How to get 0 Input Delay Fortnite Chapter 3! (BOOST FPS & Reduce Input Lag)

these two secret settings in fortnite i'm going 
to be covering in this video are dramatically   increasing your input delay for no reason 
let's be honest we all hate that one moment   where you're about to edit for somebody but you 
mess up and edit because your controller just   can't keep up with you and the reason why that 
happens is because of input delay after so many   experience i finally found the two secret settings 
that dramatically affect your input delay and if   you have these two settings on you are at a major 
disadvantage alright so without any more talking   let's get straight into these settings so if 
you're not already on it go hover on your settings   and the first place you want to go is 
over to this little icon tab right here   and just a heads up this specific setting actually 
affects console players even more but don't worry   if you're on pc you will still experience an input 
delay drop so once you're here just scroll down   keep scrolling until you see the option called 
motion blur you want to make sure the setting   is off a hundred percent of the time because 
this setting requires so much focus on your game   and if you have this on also it can it can also 
reduce your fps and also give you way higher ping   so just make sure the setting is off i honestly 
don't know why fortnite still has this setting is   completely useless alright so once you have that 
setting off the next setting you want to go to   is you want to go on the same tab as i am right 
here scroll down until you see nvidia low latency   and sadly for my console players this setting 
is not on there because as you can see it says   nvidia which is a pc only processor alright so 
this setting basically does what it says low   latency it makes your game have very fast response 
time which also helps your input delay i'm telling   when i first use this sitting i instantly noticed 
the difference in my game feel way more smoother   and quicker so just make sure this setting is also 
on at all times and also if you want to you can   also do this setting to also help you with your 
input delay again it is totally optional as it   would not affect it that much but it still helps 
so you just want to head over to this tab right   over here and sadly like again this is not for 
console players as it involves an nvidia processor   so once you're on this tab just scroll 
down and keep scrolling until you see   nvidia highlights you guys want to make sure this 
setting is off because if it's not your fortnite   will always be recording in the background which 
makes the game take all the focus away from the   main things and it'll focus it on just recording 
the game this is completely useless and i do not   see the reason you would have it on all right 
once you have all those settings just the way   i have you're pretty much good to go you can just 
hop into a creative test it out get used to it and   hop in your first ever pub game with these amazing 
settings and if you made it this far in the video   just let me know down in the comments if these 
settings helped you in any sort of way and if   they did make sure to like the video subscribe but 
notice on and i'll see you in the next video peace

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