How To: 2 Bucket Car Wash Method – Chemical Guys Detailing Car Care

Today in the Detail Garage, we're gonna show
you how to do the Chemical Guys 2 bucket method. The Chemical Guys 2 bucket method is the preferred
way to wash any vehicle using water and traditional shampoo. A lot of swirls and scratches can occur from
improperly washing your vehicle. If you're using one bucket, or a dirty wash
mitt, you can install a lot of swirls and scratches
on the vehicle. If you use the Chemical Guys 2 bucket method, which is the proper way to wash any vehicle
using water, you'll achieve no swirls, no scratches, and your whole vehicle will stay looking pristine for years. We're gonna be washing this Jaguar XJ8-R car. This belongs to one of our customers who washes
his cars weekly. It already looks great because he maintains
it well, but we're gonna give it the weekly wash and
show you how to do the 2 bucket method.

To do the 2 bucket method you need exactly
that: you need two buckets, your favorite Chemical Guys shampoo, your favorite wash mitt–I'm using one of
our chenille dreadlock wash mitts, and a drying towel. We've got everything we need to do a 2 bucket
wash. Inside these buckets I have a Grit Guard. This Grit Guard will protect the vehicle from
swirls or scratches by keeping all the dirt at the bottom of the bucket.

So any dirt that comes off this surface goes
straight to the bottom, and it won't come back up. I have a Grit Guard in each bucket. This is a mandatory step: Grit Guard will
protect your vehicle no matter what. Go ahead and take your Grit Guard and put
it at the bottom of the bucket. Once you have your Grit Guard at the bottom
of the bucket, go ahead and fill them with water. I've already filled both buckets with clean
water, so I'm ready to go. These are our heavy duty Chemical Guys buckets. Now that our buckets are filled up, let's
go ahead and add our soap. I'll add soap to just one bucket, and I'll
leave the other bucket with plain water as our rinse bucket. Go ahead and add two ounces to our wash bucket. I'm using Mr. Pink, it's a pH-neutral shampoo. It's super easy to use and great for weekly
washing. Once you have your buckets set up, go ahead
and get started. First I'll rinse off the surface. We're gonna do the 2 bucket method just on
the door to show you the method, but we'll wash the whole vehicle afterwards.

You'll clean the rest of the car the same
way we wash the door. First we'll rinse down the surface. I have one of our brand new Fire Hose Ultimate
Nozzles. These are great nozzles, they're CNC machined and give a nice smooth
stream. Now that our surface is rinsed off, we took
off all the loose dirt and debris, it's ready to be washed. I'm gonna take my fire hose nozzle, and I'm gonna create my suds.

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