[NMIXX] Tokyo Odaiba VLOG📸 | KCON 2022 JAPAN Behind #1 #MIXXTREAM

KCON 2022 Japan Behind #1 Guys We came out Hi – Hi
– Hi Everyone, where are we? JAPAN! That's right – We came to Japan😊
– That's right That's right Hello Hello I'm HAEWON Nice to meet you First business trip to Japan as NMIXX ✈ With all the members We’re on our way to the shopping mall When I was in elementary school, I came to Japan once I remember it was so much fun Japan is so clean I'm so happy to be here again Wow Wow, that's awesome Why is it so fascinating? This is what Japan looks like So How can I say this? It's so peaceful That's a bit Is it like a department store? They sell a lot of toys I looked it up before coming here There's something You guys are the best compared to complementary colors Really? Our color combination Right How intense It's just the two of us Today, the two of us the color combination is amazing – Red, green
– All of the members wore quite plainly – Two of us are
– That's right – so fancy
– Bright color Arrived at the observatory in front of the accommodation There are two Christmas girls Wow, everyone It’s a city view Wow, can you see that? That bridge is so cool Awesome Rainbow Bridge Rainbow sherbet? It's the Rainbow Bridge KYUJIN, let's play rock paper scissors and swim if you lose What do you think? Huh I don't want to 😛 – swimming in the water
– I don't want to 😛 It's good, right? – I don't want to
– It's good, right? It's good, right? It's been a while since I smelled the ocean! Is this the ocean? It's the ocean Wow, that's amazing Wow, that's amazing(x2) Wow, but the view is really beautiful Such a beautiful view ♬ NMIXX members are fascinated by the view (Checking actual view) (Failed) You don’t see anything You have to pay BAE, turn around You look very cold Because I'm a professional With LOEWE, There's nothing to be afraid of Couple’s VLOG suddenly started To celebrate our 3rd anniversary(?), we came to Japan I'm so excited Before we came here, I said I wanted to see the ocean to my babe(?) She brought me to here to make my wish come true – I prepared it
– to make my wish come true Oh my! It's so nice! We're going to do Titanic Please take a picture of us Titanic started here, too Excuse me – Yes?
– You can't do this here These two (Holding tightly) I have a memo that I written down some words to use them in Japan Let me try! よく分かりません What’s よく分かりません I don't know🤣 よく分かりません Okay, what was the first one? 日本語 What was it? Wait a minute 日本語ができません (I don't speak Japanese) よく分かりません Earlier, BAE as soon as we entered the hotel, when she saw the lobby she said きれい (Pretty) I guess they're leaving.

Let's go I came to Japan once or twice I I think I came to Japan when I was 5 or something You won't remember the memory But I only remember going to the dinosaur museum That's cute 😊 3rd anniversary couple who are still studying Japanese Eat, 食べる When I lived in the dorm, Lima, from NiziU I used to live in the dorm with Lima and Miihi So I learned Japanese a few times So Lima and Miihi always said お休み お休み 休み means ‘Good night’ 何食べる What are you going to eat? (I did) things like this I love it so much(?) LOVE 💗 installed next to the shopping mall LOVE? Take a picture of me, too I'll take a picture with the Statue of Liberty Okay, good.