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Have you ever wondered What, if What, if I move to that city gone to another school or considered hooking up with that one friend, What could possibly change? Can a single moment change your life Just to rule it out? Well, this is my moment. Oh God, We’re good, Not pregnant.

I don’t know what to do.

Let’s see where this leads me Hi Good to you.

I’m pregnant Him.

I didn’t even know that you guys were We’re, not Oh Great.

Yeah, no, we’re friends.

Mostly It was a night really just Uh.

Half a night! Stop Good! Lord! You!’re! An actress.

Are you? Yes, I applied for a job with Lucy Galloway.

She’s. Like my idol Natalie, You work here.


A nice blazer Don’t wear it.

You’re, not a real estate agent First year is torture for everybody.

It’s long days, late nights, It’s like having a child.

Basically, I’m having contractions Right Right Right now, Guys what Hey guys Rick Yeah, Hey you got ta keep me posted on this stuff.

I don’t draw.

I don’t see my friends, You’re, literally keeping a small little human alive.

You’re doing an amazing job.

I’m gon na show Lucy my portfolio. It’s hard to like sell myself in that way.

You’re gon na have to ask for what you want.

I cannot imagine what my life would have been like in LA It.

Wasn’t meant to be.

You were supposed to go on and have your gorgeous family Everybody has that moment in their life, where they have to decide what’s most important to them.

I’d rather be here for you than anywhere else in the world.

This feels like where I’m supposed to be It’s not just one moment that defines your life.

It’s all the moments.


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