Is Nightlife In BANGKOK Expensive In 2023 | Places Prices & Tips #livelovethailand

So lots of options here you can explore all
of them by walking no need to take any kind of Transportation here you have along the
way places to sit the atmosphere is nice this soy is usually busy and of course everywhere
you have a place to get high the Cannabis Club [Music] [Music] [Applause] so here we are guys this
is sukoon v11 one of the famous streets for nightlife and one of the famous streets if
you want to stay in Bangkok and explore usually if you are staying for the first time along
the way you have lots of places to enjoy street foods so the options are a lot I have made
entire Vlog about this soy this is one of the famous soys Instagram full of restaurants bars pubs this is Zanzibar
it's back if you want to listen to nice music live music and of course to enjoy some food
it's not cheap but it's a nice place [Music] when no one knows just how we want it doesn't matter too much well that was to come
with 11 as you see it's so busy so crowded if you want to know about the prices usually
they are higher than other soils because it's touristic place now we are heading towards
asok and let's check what will be our next stop [Music] [Music] now we are almost next to asok station
but before that I'm gonna tell you you have here McDonald's this shop opens 24 over 7.

So if you are having that's Bangkok so if you are enjoying the
nightlife then you can eat at this shop McDonald's and it's open as you can see 24 over 7. let's go inside have a quick meal later on
we are walking to soak foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] the distance between asok and Nana
if you want to walk it's around 10 minutes and it's really pleasant as I said at night
time so again I'm telling you avoid tuk-tuks and taxis because usually at night time there
are scams so let's wait the red light after that we are heading into a red light district
[Music] and this is the way that you can walk through
soy cowboy this is the main entrance so let's go inside and check what is going on in soy
cowboy [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right let's sit here have a beer and check
what's going on before sneakers [Music] well guys that was Susie young each drink
cost you 170 bucks so if you want to have a couple of drinks then it will cost you around
500 Thai baht it's so noisy so crowded this is Saturday night in sorry Kai boy now we
are heading out of the street so that we can talk [Music] so my friends I hope you enjoyed this
Vlog and had an idea about the prices in some of the famous districts nightlife districts
in Bangkok thank you for watching stay tuned And subscribe for more from live love Thailand
[Music] thank you

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