding, even though this is arrohmanirrohim mint combine is so happy dona
Alfa TK Bobor Bro Bro B ro By metu was born Slamet Mamania healthy sane
Slamet because of nopo wasilah a dukun baby when having fun tirakat happy riyadhoh
pramilo kulo panjenengan sedoyo Sane kiddos think together biyen iku chatter
dhanbad The hill chosen by Sikunir they are concave bateng Wah Sami means uniquely Wong bieng tingti
Choose Sikunir patoke classic, crunchy odalan bayune games, boten said people make sense lethargic Sikunir chose dark stone
Dizzy and crisp the way boyne porno but Nike is the description of the heroes
We are Monday big fighting for the nation Indonesia is only armed with sharp bamboo
sticks How can you defeat cannons from the Netherlands Hi, it doesn't make sense, bird bruises Ting
able to beat Japanese bamboo tanks Sharp beat Dutch rifles sold
Win niku the explanation from casing time Chosen by Sikunir sing crisp This baby way Masya
Allah wong biyen Let's rifle or Wedi maring tank Japan is a coffin ye Jawani kwasi pedestal
kit a let's Ngalas meet a small tiger Donga sumumbuk monsakti joins X tigers
Malay screams at the simpedic tiger pool Hi right opo wong biyen I like tirakat
That pomben is happy Rialto so it turns out that our hero only armed with sharpened bamboo was
able to defeat cannons from the Netherlands because they didn't just use them whose name is 17 august ngangge
Hi bamboo spears beat Dutch cannons but it turns out that our heroes use weapons that are
very, very effective called 17 rokaat five prayers at dawn Ashar Maghrib niku the name
powerful weapon Tanggeung jaluk pitulungan karo God, because of pitulas
rokaat the warriors started we were able by seventeen August fourteenth 5000 haughty isn't it
coincidence that nikkor rohmati Gusti Kwangmin is happy Tirakat maring rifle or Wedi maring tiger or ora
Wedi Marine orange grenades in Marine tanks Japanese combat yes ora Wedi but jejenngan
Merdeka list maring chippings at Wedi 2PM father sucks right away Nyai's knees
are qualified are made of uric acid aka the Sheep lemongrass sword maring chipped at Wedi even though
Indonesia Niki sampun Makmur al-hamdu for grandfather We are guarded as well as possible Oh my God leqemao
What's the story again, Ma'am, because of trying We turned into a story what kind of gadgets oh yeah The
internal clubhouses tricked him mutants due to being too loud again the story of the book chapter Az karo
Nawawi It turns out that we are in the congregation of the prayer room congregation of the mosque We are the community of the mosque community of the cone mosque
understand fishing at the Anakardat mosque B6 Jero the prayer room Ana's rules are not arbitrary, do
n't let them chat- talk about the world of fishing, the mosque intends to pray in congregation, chat at the Terrace,
kurosaki-kun meniko tenggau socmed explained Whoever fishes the mosque, the mosque must be
in a state of ablution because he is doing the sunnah prayer, tahiyatul mosque, but why, for example, the
marhabanan ritual, people outlaw me
prime n 10 fishing for the mosque even though with peanuts without ablution because of the intention ahead
reciting the routine of eating gone tahiyatul mosque prayers can be replaced by reading bahriyatul
shalihah four times What is bacteria or shalihah subhanallah walhamdulillah wala ilaha
illallah wallahu akbar wala haula wala quwwata Indonesian [Music] Hey, that's what it's called
bahriyatul Shalihah Dados Ma'am madam the mosque is net Ibnu Umar's intention was to routinely Nia teppan marhabanan then
why does the dereng ablution not pray the Sunnah tahiyatul the mosque is okay but can be replaced by the motoba creates
shalihah how many times four times just one less three Sareng subhanallah walhamdulillah wala ilaha
illallah wallahu akbar wala haula wala quwwata ilabilahilaliyiladzim [Music] twice Malih
subhanallah walhamdulillah walailahaillallah hai mohram then acra wala haula wala quwwata ilabilahilaliyiladzim move over Malih subhanallah walhamdulillah walailahaillallah wallahuakbar beautiful kholqi [Music]
azzakiyatussholihah books tab humane Yo Wis Kadung is being sawed out, calm,
sincere Sincerely sincerely Konawe is indeed commanding Welcome to gawe anu wis kawit wants you Bung Enteni
qualified to change we10 prayers to fall in sauna Boys ex-anu hot hands etnoya
Itachi's theory finally we tomb of reinforcements yo wes ono Ono ono Ono job Emang kemawon
Shollu Ala Prophet Muhammad SAW Dodi Makacula I can't wait to join the mosque arranet the congregation of the musholla
kudu understand the mosque must understand fishing the Christmas mosque By Ratih metu Saka the mosque still has traces The
rest Ana who is mature, dirty chatting after a while It's disgusting to leak bread, qualified dadi wong Islam
suddenly fanatical I don't want to be with this when I'm not scared when I'm not in Medan
but it turns out that Niki reminds each other means Grandmother usually prays at the musholla mosque then the coconut is
sedoyo Insyaallah the morals are in order because the mushola mosque is the best place to
shape human character when thugs are thugs thugs are awake botato the food gambare tekek
tattoos se on the left side of the chest lizard picture of a cow Cut out a picture of a tattoo picture of a crocodile
ngisor Weteng picture of a snake that doesn't like to shop at the counters Kenjeran guy what are you thinking about
various kinds of thugs thugs thugs awake Kebak tattoos accompanied by Hidayat's repentance it's
so weird guys romancing the mosque must the clothes adjust at least wear pants
long hem wear a prayer room shirt breaking a mosque near the best place to
shape someone's character for an example today this is the youth tonight Ana sing Youth the
committee has hair Abang remembers planthopper Hi but Take it easy because he
used to attack Al's prayer room Mubaro is it even though his body looks
thug but his heart Hello Kitty, because the usual pops, breaking the usual,
manggonong mosques according to the place is best for shaping a person's character, then
anyone who enters the mosque enters the Melu prayer room The rule of taking off the sandals takes off the love shoes at the
fishing farmer Ari the prayer room speeding the shoes the one who is the fishing basket for the prayer room n yopot srandal
kulcim domestic violence fishing ring mushola takes off shoes t3d RW fishing mushola that takes off shoes
wae sing dadi Lurah fishing mushola sucks Lur Lur's beautiful shoes in sub-district Ki Mushola who
takes off shoes Mad sing dadi Regent of fishing the ring of prayer room takes off sing dadi type shoes
Governor of fishing prayer room sucks Nur's shoes Hi sing dadi the fishing president the
prayer room is closed Hurry up Hi friend the dense community of the mosque community violating is
a democratic society because the Kidul is so sick Wetan is sick because of the lorem of the mosque's dog the
mosque and its intention to pray in congregation the intention to pray in congregation ignore the Maghrib prayer, Qibla, Qibla nego Madrid, it's
starting to get stuck looking forward to sleeping right now Wetan Congregational prayers at the mosque are jammed so much
Kidul Maring the mosque has congregational prayers jammed so many people are pressing the ring of the Al
Mubarokah prayer room with the intention of praying so it keeps getting stuck so Kulon is tense dancing the mosque's prayer room starts praying even though it's
still the name of a substance Kulon solid ngalon the loan Hi, then all of us, let's prosper the breach of Ayub
Prospering the mosque every time we can go it so Makmum Rizuki Maxim is far from Ora Duwe Bojo who is
smart please replace Magnum Sewu who writes foreign input is tight Ms.

Taya is picky so The
date for prayer at the prayer room for yoga congregation in our family can be mammum but not every one of us is allowed to
be the imam and the rules, the imam of the mosque, the imam of the prayer, the congregational prayer is also chosen on behalf of the base,
the knowledge gang uses this rule, what is meant by the community, the mosque in a democratic society, hey it sucks, the
priest for the congregational prayer is chosen by a child, the rule is that it's not legal for a mother who is fluent to conceive
a priest who is cedal can legally pray because is there anyone who is more fluent because the priest the
first congregational prayer was chosen because of his fluency Very clear knowledge of
where to teach where to teach where Rikut was chosen because of his knowledge niku maca kurane is fluent in horse tartile chosen
from the second physique of the pious amilun said science has charity d ieloni has knowledge he is too lazy to have knowledge he
has been in boarding school for a long time But after he has knowledge he is just left
alone his knowledge is only taken away he will be searched won't Hi hey hey Hi Diva tomorrow right bro Hi normal
Prophet what are you doing apart from being left alone Hi there are brothers I hope there are younger siblings Put Miquela's knowledge of diglett but don't know the
benefit of the name is redundant having knowledge of geometry Mong the name Ma borot has knowledge it can benefit
if it is practiced with charity and balanced with Hidayah then the priest prays congregational prayers do
n't carelessly have to choose the second breath because of the third dog because the
priest is old I pray it's so heady, it's really a number, it's a lemon, Tarawih prayer to nomen,
leading the garden, transferring teeth, 9 are busy, alhamdulillahirobbilalamin Webtoon line, amitri,
dududududududu, spare parts chapter, greetings right away, the old kwe looks like an ant thing with a little bit of relief, how sweet is lemu lemu money who appealed to Kledung gelendung belendung
legender the legend of your house, my elders, lemu- lemu Imami How come you drink with only your index finger
tahiyat under Imam Levi, greetings confess b6b Greetings, Adobe next to me, stay away for the
whole time the story of the tide is really cold.

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