OZZY OSBOURNE performs Crazy Train & Patient Number 9 w/ ZAKK WYLDE | NFL Halftime 2022 live


Ozzy Osbourne is back on stage once again as 
the Prince of Darkness performed at halftime   of the first game of the NFL season, featuring 
the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams.   And even though that performance of course was 
announced there were still some surprises in it. Ozzy Osbourne kicked off with the 
live version of the title track   from his new studio album Patient 
Number 9, which is released today, followed by the Osbourne classic Crazy Train, 
for which the legendary guitar Zakk Wylde who   was a part of the Ozzy Osbourne band for a long 
time joined the 73 year old musician on stage. This performance of course happened only 
several days after Ozzy Osbourne announced   that he's working hard to go back on stage 
and perform a full-length concert, and said   that he's confident that he has enough strength 
for it, thus hinting that he might actually go   on his No More Tours for which I personally 
have tickets for like three years already.

The other musicians on stage were of 
course Chris Chaney on bass and Tommy   Clufetos on drums who is no stranger to any Black 
Sabbath fan, joined by Andrew Watt on guitar,   who also happens to be the producer of patient 
number nine Ozzy Osbourne's 13th studio album,   a review for which of course will be on 
our main channel in just a couple of hours. wow.

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