Hot Embossing and UV imprint in 2 minutes

Hello In this video, we are going to hot emboss a Topas foil and then we are going to use that Topas foil as a stamp in a UV imprint process First, the operator puts in our silicon Master Then he adds the Topas foil And then for maximum clarity of the embossed Topas foil, we add a blank silicon wafer on the backside. Then the chamber is closed The recipe has already been set up, so we are ready to imprint After filling in some data, we can say "Run Recipe" Now the process starts up. The total running time of this process is around five minutes. The process is now finished, and we can open the chamber. We peel off the embossed Topas foil, and we can see that we have very good replication. We are now ready to do the UV imprint. First, we put in a siliicon wafer with the mrNIL210 UV resist. And then we put in the Topas foil, we just hot embossed to use that as our stamp We close the chamber, and we can say "Run Recipe".

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