Is Nightlife In BANGKOK Expensive In 2023 | Places Prices & Tips #livelovethailand

visiting Thailand without checking the nightlife
is not a complete thing especially if you are visiting the capital city Bangkok now
it doesn't matter if you are looking for The Classy nightlife the crazy nightlife or maybe
the naughty nightlife what matter is how much you are willing to pay and how expensive is
the nightlife in Bangkok [Music] so in today's Vlog we are going to explore
some of the most famous nightlife spots in Bangkok and also check the prices moreover
I'm going to give you some tips so that you can enjoy The Nightlife better while you are
visiting Bangkok so first of all let's go and take the SkyTrain the BTS tunana station
[Music] [Music] don't need anybody else so here we
are guys this is soy for soyana it will be our first stop of tonight let's go inside
and check what are the options and moreover to see what are the prices this is one of the most famous crowded nightlife
Sports in Bangkok so you have lots of options as you can see morning night stumble in big
dogs and of course the adult playgrounds thank you laza it's all out here this is Saturday
and this is one of the best days if you want to see the real action at night time in Bangkok
so we're gonna check what are our options and check also the prices [Music] you
have to be very careful guys while you are walking in this soil you can see the motorbikes
the taxis the tuk-tuks people are walking it's so crowded so always be careful while
you are enjoying and exploring the nightlife don't get distracted what do you think if
we start first of all from Hooters let's have a beer here and later we're gonna continue
to check around [Music] so first of all guys let's have a beer let
us start with chunk one of my favorite chunk drops and you can see the prices here 129
till 999 for a tower three liters thank you that's it for now right that's it
for now so guys hopefully my voice is clear if you want to start your night light you
can start it at booters in soy4 which is opposite Nana Plaza after that we are going of course
to check Nana Plaza the adult playground in this soy later we are walking towards subunit

Yeah thank you thank you later we are going
to work towardso 11 and after that we are going to check soy Cowboy so it will be a
long night of course at night time you know where to start but you don't know where to
end so cheers guys this is chunk draft it's only 130 Thai bahts cheers [Music] alright guys that was Hooters Club as you
saw the prices are so normal so now let's go to the adult playground as you can see
the world's largest adult playground Nana Plaza and check the prices there [Music] so guys the beers in Nana Plaza is
a little bit more expensive the beers that are outside this adult playground so if you
want to drink beers and enjoy some fun in this place they start from 150 Thai pots [Music] [Music] 11 is nice it's so busy it's a vibrant
place but I don't recommend you to stay at this area because it's full of scams as you
can see along the way you have lots of Street vendors the prices are so high you have to
negotiate and bargain and along the way of course you can see that you are in a nightlife
spot [Music] as you can see this is soy7 and that's
Nana station if you want to check another nightlife spots it's located also at soy7
let's go inside and show you a little bit drum before we go to Soy 11.

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