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friends alright douglas here at Mac Services (FixTech) i have some tips on what to do when your mac is not turning on this one is a vintage macbook that he still has a cd drive, those unibody, and he is not calling only that most of the times it doesn’t arrive if a defect can be solved in your own home you press a button and it doesn’t answer it doesn’t mean it isn’t really calling so we always give you some suggestions where you can transport your mac but I plan to send the first one of them is to try to reset the smc you seem to process for 15 to 10 seconds after that it's just the buttons and the stone of the new power in some cases it works again because there are two factors there some cases your mac is not really pressure hard to call in reality it is turned on only with a black screen it is locked with a black screen and you believe that it is turned off if the mec does not make a lot of noise as you can check if a hot air is coming out if you are you feeling a force back there when that happens you press the smc reset keys you are also completely affecting your mac so in this case it is far from removing the battery and replacing the battery so if it was the case it will solve and the second case that this procedure helps to solve a flaw in the self is to be in other words, the smc is the mec energy manager controlling everything that turns everything on and off, which increases and decreases, for example, the display lighting that goes from 0 to 100 percent all this control this whole story is in the snc so when you book it goes back to working fully in these cases there are two possibilities you made the procedure resolve or it was like the smc stuck on the black screen presented some configuration problem either by the user or by the provoked some water defect returned to work if you don't have it but this problem in a period of a month or two can be completely worried it will be nothing serious sometimes something happens in that sense if it happens again after week days or even a month for example to worry it is good to seek assistance if you want to contact us to get more questions to pass more details of each case is a case feel free our and zap but be sure to look for support because if you plan and if you prepare it is much easier you will be without a mac ie you need to deliver a job to work you have no planning has no way out it’s working more smoothly and if more or less the shots have carts you can better plan the date, it’s not a repair, it’s fast and it usually involves deoxygenation chemical bath so it’s a process that takes time to stay with quality so it’s worth pity you prepare another very important tip before anything notes that your mac charger with its little light we can diagnose several problems for example this a the cable is not rising it is not green and it is orange it is off which means there may be a problem with the new charger or some more serious problem here on the logic board in this case unfortunately it is to apply logic but a big x if you know someone who try a mac it doesn’t cost anything pick up your power supply do a test on the person picks up it was on the person and do a test on yours that most of the time the problem the power supply so that the correct it he will light them green and then with that speech for orange now I put a charger it was only in green light that means that the battery is charged which the mac did not detect battery so in these cases sometimes the problem is with the battery and in most cases the problem is a logic board that will also need a repair but so you managed to eliminate a little of the possibilities there and solve it, that is, you didn’t light the first step, it’s a source if you don’t have a source you can bring people not to be moved but no give it to you at the time to make sure that i am defective is what i know or if it is in the device itself and what changes in the newer ones the only thing that changes is that in the most recent macs that still have 62 not sbc a light only feels when it is on so if it is off some will not light up I will show that one is that it is from 2015 it is not turning on press the power it does nothing let's first try to reset the smc I pressed here we will count to ten I am text they will press the power claimed, that is, in this case, the mec was either stuck or had a failure, it is not cmc and now it will normally start another very important tip the reset asks this reset many people have a little difficulty making the voice is to bring it a little closer here we take the option and congo insure they already put their finger here on the r7 that have difficulty understanding power and after the pp to make the combination of the option conde er i will not hold that the pr press the power and hold the op as I know this is working watch it here it will try to turn on it will not appear apple i will come back when they heard the second characteristic piano sound there giving echo calling let's see if it will appear here the apple appeared the apple in some cases when your mac is not turning on and you feel that it has a core running you feel that it is really just not showing the image it is very worthwhile to you to reset another thing that this reset also solves is the audio of it at startup many people because my computer only looks like an apple but doesn’t give that piano sound that we call wake up this sound works again after booking so this tip is also now with these tips to be able to determine if the effect is happening and with your mac something serious or something momentary that is one of those reset well and help to solve if they will resolve and it was working wonderful only a temporary thing if it came back happened if not reso lg ladu cadu to look for assistance and check what may be happening there, what a bad thing it will be in the fourth logic and also those x checking your power supply sometimes provoking some surprise in us and then 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