How To Zest & Juice A Lemon | Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips


Hi guys, let me show you the way to get the largest amount of juice from all your citrus. Let’s first, look inside this lemon.

It’s all cell structures here.

So what we want to do is find a way to exaggerate the amount of juice you get out of your lime or a lemon roll it get it going, Do it for about 20 seconds.

This will absolutely start breaking down the inside cell structure.

You can feel it start to sort of get softer.

Also, what you can do is use a little micro plane to remove the skin and then simply cut your lemon in half squeeze through your hands and catch any pips.

As you’re, squeezing it see, I’m almost moving the lemon around in my hand, So there you go guys that’s a super simple way of getting the most amount of flavour and juice from your citrus fruit.

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