Introducing Apple Watch Ultra | Apple

has a packing list; the essential tools for heading
out into the unknown. We put as many of those tools
on your wrist as we could. The result was the new
Apple Watch Ultra. [WIND BLOWING] Ultra's design
pushes the boundaries so you can do the same. The rugged yet lightweight
titanium case extends to protect
the flat sapphire crystal and can endure temperatures
that fall below zero or climb 130 degrees above it.

[FOOTSTEPS] Into the unknown, you'll want
the battery to last for days. That's why Ultra was built
with a larger battery for multiday use
on a single charge. You'll also need a map,
or better yet, a dual-frequency GPS
with pinpoint accuracy. The compass has been redesigned and now has waypoint marking
and backtrack; dropping points along your route
to keep you found when the conditions
leave you lost. A turn of the crown engages
Night mode, which removes retina-altering
blue light to ease the strain on your eyes
in the dark. Beside the bigger,
brighter screen is its most versatile tool,
a customizable action button. One push lets you track
race segments, find a way out, or start up a dive computer — which is now
strapped to your arm, tracking everything
from depth to water temperature.

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