N.O. business owner: It took more than a day for police to take report after break-in, theft

We were told Euler's call was prioritized as a Code
1A non-emergency routine call with no suspect weapon or imminent threat to li. The next available officer arrid 12 hours later, around 9:00 PM. But she had already left once. e boarded the door at 5:00 O'cloc. I decided to leave because
if you gonna call me then I don't
need to really sit out here no more cause
I already
been out here for I'm T hours waiting. You let claims police never called her so she went to the police station Thursday. She also instructed me to give 911 to call again to be placed back in the line when the supervisor gets to the office. They was going to expedite
officers out. The NYPD showed up to her store around 1:00 PM.

We were there as they
took her report. I guess I just wait now. Now she waits for answers in New Orleans, East. Lily Cummings, Eyewitness News..

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