Level 0 – 10 Teil 1 – ESCAPE FROM TARKOV Beginners Guide


What's up YouTube, Chris here, back with a new Escape from Tarkov video and today I'll play up a new account from level 0 to
10, because 10 is now the entry level for the flea market and is
therefore incredibly important for many. The whole thing won't be done in one video, otherwise it would be way too long. I want to show you the highlights of each
raid, go through where we were before and after the raid, what my plan was for the raid in question ,
and then go through certain scenes with you and give comments and tips. The account I have is my former press version, which has
meanwhile been converted to an Edge of Darkness version. I don't have anything
else, but we simply have a naked Edge of Darkness account with
all the content that's still in here. I'll show you what the first rounds are like, what's going on
with the stuff I have in here and what gear I'll be wearing.
Actually, the first thing I always do is go to the dealers and examine all the items.

As you can see, I 've already done everything for most dealers here
, or I've done everything for all dealers, but what I
still like to do is go to Fence, who always gets new things and examine everything there from time to time . There are two reasons for this, on the one hand you can see on the bottom right, I get XP for each
examined item, so I almost get to level 3 without having played a round
and if I find these items in the raid , then I don't have to while
I'm in the raid am wasting time examining these things
, I already know them and can just collect them eventually.
We now see here that I even clearly surpassed level 3 through the action
and without having played a second, simply by examining the items
at the dealers.

Next I went here and sold everything I didn't need for the first raids, so all the high gear etc. is gone. I
only kept the weapons that I want to play and the pistols, for
example, are not included , I sold them all, kept all the fully automatic weapons, of course I kept my medical equipment
and finally went here and got mine Bought bank robber rigs, they are now available at Ragman from level 1 and I also got the Pacca,
just to be a bit protected, especially against the Scavs at the
beginning, headphones because hearing is
incredibly important to me and I have the Tushonka I keep it because
you get an AKM for three pieces if it should become necessary and also
the water for after the raid. In principle,
you can leave the hideout out for now.

However, I have now expanded everything. It was all
just about money, it cost around 250,000 rubles to expand everything. If you're uncomfortable spending this right at the start, don't do it. However, we will concentrate on missions in the beginning, simply
because of the XP we get there and the items that can be important for the beginning
. At Prapor there is a task from level 1 and I would have to kill 5 Scavs and collect two MP-133 shotguns and at Therapist I also get a task at the beginning and that's 5 Salews. I have already handed in one,
it was in my EOD version, I could hand it in here right
away and I would have to find the other four .

The next dealer who
gives you missions is Skier, but you have to reach level 5 for that. And then I would
say let's start the first raids. The first one I will do will be with this equipment, I will try to kill Scavs on Customs and find the shotguns for the first mission at Prapor and of course I will
not show you the complete raids but only excerpts and explain them to you what I pay attention to when playing and what is ultimately
important for me at the beginning. I have no idea how it's
going to go yet, I'll probably get a lot in my face, but that's how Tarkov is
at the beginning and we have to get through it.

As I said, I'll
focus on killing scavs and getting shotguns in the raid. I know I
've got pretty bad gear with me so I'll try to
avoid fights simply because I know that if I go into a fight head-on
I'll probably lose out. Simply because most of my opponents should have better equipment with them.
And that's the premise. So don't accept fights if they aren't
absolutely necessary and if I then have the feeling: OK, I have an opponent here
who I could perhaps grab
after all, then I'll try to organize the whole thing in such a way that I'm the one the
fight begins.

This means that if possible I can fire the first shot
, maybe I'll be lucky and ideally throw a headshot
, or then I can get a few more shots on target before
he even knows what's going on in the end. Ultimately, in
order to achieve that, I also have to move quietly, which
means I don't run unnecessarily, only when I somehow have to get out of a dangerous situation
or when I have to cross an open area. I'll
try to avoid unnecessary noises , like pointlessly walking through bushes
or making loud steps over metal and wood , just be
careful so I give my opponent as few chances as possible to prepare for
me. In return, of course, we use the
misconduct of the opponents who do exactly that loudly to
prepare for the fight and to have the upper hand. A lot of people run around like crazy in this game
. They can afford that partly because of their equipment,
but we can't.

And then we have to try to get
the upper hand in other ways. In order to increase our chances of avoiding fights, we will of course try to predict the raid a bit. That means reading the raid. And that's pretty easy in principle. We know there
is a starting area on both sides of the map . In the starting areas, there are
often fights at the beginning of people who meet trying to
get out of the starting area and when they are out of the starting
area, then of course they try to get to the important loot spots in the middle

We're playing Customs here now I'm going to do all the raids in the video here
on Customs. I made a video about why I think this is the best map for this, I'll show
it to you in the top right corner. And what
you simply need to know about the course of the raid on Customs is that,
as I said, people quickly leave the starting area, then go to the middle,
mostly in the direction of dorms or to the gas station or to the construction site to
either do missions there or start trying to find other players
who can kill them and you just try to listen to what's going
on on the map at the beginning. You can try to understand from the shot noises that take place on the other
side of the map and on your side of the map
how many opponents or how many fights have taken place and how high is the
probability that a large part of my opponents ultimately just
already is dead.

If I don't hear a great shootout in my starting area at the beginning
, then I can either assume that
I have a few slow players who are careful and want to loot in the starting area
like we intend to do, or the players got out relatively quickly without any
great fights to have. This could then be confirmed by the fact
that I hear big fights in the middle of the map after a few minutes.
So we're staying in the city area for now, I want to
try as much as possible about Luton here in peace, not only because I want to find good things
that all teams want to help me, but ultimately
also because finding and collecting an esp is our goal
yes, to get to level 10 as quickly as possible and that means even if we find
a corpse, for example from a sketch or from a player, even
if we haven't killed them, we go there and search because killed
cavs and players also give a lot of xp in many cases also
give more xp than the kill itself, of course only if it makes sense and the
opponent is somewhere where you can do it without danger i told you before ears
are incredibly important to me so i hear my opponents in the rule before
I kill them and that was the case at the moment and what I
also did and I can only recommend
trying that no longer want to take the gun off in a corner
as soon as you think the opponent is coming around the corner
both of you make crazy noises when you aim and then
the opponent could be forewarned when he hears you aiming i heard in that
case where he is running waited until I was of the opinion
here too now the time has come and the moment I aimed and shot in each hand
I would have aimed before because there was a risk that he
would have heard it aimed and who had been prepared for me the shots of the since at the gas station
you heard urban the whole round a fierce fight departure it seems
somehow everything that is on the map has arrived
there and fighting it is not our priority we want to do our
mission we want luton we want to collect xp and if then maybe
something else will fall off afterwards what it will do when we see right
away we'll take it with us, of course, but we want n we didn't storm in and got into
something that we couldn't control and then we
got one from the gas station the fight isn't over yet but he got away he
had guessed it and probably wanted to walk so slowly and
then he met us I have didn't hear him it was incredibly lucky
and we're also lucky that he only shot with mp5 without good ammunition
and everything messed up five and can collect a single shot
my packer went that stopped her
because she didn't have any with the nine millimeter ammunition big problem and we
have really really gigantic lud for the first raid
so now have to get out of the raid with 5200 xp killed two skiffs and two babies got
to level four and a half and so lud is of course properly have
the shotgun for the salewa mission found it even
better it can't actually run at the beginning the second row
we start with the same plan salewa s ammeln's guests collect shotguns and of
course block i so don't try to accept any unnecessary fights
and i'll show you the highlights from the wheel here and then at the
end the summary again up to this point here i've already killed several sexes
and is bleeding and we're standing met the first player here too probably
noticed that i knew it was a player because of how he
moved and then i didn't suspect or create the corner that i knew he had to get out of
just because he would have me otherwise but
waited until the moment came when he then ran down and then
first aimed and shot directly from the spot I then tried
to jump over the sound or wanted to jump over it but had already
aired too much and it didn't work and of course i have to think of something
else and after the second jump i heard a bush noise
and then i did I quickly thought that was on the other side somewhere because I
didn't see anything and I heard the race it
turns out later what he was sitting in the bus but we'll get
to that in a moment and that was the spectator of
what he just had sat under the tree by the bush the whole time
and ultimately didn't want to attack me either because he didn't see a great
chance for himself and at some point I personally noticed okay I
've got the advantageous position and of course you used it in my
favor just no taking a risk for me now, of course,
time was running out in itself no problem in the time i get by in principle easily,
however, of course, chance sometimes wants something different and suddenly
all hell breaks loose no one knows how i got out of the fight alive
In any case, the time was
finally too short I didn't make it out anymore I can
anticipate that of course s pity about the cool load and pity about the
schott may have found you, but we haven't lost anything either
and therefore don't have to worry we collected a few xp
and that's actually not bad at all and therefore we can still use
the bike in the end to be satisfied somewhere we
reached level 6 through the raid, killed the last tests for our mission
and drew a bit of blood out of the gamma container , which
wasn't too bad and after the raid i'm a fan
and for fenster still needed a scrap bucket from dürr for the mission
so that after the raid i was able to actually
finish the first mission at fraport we are in an excellent position after the first two races, of
course with a good portion lucky that's why
I won't try to go in the next race with the little
one, but with the whole level 0 to level 10 to play her that one
can expect in that area so that i hope that you can
still identify with the whole thing in the next reds and
take something away with you.

In the end it was
just important to me to show in the video how the beginning how can you collect a
bit of xp on the side and get to level 10 and how do i proceed in the raid
if i don't have a good beer with me that means i just have to adapt my
playing style to my skill, my equipment and my experience and that
's on At the beginning for most of you just be careful
not to look for the fights but only accept them if they cannot be avoided or
if you somehow see a chance that he could turn the whole thing to a positive for you
and it will continue in the same way in the next right there
are definitely still a few interesting things then follows in the
next video tomorrow and I hope that you had fun with a video and also what
g learned and with that I would say goodbye for today thank you very much for tuning in remember you are the hottest come on in
and bye

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