Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Episode 15: Aaron Rodgers Is Ready to Go John Wick on the NFC

You told me he was out for the season We broke his collarbone and sacked the State Farm Dog No man can come back from that This is not a man we're talking about This is AARON…RODGERS Didn't finish the job? God help the NFC Mr. Rodgers, welcome back to the Elite Hotel Your pinnie, sir Rodgers! You're back! How many years has it been? Seven weeks. I'm coming for you I'm coming for the wild card Ah, ah, hotel rules. Can't hit a QB in a pinnie Are you here on business, Peppers? Afraid so, old friend Hut, hut [Hail Mary, it's a Hail Mary!] [Rodgers with another Hail Mary!] Packers have a highly improbable route to the playoffs.

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