How You Can Get Ahead Of Most People In 2023 (Full Guide)

Jack he slaves away 40 hours a week at a job he hates has no savings and to feel better at the end of every week he goes out and parties in his free time his Scrolls social media and swipes Tinder Chase in the next hit of easy dopamine this is Chad he has his own business and reinvests all of his profits into building his dream life during his free time he builds connections and hits the gym instead of chasing women he lets them chase him ask yourself and be honest which one are you for most people it'd be somewhere between the two so if you want to become more like Chad listen up I'm a multi-millionaire businessman and today I'm going to share the full six-step guide that you can use to get ahead of most people this year most people won't even reach the end of this video let alone take action so if you manage to actually listen to all these points you'll be a huge Advantage step one become insanely competitive I don't buy into the saying it's the taking part that matters our education is mostly to blame for this thinking as it's failed to prepare today's youth for the realities of the world the only reason to take part should be to ultimately win just think about it if you've got a friend to do your maths homework because he was top of the class you'd be punished for cheating but in life if you've got a numbers guide to help you in your business that's called hiring a financial officer and that's applauded so the education system has got things backwards but not only that social media is making the problem even worse Instagram is allowing everyday people to see into the lives of the one percent what was once a very simple path has now become extremely complicated back in my day it was all about leaving school to get a job which would allow me to buy a car helping me to attract a woman and after that of course buying a house and finally uh starting a family now I veered off the path quite a lot as I chose to quit my job and start a business but that was much rarer in my day nowadays if a man isn't successful then he's pretty much invisible I mean 20 of the people on Tinder get eighty percent of the matches this is also leading to rapidly shrinking motherhood in the west with women twice as likely to not have kids in their 40s compared to the generation before the popularity of people like Jordan Peterson Hamza and Tate further prove this point as they're just saying what a lot of people are thinking I know I've gone on a bit of a rant here but the world is honestly harder than ever if you're serious about getting ahead of everyone else then you're gonna have to get good at playing the game of Life on this harder level step two become hyper obsessive another phrase I absolutely hate is work life balance there can be no work-life balance when you want to get ahead people are hungrier than ever and you need to be obsessed over your goals there's always going to be someone out there who's willing to outwork you I think the idea of balance is more often than not an excuse for people to take it easy you need to want to achieve more than you want to breathe this mentality comes from Sport and I see business as the best sport on the planet as you just keep getting better with age I wouldn't let myself forget where I was heading when I built my million dollar businesses I even said to my girlfriend who's now the wife that she needs to accept that I'm selfish with my work and it will always come first now I'm able to relax this rule a little bit more however I set the expectation as I knew I couldn't be distracted by a partner that wasn't fully supportive of my mission it may sound silly but one thing that did Keep Me On Track was writing down everything I wanted to change on sticky notes I then stuck them to my mirror so that I'd see them every morning this kept me accountable I had to wake up and face the reality of my situation and ask myself why I wasn't moving faster towards these targets step 3 become a producer the truth is for the world to go round we need consumers people need to watch mindless entertainment buy products and fall into bad debt so that the one percent can reap the rewards I know it sounds obvious but if you created something and there was no one to buy it then you couldn't become rich it's so easy for us all to fall into consumer mode as it's baked into our DNA we just want to relax watch TV and buy the latest products some people think you should cut all of the consumer habits out of your life but to be honest with you I find a whole monk mode movement a bit unrealistic and cringy monk mode consists of basic rules such as at least 10 minutes of daily meditation no drugs or alcohol and at least 30 minutes of daily exercise honestly I've never put rules like this on myself it would have just sucked all the joy out of life however I do agree with the principle I like to think of it as a sliding scale with producer on one end and consumer on the other I've always aimed to slide my scale more towards the producer end of the spectrum when I was younger I gave up the things I wasn't too worried about such as parties with people I wasn't that close to instead I'd use that time to work on my product designs even if you're able to push your scale just a little bit towards the producer end then you will get ahead of most people as they aren't even aware they go through life fully on consumer mode step four become better at asking questions lots of videos like this will say find a mentor however they're very vague about how to actually do that the secret lies in the questions you ask when I was a kid I loved model airplanes I didn't stop asking my dad about them so he took me to a model Flying Club the members of the club loved my enthusiasm and one of them a successful businessman called David took me under his wing he would give me tips and tricks to make my models fly even better I'd Implement them and then he'd give me even more the following week as I got older his advice slowly shifted into business tips and I applied the same principles of listening and taking action right right there's something I want to clear up there is such a thing as a bad question anyone that says otherwise is mistaken take this question for example can I ask you for some advice my Instagram messages are full of questions like this and they never get a reply here's why when you're messaging an extremely busy person the last thing you want to do is create more work for them if I was to reply to all those messages then I'll start hundreds of new conversations I then have to follow up after they've replied with their actual question so I've made a rule to only answer the people that are clear and concise questions I suspect a lot of other successful people have similar rules so the quality of the questions you ask will determine whether or not they help you on top of this if you are someone for advice and then don't take action the next time you need advice they aren't going to waste their time however be careful as there's a lot of fake mentors and gurus out there so you need to be very careful who you take advice from not everyone has your best interests at heart just remember a fake Mentor doesn't have experience in doing what they teach a real one does step five become immune to net worth look I'm just gonna say it net worth means nothing bear with me on this one in my opinion getting ahead of everyone else isn't just to do with how rich you are it's about the skills the knowledge and the confidence you acquire while you're building your Empire someone could have bought Shiba Inu in the last crypto ball run and cashed out billions this doesn't mean they know anything useful and how to actually replicate that success the exact same goes for lottery winners they often lose all the money they won very rapidly as they became Rich because of a shortcut not the skills that they developed some Industries are much tougher than others so in many cases an entrepreneur worth 10 million dollars may actually be a better businessman than a Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneur worth 100 million this is why you really shouldn't be measuring yourself based on net worth I understand why people do it it's an easy way to compare success however there is much more to being ahead of everyone else than the size of your bank account step six become less awkward with money every dollar that you spend someone else is earning every building you see as you drive down the street someone else owns the amount of money out there waiting to be grabbed would shock you believing that money is hard to make or that there's a very limited Supply is what keeps so many people trapped I was talking with an author called Daniel Priestly the other day and he mentioned that his mentor actually made him carry around a thousand dollars in his pocket when he was younger this might sound dangerous but the reason behind it was to make Daniel think of a thousand dollars as Pocket Change not his entire net worth becoming more comfortable with money will help you ask for raises start a side hustle or even a full-blown business when my son started his first videography business I asked him how much he was going to charge and he told me a hundred dollars per day and I just laughed we actually had quite a big argument over that and maybe my response was a bit harsh the issue is that he thought that a hundred dollars was a lot because he was thinking about how he spends money not how business operates long story short I convinced him to charge more than two hundred dollars per day and now he takes consultations for more than five thousand dollars a day something that he would have been able to even comprehend five years ago the other thing that happens when you start to realize that money is everywhere it should actually become less afraid of giving and this is the real secret of getting rich you need to give far more value to other people than you take in return if you provide value then the money will follow the size of your income will also be determined by the problems you solve so if you want to make big money solve big problems look if we go back to my flying days as a pilot a one degree difference in the trajectory of a flight will put the plane in a completely different continent after a day of flying the same is true for getting ahead of everyone else making a small adjustment now and sticking with it will mean that you end up in a far better place than you were originally heading well done for making it this far and if you did then leave a comment saying I'm in the club so that others are confused if you want to start earning more money then here are 7.5 high paying online job ideas but don't click on it just yet make sure to subscribe if you want to grow your wealth okay I'll see you over there

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