iOS 16.3.1 Review, Battery Life, Problems | Should you update to iOS 16.3.1?

Hi friends, how are you? I'm Nabeel. This is the review video of iOS 16.3.1 after using it for 3 days. I used it for 3 days and tested it properly. Is there any problem with it? Is there any benefit in downloading and installing the update? So, let's take a look at all these things one by one and see whether you should update it or not. Because this update was not that big.

You will see the update of 300 to 350 MB or 400 MB. Many people say that the 5GB or 2GB update is coming because you are not updating from iOS 16.3 to 16.3.1. You are updating from the older version. Because of which you get to see the size of the update a little bigger. But don't worry about it. You have to update it. Whatever size is coming, Apple is pushing it. If it is not coming from somewhere else, then you can download and install the update. Whether you should do it or not, you will understand in this video. First of all, let's talk about the network reception, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth performance. Because if it doesn't work properly, then the fun of using the phone will be wasted. So, I am happy to say that everything is working properly. Mobile data is working properly, Wi-Fi is working properly, Bluetooth is working properly, AirDrop and personal hotspot are working properly. I use Apple Watch Ultra and this watch is also working properly. Also, my Apple AirPods Pro is working properly.

Pro, Pro 2, whatever it is, all versions are working properly. There is no issue in it. I will wear it and show you. As soon as I opened it, a pop-up came up. And here it is connected. So, you should not have any issues related to connectivity. I tested it in these three days, so I can easily tell you this. Now let's talk about the general performance of the app crashing. So, I use a lot of applications here, whether it is social media applications, whether it is my creative tools, which I use to make videos or thumbnails, or my finance-related applications. All the applications are working properly here. I did not see any crash and I did not see any problem in using these applications. Neither is there any problem in multitasking or the apps that we keep in the background.

And neither is there any problem related to the app crashing. Yes, I want to tell you one thing that all iPhones, whatever it is, if you have kept it to use the Facebook app and you use it, then definitely you will see less battery life. I have kept it to use but I have almost stopped using it. Hardly has anyone sent any link or anything. So, I keep it to open it otherwise I do not use it. So, you should also use it at least. Nowadays, the time of Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, if you use those applications, then it is more beneficial. Facebook is a bit old and it is also a master in battery drain. Now, there is one more thing that is good in this update. Let me tell you that. Here in this update, I did not see any heating issue in the phone. I am talking about overheating. Normal heating, you see, if you play games, the phone is normally warm. If you charge it, then the phone gets a little heat. If you use it at a fast charge, then it will get a little heat.

But, there should not be overheating because the temperature is increasing. It is still very hot. And if your phone is overheating, then you will not enjoy using the phone. Here, I have the S23 Ultra. Both the cameras are amazing. Both the screens are fantastic. If you use them in the outdoors, then they go to very high brightness. You can see overheating at that time. But, this is a very well controlled overheating problem in the update. Maybe in the coming months, we will know more about it when it will be March, April, May, and when it will be more hot. Then we will understand that this issue should not come in the update. Now, let's talk about the battery life of this update. So, here you can see that there is 2% battery. Do not do this work at any time. I test it. It is my job to test. So, I have to check how much battery my phone consumes until the 100% comes down. Sometimes 10%, sometimes 20%. I check in the area. Now, it has come to 2%. So, let's see here. If we go to battery health, then it has 100% capacity.

Do not worry about it. I always tell you that after the update, the battery health is decreasing, it is increasing, or it is staying the same. Do not worry about it. Now, let me tell you about the battery life here. This is my iPhone 14 Pro Max. And the last charge I did on it was yesterday, Thursday morning at 7 o'clock. Here you can see that I have not charged it since then. And today is Friday and it is 4 in the evening. So, think about how much battery life iPhones give.

If you buy the latest, modern, or the Max models, the Pro Max models, then these are all S22 Ultra or S23 Ultra. They will never give you this much battery life. I am just telling you for information here. Do not get offended by this. Many people get offended that why did you buy an Android phone? I have it, so it is important to share the experience. So, here you can see the last 24 hours data. That is, from yesterday evening 4 to today evening 4. So, it is not accurate here. Because I took it out of the charging case at 7 in the morning. Which you can see here. Now, let's go to the last 10 days. And let's check the Thursday data. So, Thursday was 6 hours and 9 minutes screen on time. And today is Friday, which is 43 minutes. So, on a single charge, we are getting almost 7 hours screen on time.

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