How to Beat Skyrim with 0 Equip Load

and so I can see your core [Music] [Music] you [Music] okay centuries what do you see may as well take down your skier [Music] help yourself to whatever you need attendees fear ear LF was right I won't forget it here take this as a small token of mice find this tablet no doubt interred in the main chamber and bring it to me simplicity itself I'll show you what a real [Music] why should I share the treasure with anyone [Music] [Music] nice [Music] you [Music] got some good pieces out here if you're looking buy more inside it's a sword I made it for the yarn balgruuf the greater thanks nice Bilkis take them out to the yard see what you few swings and it's like a cedar fall and be careful it's probably worth more than you are you need to come at once a dragon's been sighted Nevada [Music] [Music] [Music] on the great service for me and my city Dragon Ball Z [Music] [Music] climbing back will be off [Music] [Music] so you're the Dragonborn I've been hearing so much about I think we're going to go there and you're going to kill that dragon give me a minute and I'll be ready [Music] [Music] [Music] I figured out how we're going to get to the palaver embassy meet me at the solitude stables after you've arranged [Music] really your who she picked here's the deal I can smuggle some equipment into the embassy boy okay I'll get this inside the embassy [Music] here put this on when you're ready I'll keep the rest of your gear safe until you get back you can't go to a party at the Thalmor Embassy [ __ ] do with Barry so for real always from seven straight [Music] his book is alive [Music] climbing back and we'll be off hold there before I let you into wrists and you need to pay the visitors – I told you to go wait I'm not opening this door for anybody climbing back and we'll be off [Music] only part of that can answer that question your blood will show you the way [Music] I've seen enough of course there's another story of Lana losing the family shield in a different cave [Music] [Music] we've heard whispers of an enchanted pair of gauntlets called the forge masters fingers bring them to our chief [Music] or you're not want eat our food you pollute our city with your statement speak with Dharma I'm always looking for able fighters use it on the island don't lose it I have found the final resting place of the jagged crown [Music] pass the way I like it short and bloody all right get the crowd off that draugur [Music] you [Music] no well if you think you're capable of it then I'd be happy to provide it to you for a mere 30 gold I don't want to see you treating any of these books poorly and even if I did have one year I would let you see it [Music] he knows [Music] I can't believe you've done this [Music] you have it the Kel the Elder Scroll [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what in the ruins of sorrow and thereby I suggest we meet there in a few hours all right please stay close to me while we're inside word just round up the rest of the magical artifacts so that I can catalog everything all right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] why do I even post gods here you should take a cross [Music] No [Music] so go to the cafe breathe [Music] I can take you to any port on the coast don't you know that place is cursed and it's gonna cost you extra [Music] everyone Sarada has returned what is your name I'm not to know [Music] it just now make so [Music] bring the two of them back here and we can get started and seen a sack full of dwarven gyros life [Music] don't want to keep Lord Hawk wait [Music] did you see a dog on there did you see a hound on the road for some gold in it for you if you succeed [Music] what's a meter fitting feel like you doing out here any credit big powerful [Music] you're going downstairs to keep your weapons to yourself or we'll be getting better acquainted [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now that I think of it I'm going to come on with you we must find a moth priest to read it mark priest so that was a multiscale [Music] this is your last statement [Music] what don't you have a me master I know this weapon it is orange bull [Music] come on it's just around the side [Music] [Music] you my mother must be waiting on the other mother mother the audience yet your first instinct of use to be greed [Music] please follow me I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with the scrolls any longer the Lord you're going to love this this is a super sale and this this is what is known as a Super Saiyan that is ascended past a Super Saiyan and this come forward you have nothing to fear for you to draw the waters from the shrines basin as if you've been invited [Music] so talking about me which I'm sorry to say means your usefulness is at an end [Music] teamwork right there [Music] [Music] beautiful angel beautifu they're the worst kind what do you think you know I'm beginning to respect [Music] grim server rests within the Dwemer ruin a mess in China tread carefully pan [Music] you'll know when they call Dragonborn anything your lies fall on deaf ears deceiver we know you were the false Dragonborn [Music] both on now I'm just the simple sailor of taking but we leave immediately [Music] there is nothing beyond the bowl sure thing perhaps yours for a day you need to find a way into the temple [Music] it would be foolish to attempt you have a much better chance than I to make it through the tracks I have no doubt that beaver turns his blazer [Music] [Music] was you're driving soon Empire what can I get you have you seen that shrine of a surah they say the dark can speak if after they fled from waterway Asura has seen she has chosen you to be her channel azureus staff a day-trip artifact that allows any number of souls to us [Applause] and found it Asura's stop our disciples have sent me a fresh soul and who are you to challenge me I have conquered mortality itself but spat in the eye to the Dedrick laws this is my raft now I've sacrificed too much so that you take it from me [Music] of relations and change the fate of a Daedric artifact don't lift [Music] truth is the game was rigged from the start [Music] [Music] come on [Applause] [Music] [Music] do you need something [Music] you may be able to break the hold on or kyboot air and speed them from control [Music] [Music] [Music] perhaps the two of us to get to know child out there [Music] [Music] second would focus I'll give you a single chance to turn over the bow to me there will not be a second simply pitiful [Music] [Music] you will die [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you can hide laughing from me all doing were liter himself but how can we fight it doesn't his return mean it's the end times if the Greybeards were willing to host a peace council freakin telling us would have to listen or see a fair still remembers yes yes fine I'll come to this graybeard council take your seat and we can begin [Music] [Music] I could fly it [Music] this hüsnü [Music] kids [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what brings you [Music] [Music] [Music] so Riseup Riseup chill that's the Empire rise up Stormcloaks embrace the world of mighty Dallas he who is both man [Music]

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