iPhone 15 — OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy iPhone 14 in 2022

it's been two weeks after Apple's September's event and I can already say that this year's editions are controversial I've combined all trustworthy leaks into one video to give you a glimpse at the future iPhone 15 lineup months before release and with all existing leaks about next year's iPhones we can expect pretty noticeable changes across the board let's look closer at all rumors and leaks and try to find out how everything will change in 2023. the newly introduced updates to iPhones have a varying degree of necessity regular non-pro models didn't see any substantial Improvement the camera module remained the same the design even the processor is roughly identical performance wise this is truly a minor upgrade for cheaper models Pro iPhones however have seen more noticeable improvements in your processor new 48 megapixel main camera new screen Dynamic Island and all that that's an upgrade you want to spend money on yet next year's iPhones will should be even crazier let's look at a major addition and that will be seen in all iPhones USB type c finally I hope you've probably heard that Europe has mandated that all gadgets from 2023 should be equipped with a USB type-c charging port Apple didn't manage to find a way around that law no one did this can mean only one thing the iPhone 15 will be equipped with the universal USB type-c this will make a huge difference both for professionals and ordinary users since 2023 you will need only one cable one cable to charge all devices I personally can't wait for that to happen when comparing lightning to USB type c we can easily see a technical difference that changes everything the number of pens the USBC simply has more this means faster charging and increased transfer speeds maybe professionals will finally shoot progress in Dolby Vision with some degree of comfort we can only hope for it to be as fast as it is on Pro iPads at least it would be much easier to transfer these files via cable instead of sending them over airdrop which takes ages current charging is limited to 27 Watts but the introduction of type c could greatly improve this number and make refueling iPhones less painful and time consuming yet there are two obstacles that can prevent that from happening greed and magsafe apple loves money right the main reason for them to leave lightning in iPhones is pure greed they're making tons of money from mfi certified cables so switching to free standard USB type-c will make Apple's Pockets not a simply lighter that's where Max save comes in maybe I'm getting carried away from the point but nevertheless let's look at less likely happening scenario how many years have we been hearing about portless iPhones there is a slight chance that this drastic change can happen in 2023 the max save could become a great solution for Apple since it can be mfi certified and is proprietary to iPhones but it can transfer data that's a Pity so Apple could upgrade the charging power of the max save and increase the airdrops transfer speeds and eliminate a charging port completely they will still earn money from more expensive magsafe cables thus preserving that source of huge Revenue but I am skeptical about that portless iPhones do sound too surreal especially for Apple so it should be pretty obvious that USB type-c is going to be the new big change we'll see next year here is another thing that will make new iPhones great hole punch there has been a rumor by Ross young that the non-pro iPhone 15 will also get a hole punch Design This Means only one thing the dynamic Island will be a central part of Apple's design language in terms of screens and interfaces this will be a solid upgrade and force more users to upgrade but don't expect and always on display it will surely stay the feature only available on Pro icons base models will stay at 60 hertz possibly with the same 825 minutes brightness there is no concrete proof to back this up but I do believe that apple is trying to unify the design as much as possible and make the lineup more coherent it would be hard to sell a phone with a notch in 2023 when hole punch has been around for a year the notch would remain only in previous gen iPhones like 13 and 14.

The reason for me to believe in Ross Young's words is that he was right about the hole punch in 14 Pro Models long before other leakers have confirmed that the camera system will receive a huge upgrade but only on Pro Models regular iPhones will have the same 12 megapixel resolution but with significantly better sensors it's a good practice now for Apple to adopt cameras from last year's pro model into a regular one it happened with 12 Pro and 13 13 Pro and 14 and it will definitely happen with iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 15. Pro Models on the other hand could get all three modules upgraded to 48 megapixels this will be a great reason to upgrade for All Pro users the front facing camera will not get a spec bump only software improvements it will shoot better and crisper photos but I can consider that to be an important Improvement to discuss but what about those rumors about Periscope cameras it appears to me that Apple has trouble designing such lens systems because they're constantly interfering with existing patterns it would be really difficult to pull it off but we can dream about improved telephoto yet some leakers assume that the periscopic camera will be exclusive only to 15 Promax which is unfortunate maybe they will use the same methods as they did with 14 pro wrapping the sensor then bumping up the resolution of a telephoto camera up to 48 megapixels will allow for a 6X Zoom this can be a plausible solution but no cropping can beat the Optics let's hope for the best right we'll keep you posted on all the updates so subscribe now so you won't miss anything the performance will also receive an upgrade a17 chip and Pro Models will be the first Apple chip that will use a three nanometer node this will give a 10 to 15 boost in performance and improve battery life regular iPhone 15 models will adapt the a610 chip from iPhone 14 pro I consider talking about the performance gains to be a redundant activity since iPhones are too far ahead of competitors these generational leaps and performance are simply unnoticeable during normal usage for regular users so let's move on to connectivity the new iPhone 15 is rumored to feature Apple designed 5G modem it's no secret to anyone that there were certain problems in the past with modems made by Qualcomm and apple is trying to eliminate that weak point as soon as possible with Apple's custom made 5G modem we should expect better data transfer speeds improved power efficiency and range and overall better integration of all components additionally we should expect improvements to satellite connectivity features the rank should get better the connection stronger and more stable the one thing that will probably remain unchanged is the design Pro iPhones will likely have the same camera layout but we hope that the base iPhone 15 will get at least small smaller change changes in that Dominion change the camera layout Apple we're begging you give us something new tactile and Sensational we are starving for new designs if you are a tech savvy person you probably remember the rumors that apple is working on AR and VR leakers expect Apple to release a fully VR headset and air focused glasses in 2023.

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