iPhone 15 — OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy iPhone 14 in 2022

Those glasses could be an additional device at first just like it was with the Apple watch so the newest iPhones will be designed to be a perfect companion I do not think it will bring any additional sensors to the iPhone but software wise there may be alterations it seems that apple is going to bring back the strategy they had with the iPhone 12 series Pro Models will have only slight differences from ordinary ones and the pro Max will be the ultimate beast it's important to remember that everything we've talked about is rumors and leaks so take them with a grain of salt rumors are rumors but they'll have some truth in them okay let's sum everything up hole punch and Dynamic Island on all four iPhones better cameras and Pro Models Periscope camera on Pro Max improved performance and connectivity USB type-c as standard faster charging and data transfers will that be enough for you to ditch your current phone and upgrade type your thoughts in the comments it looks like next year will be perfect for upgrading your phone the stuff I said is very plausible to happen so if you were planning on upgrading wait another year there is no point in buying what's essentially the same phone now when you can buy a much better phone next year if you are an owner of an iPhone 12 and newer postpone your orders if you buy an iPhone 14 now you will feel like such a full Next Year everyone will have type c and hole punch screens while you will be rocking that Notch think wisely about purchasing an iPhone 14 now because the iPhone 15 will get crazy so stay tuned for updates we'll continue supplying you with more high quality content in the future make sure you are subscribed to the channel if you want to be the first one want to find out the truth about the future releases and new products

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