GRANDMA VS ME COOKING CHALLENGE 3 || Kitchen Gadgets and Parenting Hacks by 123 GO! FOOD

I know granny is hiding the candy somewhere. Aw, they're empty. Hey, what's wrong? I want something to eat! Try this. Ooh! Just what I wanted. Ahem! No candy before dinner. I made you some lovely potatoes. Potatoes? You need something with flavour! These have everything a growing girl needs. Wow! Thanks. No! You need a green, leafy salad. Ooh. I've got chips! And soda! This is awesome. I have fruit and vegetables. There's so many choices. Eat  mine. No, mine! Stop! There's only one way to solve this. The best food will win! I will be the judge. Did you just make words appear from your hands?! What's Lizzy doing? It's time for the first challenge. Go! Ooh, ice cream. It thought it was a challenge? Too easy. I always come prepared. Aha! This will be useful. What else do we have? Chocolate spread? My soda… I thought I had more. Oh well I better finish it off.

I hope I remember my ninja training. Arggggh! I haven't lost it! Liam? Where did he go? Is… is it over? I've told you… warn me before you do that! Last time, I got a black eye! You were in my way… never get in my way. Let's do this. I'll pour the chocolate spread in to the top of the bottle. I'll rotate it so that it's nice and even. Now I need to let it set. This looks great. Next, I need the cream. I'll fill it all the way to the top. Now I need some toppings. Delicious blueberries. You gotta have some fruit. I'm proud of this. What do you think sweetie? It looks good. Where's your's, Liam? Check this out.

First, I need a sugar cone. And now for the good part. Looks good, huh? My mouth is watering already. Let's get scooping. It's perfect. What do you think? Wow, Liam. It looks great. I'll add more. You can't have enough ice cream. How's that? I love it. Wow! That's what I thought. For that, you get another scoop. It's getting tricky now. I'm not finished yet. It needs some sprinkles. It looks amazing. And I'm done… Oops! You didn't see that, right? Well that's disappointing. Ha! Nice try, loser. Sorry, Liam. Granny wins. Well done. Did you hear that? I win! Ooh, drawing is fun. What is she doing? I can't see. Ahem, Lizzy? It's ready! You gotta make me a burger. Nice! I better get started. I've got all my ingredients. Nothing but the best for my Lizzy. Let's build this burger. I'll start with the patty.

And a tomato, cheese and ham. And another patty! It's going to be a tower! Whoa… that looks delicious. It's all going on. And finally, more cheese. Meh, I just need this one. Ow! Luckily, I'm not lactose intolerant! Finally, the bun! Steady… It's a masterpiece! It's my finest creation! I think I'm in love. But how am I going to beat this? Hang on… Oh, I'll keep that for later. Hey! Lizzy! Can you pass me that? Huh? This one? Sure, why not? Ouch. Uh… thanks.

But I meant that. Oh, the pop-it! Catch! Thanks! This is perfect. I have the pop-it and a bowl of gummy bears. I'll melt the gummy bears. And pour them into the bun part of the pop-it. Now for the other sections. Then I'll let it set. I think It's ready. I'll carefully remove it from the pop-it. Great. I don't need this anymore. Now I need a side of french fries.

I don't want to break them. Looking good. I can place them in this carton. And it's ready. I think it looks good. What do you think, hunny? I hope you're hungry. Hmm… is that candy? This is tough… It's a tie. Well done. That seems fair. Let's eat! The next challenge. A sandwich! Oh yeah! I can do this. I’ll need this toaster. Ooh, good idea. I’ll take that. You can’t have a sandwich without bread. Huh? Where’s my toaster? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Ssh… My lips are sealed. Never mind, I have this! This will do the trick.

It’s just like ironing my shirts. I burn them too! I want to make marks on each slice of bread. Then, I’ll lay them out. Lizzy likes unicorns. It looks wonderful. Now to colour it in. This frosting will do the job. I feel so artistic. I’m enjoying this. It’s fun. I’ll use different colours for different sections. It’s starting to come together. Pretty impressive, huh? I suppose so. But wait until you see this.

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