iOS 16.3.1 Review, Battery Life, Problems | Should you update to iOS 16.3.1?

With decent activity, which means moderate to heavy usage. In which, if you see, I am telling you the data of yesterday, of just one day. Here, I have used Instagram for 3 hours and 17 minutes. YouTube for 1.5 hours. After that, the home screen, lock screen was on for 20 minutes. WhatsApp for 1 hour and 13 minutes. In which calls are also done. App store, Gmail. And as you normally use your phone by making calls, so we have done all these things on our phones. And if you see the Friday data, WhatsApp for half an hour, Instagram for 7 minutes. And then I have used other things as well. So, 43 minutes usage has been done today. So, if you see, the battery life is very good. We can say outstanding. But it can be better than this. Because in the previous updates, I have seen that, if I remove it at 7 in the morning, and if I see it till 4-5 in the evening, then also, the battery life remains 10-20%.

So, it depends on the usage. Now, because it is summer season, you can see a little bit of battery life drain. But still, I will say that the battery life is phenomenal. If you have Pro or Pro Max models. And if you have other models as well, then if you use it properly, then you will get good battery life. And the way to check the battery life is, you decide a time, 12 o'clock at night, that will be best for you. Because you can understand it. It may be difficult for you.

For some of you. And at 12 o'clock at night, you charge it and remove it completely. And then see till 12 o'clock the next night, then in 24 hours, how much battery life, how much screen on time you are getting to see. You will understand all that. As I have told you here, in combination of Thursday and Friday, in one charge, it is getting almost 7 hours of screen on time. My iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.3.1. Now let's talk about storage. Because you must remember, when I downloaded and installed this update. Before updating, my phone had around 784 GB available space. And after updating, it decreased to 770 GB. So 14 GB was missing. Where did it disappear? I didn't understand. So let's go to settings, and general, and go to iPhone storage. And let's see if there is any storage bug or not. So here our storage has been loaded. It takes a lot of time to load the 1 TB storage in the iPhone. The less the GB, the faster it loads. Here you can see the system data is around 20 GB. So this is okay. You should not face any difficulty in this.

And here I don't see any storage bug. That is, if you have used excessive storage, the system data, which Apple is calling these days, if it was full or 50 GB or more, then you could have had a problem. But if you are a regular user of your phone, and use it well around 20 GB, then it should be there. And here it is written that it is fluctuating. You can see clearly here. The value of this fluctuates as the system requirement increases or decreases. So that if you open any application, it opens quickly.

So like this, the system data or whatever settings you open, whatever task you do, it is used for that. So if it is around 20 GB or 25 GB, then there is no issue. But yes, those people may have an issue whose phone is 64 GB. But in 64 GB phones, I have generally seen that you will see system data around 10 GB. Now let's talk about whether there are any bugs in this update. So those who have downloaded and installed this update, after that they found out that there was a bug in it.

That bug that has been fixed is of Google Photos. So you can use Google Photos on your iPhone. And whatever photos are in your phone, you can backup them on this. And you can also keep multiple accounts here. So you can use Google's free storage of 15 GB. And Google Photos was crashing in this update. But this problem has been solved now. Initially, when the update came, it was crashing. But later Google pushed an app update for its app, for Google Photos. And after that, this problem was solved. Now remember one thing guys, this update had important security fixes. So this update is a very important update. And as you saw all the parameters, this update is good on all the parameters. The storage issue initially, which we saw, was solved later. And the system data that was used excessively, is not happening here. There is no issue in battery life. And the small bugs and problems were also fixed here. Overall, this update is quite good in terms of general usage.

And if you want to update it, you can update it later. I always make a review video in 2-3 days. Whatever new update comes, especially the stable version. And I tell you whether you should update or not. After that, many people do it. Some people do it before. So it's up to you. According to me, this update is quite good and stable. Another version of this is 16.3.2. It is expected next week. And there are many good features in 16.4 beta 1. I have made a video on it. It is dedicated. So do check it out. And in the next month, you will see the 16.4 update. This will be a very good update. And there will be many good features in it. The update that Apple has pushed for stability, you will download and install it. So it is good for your use. I hope your experience was as good as mine. I hope you liked today's video. If you liked it, then do like and share it. And subscribe to my channel. Good bye..

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