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Crowd shouting: How are you Babu, Moshai’s, dhoti was opened, Babu, Moshai. Sorry, it was by mistake.

Anantya is here, pranks are started, run, Run Aunt.

Why are you scared April fool day? Is tomorrow Baby for you, the whole year is April Fools.

These people are so scared of me right now.

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Let’s begin.

The video.

Will you give tea or make April Fool Bringing Dad have biscuits before tea? I know you Colgate will be inside the biscuits.

Dad have breakfast.

I don’t want to Dad. You will go to the office after taking a bath.

I did these pranks.

I’ll not bath.

Today I’ll only brush my teeth.

She will mix colour in the shower.

I’ll take a bath and get pranked, But she forgot that I’m her father Anantya.

I am fed up with this girl What Anantya Stop laughing.

Where is Anantya, She went to school.

Let her come.

I’ll tell her. Where was my tea? You got angry when you become April Fools Guard uncle, have tea? Where will I get tea? School are just opened.

I give Let me give him tea right now.

This is tea.

We will offer him fake tea.

Brother have tea? Have you given Ice cream? It is not coming out.

Show me Brother, it is correct.

I’m saying it:’s frozen.

You are pranked run.

We made April fool Anantya.

I’ll complain to your principal Khachedi. Anantya, see he keeps hitting me.

Why do you keep beating? He keeps beating me, Will you kick him? Yes, but will he beat? He himself will say, kick me Okay.

I’m going Go.

Why do you hit me? You are the only one who wants to punch after seeing it Punch now.

Everyone will kick you Have it.

Why are you beating me? Have it Don’t beat me Hit him Hit him? You wrote on your back.

Kick me that’s why we are beating.

You Beat him.

He will punch me What’s going on Come inside Today we will spread all the water in the bathroom.

I’ll go first, Oh bodybuilder, Oh skinny, Oh fatty! Oh Nikki Tamboli, Oh crazy, Arguing, B C D. You will not be able to go to do pee, I’ll surely go Listen.

I forgot to tell you that Verma sir, was calling you What Verma sir Yes Verma, sir.

I’m very beautiful Mom.

What happened to light all of a sudden, Lalita mam went to bathroom, but she didn’t come yet Come girls.

You are looking very dangerous, Yes, look, Khachedi was so scared and she did poop.

I’m removing makeup meet me in class.

This is fake.

Poop, It is for prank Don’t.

I know her.

She is pranked without doing any prank. This is April.

Where is flower? It is here Good morning, mam Mam.

Why are you scared Where we have naughty kids? Like you, we have to be cautious.

Happy birthday to you.

Mam is so scared Mam, a gift for you.

Is there anything wrong in this Mam? I never mess with anyone.’s feeling and gift.

True, Yes, Wow chips.

Now I have to do a bloody prank Means Period: prank Anantya! No, it’s too much.

Nothing will happen.

She is our friend She came Had so much fun Will have more come. We were waiting for you Come Sanjana is gone, Come let’s have more fun.

She is crying Crying Anantya.

Everything is not funny Sanjana, it was just a joke, Be in your limits.

Why are you laughing? I didn’t get periods.


Everyone is laughing at me.

What is this happening? I’m.

Listening everything go to your class, Sir Anantya did a lot.

We are upset.

Whole school is upset. Will you tell something, Sir? She is being more naughty day by day.

We have to do something, Sir.

You have to take the strict action.

She scared me in bathroom by becoming nun.

Oh Hindi, medium, it is nun, Sir.

You have to take some strict action.

He know only one dialogue, It’s better than your history.

You don’t know anything.

What is this? Is it staffroom or market? Sorry, sir, but you have to take the strict action Again.

He did this. Look, sir.


Let’s do rusticate.

I have added a red blood capsule in Supriya mam’s food As soon as she eats Anantya pack, your bag School is not over.

Yet Principal, sir, is rusticating you because of your prank.

I know you are pranking me.

My neighbour’s swear Khachedi.’s swear.

What are you talking about? Supriya mam must have eaten my sandwich by now.

What to do Mam not that sandwich Mam Bring water.

I did nothing. I was just doing prank Mam.

That capsule was in ad.

You guys saw.

I did nothing.

Didn’t I We get Karma’s result here, Anantya, you have done too much this time.

Oh God, what have you done Quickly? Call the police.

I saw from window that’s why I have already called the police.

How can police come so soon? Who killed her Tell me my name is Inspector Lende.

If you lie, I’ll beat you with stick You You did this, You can’t do this.

You did this, You No sir. Now onwards, I’ll.

Not do You did this Now? I’ll put you in jail.

Let’s go, Sir.

No! You had so much fun.

No, please, sir Shut up, Sir.

I didn’t know all this would happen.

Sir, take her, Sir.

This was not my intention.

Please, sir Principal sir, Only you can do the prank can’t.

We do prank. How do you like my joke? It means all teachers were making us April fool When any joke hurt someone’s feeling or someone Than it’s, not a joke.

It is insolence Sorry, sir, now onwards, I’ll not anything wrong.


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I’ll meet you in next.

Video till then take care and bye.


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