From ZERO to TUCK PLANCHE in 1 Week | Exercises, Tips and Progression

What's up everybody, hope you're doing 
well! Today I will show you how to   learn the easiest planche variation 
– the tuck planche – in just 1 week! So let's get right into it. The best thing about this move 
is: no need to go outside,   the only things you need is yourself, 
motivation, two books or two parallettes. THE prerequisite for more advanced moves 
like the straddle or the full planche,   so make sure to do this properly. There are some 
important points you must keep in mind and if you   do, they will boost your progress a lot and you 
will even find joy in training the tuck planche. Before you start make sure 
to have a proper warm up,   especially warm up your wrists as 
this move is pretty intensive on them   and you might hurt yourself. And of course, 
don't forget your elbows and your shoulders.

Three very important tips before we start! Tip #1: Use parallettes. If you're a beginner and you do not have 
parallettes that's not a problem at all,   you can simply take two books. Just make 
sure that they are at around the same height. Why? There is a dimension of a difference 
in training with or without extra height! Tip #2: Remove your shoes. Not only is it additional weight, it is also 
pretty uncomfortable and a bit bulky so it   will just hinder you while you will train.

And of 
course there is this additional height as well. ..and the 3rd and last tip: Train on solid ground. Don't do the same mistake I 
did and train on a soft ground,   it will just damage your wrists and 
it will be a bit more difficult.   The problem is that your wrists will sink in 
a bit, that will narrow the angle and this   is just not really healthy for your wrists. 
By the way, I am not a fan of generalized,   detailed workout plans you "must" follow to 
unlock the tuck planche due to following reason: We are all different.

Whoever you are, you are different than me and you 
are different than the others. Perhaps different   weight, different height, other prerequisites, 
other background, different gender – anything. So if I would tell you now you must do 3 
sets of 30 seconds of front lean holds,   then it might help some of 
you but possibly – not you. It is ALWAYS like that and this is 
why individual plans are so important. My suggestion to you: watch this 
video – or any other video – pick   your favorite exercises and moves you 
think you can include into your workout,   create a detailed plan and go through 
with it at least 3 to 4 times a week. No matter if you will learn this move in a week 
or not, I promise you, you will see huge progress! Let's talk about the theory 
and the correct body position.   Let's start with the bottom: with the hands.

Very important: the hands must face to the 
side. When you twist your wrists to the side   you will avoid this painful angle and it will 
save you a lot of energy. The next point are   the elbows which must be completely locked 
out. It definitely is easier to have them   slightly bent in because you can hold this 
position a bit better but that's not really   aesthetic and also not really correct. The 
shoulders must be put completely to the front.   If you don't really know how to do this, try these 
scapular push-ups so you'll get a natural feeling   how it should feel in the tuck planche position. 
Your scapula / your upper back must be the highest   point during the tuck planche, so don't 
forget that think about it consciously.

Then, your legs must be tucked just like that 
and your hips must be at around the same level   as your shoulders. And the higher 
you will go with your hips,   the more pressure you will feel on your shoulders. 
So the next step after the tuck planche would be   to put the hips even higher. And finally, 
you must lean to the front to shift the   point of balance. The more you can 
lean forward the easier it will be. And the most important thing: keep 
your body tension at all times! Now let's come to the exercises 
and the step-by-step progress. To   succeed and learn the tuck planche I 
highly recommend following exercises. I personally always do sets of three but as 
I already explained, decide for yourself.   An amazing exercise to start 
is simply leaning to the front.   That means you go on your knees, you put your 
hands in the correct way as already explained   and then you lean to the front. Here 
at this point you should definitely   feel a lot of tension in your arms so try to 
hold that position for as long as you can.

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