Highlights: Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool | Salah hat-trick stuns Old Trafford


This is what Manchester United feared, as Liverpool commit bodies forward, big chance for Keita! And Liverpool have the advantage! So much talk about him during the week, he may feel he still has some point to prove, but no question about his eye for goal. And United are all over the place at the back, Trent Alexander-Arnold's cross! And it's two, and Manchester United on the ropes courtesy of Diogo Jota! And Manchester United are absolutely shellshocked by this Liverpool start. Henderson. Keita again. One touch, lovely to watch again, still might break here, Naby Keita again! It's three! Keita with the buffet ball for Mo Salah, who just smashes it into the back of United's net, he's smashing records for fun. Is there still time? Robertson. Looking for Diogo Jota, it's a bobbler! And it's four for Liverpool, Salah has done it again! Henderson trying one round the corner, that is absolutely beautiful from Henderson, and it's Mohamed Salah again.

Absolutely ridiculous from Liverpool's No. 11. Another Old Trafford goal, it's his sixth in as many games here. That's a dangerous challenge by Pogba. This would maybe suggest he's going to overturn his decision and make it a red card. And Paul Pogba will be sent off here.

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