“Oh Taste & See” Radio Show – 8/19/21

The Belton. Why did your wife wait 2 days before your birthday to ask me to Skype message to my brother's birthday At first, I told Donna then I looked on Facebook and I saw Sherry there. there. I saw lot of other people there and I'm like, wait a minute, this is planning. I mean, I saw your cousins there that was in prison. They still had on their prison outfit. The guards are there with guns waiting to take them back. I saw a statue of Kenny Bailey. He was there. She had to contact the artist. I heard the voice of Bishop Bowers. I guess she contacted the uh uh maybe the witch of it looked like I saw bishops. He was like, oh yes. Oh Then he said, why am I here? Why am I here? He was fading in and out.

She did all that for you but me, I get a 2 day notice. Anyway, man, I love you. I would have been there. You mean the world to me. Hey, listen. There's nobody like you, Leon. Uh I know the word uh uh who is used only for god because primarily, there's this unique set apart. Can I use that word for you with a little H because you are so unique. There's nobody like you. Happy birthday. I love you and I'm mad at your wife. Classic Titus Chapman. Classic. My cousins were, they're still in their prison uniform and the guards He could have been a comedian. and we've all, we would've all been he could have been a comedian.

This is the same man that did stand-up comedy at his grandmother's funeral. Remember, There's nobody like Titus. Nobody in the whole world. I tell you what, when I saw that, I screamed. Yeah. II. didn't get to see it until later. You up all night cracking up. Praise the lord everyone and oh taste and see and you've got you've just had a taste of pastor Titus Chapman.

Amen. Who grew up around here. He's now living of course in Kentucky with his wife and family where he is a pastor, a music pastor at the church down there and uh phenomenal young man and you can see he has a sense of humor that is one of of a kind uh uh Titus uh had no fear about doing or saying anything even as a child growing up that he has been his MO and it continues to this day. So, everyone, 0, taste and see us on the air.

Praise the lord and good morning Pastor Rudy. How are you? How are you? I'm fine, sir. How are you today? Uh I'm I'm Also, I'm here uh waiting for my other screens to come up and they haven't. So, I'm going to do just a little maneuvering here Maybe I can get them. Um the scammers uh uh hijacked my computer. yesterday and um and because of that, uh okay. I think my picture will come back in a moment and and because of that, all kind of there we are and now I'm on the big screen and I'll move the camera back.

Uh I've been having some issues Uh I tell you the cyber world is is is just really it can be very aggravating. Uh uh it can be very aggravating. um but uh That's what we have to contend with when we're doing this. So, now, I need to see if I need to go back I guess and do the cameras. Hold on. Amen. Well, pastor Rudy, uh how are things in your world today? The lord is still helping us here. We are moving slow but nevertheless, we are moving. You know, we still have to make it by the help and by the grace of god and he is showing himself strong in the lives of pastor Rudy.

He is doing great things Amen. Alright, Uh there we are. Praise the lord. Uh I am learning so much right now until I don't know what to say except thank you Lord. Help me Jesus. Thank you lord. Help me Jesus. Thank you lord. Help me Jesus. So, um uh again today, today, everyone from 2 PM to 6 PM, um COVID shots are available. um down at twelve oh eight West Garth Road. All three shots are available. The Madonna the Pfizer, and the Johnson and Johnson and uh they're all free of course and no appointment is necessary and uh pastor Bryce has said and I didn't send him the link.

Um my goodness. uh pastors, do you have his Email address? Is there any way you can send them the link? Uh because he would have been on here this morning. Uh I do not. Um someone put it in the chat. I would, I'll send it to him. Alright. Um I'm going to see if I can uh uh this I'm supposed to be able to do that. Um but uh evidently, I'm not going to be able to do that uh to send it to him. And um do I even know how to put it in the chat? I'm not sure. Um I have all these screens here but they are not operating sufficiently but anyway, today, no appointment necessary.

This is sponsored of course by Hamilton County Department Health Department and um Greater Emmanuel along with Reverend Rice and the Lexington Heights Community Civic Group. Um so, today, uh again, you're going to go to twelve oh eight West Road. That's the um greater day. Adult daycare center building. next to the east. I'm sorry, West of the Sunoco gas station that um at the corner of Daly and West Calgary. Okay. Alright. Thank you so much and then also this weekend, a great weekend at Greater Emmanuel. The marvelous Mother's the marvelous mothers. uh uh Moroccan militia of the great Emmanuel Apostolic Temple will be having their summer barbecue. Amen. That's August 21st Saturday from 11 AM to 3:30 PM and uh you can come.

you can get chicken dinners, barbecue dinners, ribs, uh uh whole slabs of ribs, chicken cobblers, cakes, and sides like baked beans, uh macaroni and cheese, green beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. Amen. these great women of god. They're incredible and all that they do this Saturday in conjunction with that, our young people department, the back to school community day which is Saturday also from 11 AM to 2 PM and they'll be giving out backpacks and and notebooks and things of that nature while supplies last. uh uh youth and young adult uh department are doing that going right into the back to school encounter on September and um that's Friday and Sunday, September 3rd, September.

5th featuring our producer, pastor Tubbs, who's our media pastor at Greater Emmanuel and Minister Louis Pollard from Columbus, Ohio By the way of um uh Oberlin, Ohio. So, you will enjoy these two dynamic, powerful, anointed and uh very very informed young men. They will bless you. They will bless your young people. This is open to all young people. I know some schools will start. We're Special shout out to my daughter, Lavon assistant principal Lavon Daniel Neal. Her first day official day at Taft High School and we prayed with her this morning and we said, look out for your grandmother walking around the halls down there. Hallelujah. Amen. Amen. So, we're so excited. She's excited and we're so grateful to the lord blessing her. Praise the lord. Praise the lord. Praise the lord and that's probably pastor Bryce calling me now wanting to know. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to jump off and just get him on the Pastor Rudy, carry on. You do it so well. Oh give thanks unto the lord for he is good and his mercies endureth forever.

This is pastor Rudy here. We just wish you uh uh we have a lot to pray about today and um before uh hopefully if we have enough time before pastor Bryce gets on with his announcement. Uh we'll be able to mention all of those that are requesting prayer. We have a very extensive prayer list. We remember all of the saints that are traveling.

Uh pastor Gibbons who is in Alabama uh this weekend, there are number of saints out of town. Uh just returning uh as uh elder Michael Thomas just got back in town uh earlier this week from uh Atlanta and um there are a number of uh friends uh that are on the list. Please remember my cousin Kermit. remember my brother Tyrone uh Russel, pastor Russell who is also uh on the on the sickness. Remember brother Mazon, the Cr your family and all of those that have suffered loss. Uh please uh in a special way. If the lord places on your heart, please remember to uh ask the lord to continue to judge him for the healing of his body.

We know that there is nothing too hard for god. So, with those things in mind, let's let's go before the lord Father, we just thank you and praise you for your grace. Thank you for your mercy, for your love and kindness. Thank you for the many bountiful and wonderful blessings lord that you have bestowed upon us. You've been better to us than we could have ever been to ourselves lord And for those We are eternally thankful and grateful for the things that you have done for the children of men. Lord, we thank thank you most of all for your death, burial, and resurrection for the baptism in your name. Thank you for being covered up under the blood of Jesus and for the Holy Ghost that leads us and guides us in all righteousness and in all truth.

Thank you lord for your safety for allowing us lord to have a place of refuge and that refuge lies in you. Thank you dear god for your protection for keeping us I'm all hurting from all harm and from all danger from dangerous, seen and unseen god. death probably was knocking on our door on a number of occasions but you've you've held them back. God. He said not yet. This is my child. Lord. we're just thanking you and praising you lord for just allowing us lord to be counted amongst those in the household of faith. Lord, we love you today. We do those things. Hopefully Lord that'll continue to be right and pleasing in your say strengthen us in our times of weakness. Build us up where we're torn down and utilize our strengths lord for your glory and for the purpose of kingdom building. Now, dear father in heaven, we ask that you look upon the affairs of mankind. Lord COVID-19 is still running rapid god but you're still large and in charge of the affairs of men. God show yourself strong.

Show yourself mighty god. Exercise your power god in cases like this in the name of Jesus. Lord, we know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we stand firmly on your word because your word is already declared Lord that we are victorious people that we are more than conquerors. Satan, the lord god rebuke you in the name of Jesus. as we plead the blood for there is power in the blood. There's healing in the blood. There is deliverance in the blood of the lamb and god we call upon your great name today Lord. For we know that if we continue to exercise the power associated with your name, that everything going to work out. Alright. Even god when we're on top of the mountain or we're on the side of the valley, lord or in very low places.

Lord, you're still god and you're still god almighty. So lord, we are thankful and grateful for what they've done even now for what you're about to do. Remember those that are sick and afflicted amongst us, Lord. Remember Ruby Joe's we ask that you remember little brother Maison today. God touch him in a great and powerful way. Lord, your word is declared that you are healer of all diseases and god we stand for right now in the name of Jesus. On every found the foundation and the principle of the gospel according to Jesus Christ. Lord, your word is declared that you have done more miracles. God that it that it could even be confined in the volume of the book. So lord, we pray now because we still believe in miracles. We still believe in deliverance. We still believe in salvation. We still believe god that you're going to show your mighty hand. Lord. look upon the on the men today. God continue to let them know that you're in charge of the affairs of men all across the world. God, people of course, bloomers of war, droughts and fires.

God. you're in control of these things but we are Marvel not god because they've already been foretold in your word. We're to adjust your life, our lives lord to the confines of the word of god. Faith believing in god that you are a god who's unable, who's incapable of failure and for that god forever. Thank you. We're forever mindful of all the things that you have done for us. Keep us oh god from harm. We watch over our children god as we return to school or no mask. God, we ask that you put the the in the hearts of the parents and those who are in charge.

Lord, the right thing for these children to do. God, you're above every sickness. You're above every disease God and we're asking you god in the name of Jesus that you help us to exercise good, sound practical sense god and you the lord to do everything else. Lord, we thank you right now. We praise you. We honor you. We glorify and exalt you. Please remember, we got us all the wayside. Remember those that are standing in the need of prayer. Remember those that are in rehabilitation centers and in nursing homes, God, we are asking you to remember the homeless god in the name of Jesus. Lord, you said you would supply our every need and god we don't need stuff. We don't need things Now, more than anything, we need you. Give us a double dose of the Holy Ghost. God, help us to overcome all of these things, god and to stand firm, rooted and grounded in the gospel according to Jesus Christ.

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