Fomos Desafiados Por Um Cantor Viral Francês – Ep.2

We will hitchhike from Lisbon to Qatar, We will cross more than ten countries, take countless hitchhikes, put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, meet incredible people and cross four time zones to wish good luck. After many negatives, a bad night's sleep and several hitchhikers, we found Cristiano who was going to give us a ride to Toulouse. We arrived in France because of the difficulties. C A lot of difficulty. Everyone knows the language for everything is difficult. Even the simplest, most basic things. That thing of not having to find a way, having to find a way, having to do it, having to find a way. I think that since, since always, since childhood, we learn with this no, you have to solve it, you have to find a way, you have to live this difficulty, this has to be it, you have to have it. You don't have a car, you don't know how to speak French, you don't have money, you have nothing. There are obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. Today is 122 and the last hour. If you want to take us to us, we also accept already being today. If you have something to fight about tomorrow, you better.

I wish you good luck. Thank you! Thank you! It's amazing what we're doing here. This We are all on the second day. Today. It's 11:30 and we're just now starting to pick up the rides delaying us bué. But it is yesterday's day was spent getting to know the city. We also went to Decathlon to buy a tent and a sleeping bag, because with only a tent we couldn't sleep, we had no conditions and now we are aiming to get to Nice.

We will take the subway to the city exit, because hitchhiking right in the center was impossible. That Just Green is the official sponsor of this trip. You can use the code still to get a free bet. And you already know, I have to be 18 years old and whenever you go to play, play with your head or we'll go to a traffic circle that Bruno didn't see anything. Let's go to the traffic circle. If we don't get out of that place anymore, we are now going towards another traffic circle, further ahead, closer to the highway.

Well, first the pedestrian part is over here. We are going to have to cross it there because it is very complicated. We are putting our lives at risk. There is no other thought. We all go through. Okay, it's not going to be easy. This is the way it is, this is a community that has to support each other, because it's good for us that they're leaving, that they're doing very well and that we're asking for rides after the cars have already passed them. So, I don't know, you think there are five of us? It's no good either. And I think it's bad because the cars come pretty fast. Another chance to thrive. And we've been here for 1:00 already. It's already 2:00. We close up and let the time move forward a little bit. The fire mine then beeps and doesn't stop. Now we have two choices or we go to the tollbooth or we go to the national road. From Carcassone it's like 80 kilometers. The problem is when I put in the national roads, then it's like 80 by.

We start moving on the road. We can go high up to the entrance, yeah. Moro. I wasn't expecting this. We're not going there today. He went that way. And wanting to. He is closed. We right now, are on the exact opposite side of where we need to be. After 04h00 without getting out of the light, the desperation started to intensify and then we had to change tactics and think about going to a closer city. Ah, it's really complicated. I don't know what will happen from here today. When I can't, what do I do with Luana? It looks like I'm going there. Yes. Would you go that were trying to get to Montpellier? I got to the truth. Only my brother has to decide. Eli is a sweetheart, good also milk baby have the right is that we are grandmas. Its about may be six wipes may be three. It doesn't change anything because I want it all legal.

Guys mi mi mi mi, anyway I don't know ornithology yet I don't trust the net mi mi mi. Lift up what you made of me, then I realized the root Ocelot was looking at me Romi with that at the end. Come on guys! We needed this course, even the one we've been sleeping on. At worst I don't know how busy you want it. Don't you? It's not very easy, but God willing. Let's go to the middle. Bruno We are going to take a player today. Now, since execution? Let's go to go! We are. This one is a little bit before Montpellier, but there, at least it is on the road we originally wanted. We are on the right track. We thought we were out of the light, but we finally managed to get a ride here that will take us beyond Porto. And that is why we will still try to get to Nice. It's going to be practically impossible, but we're still going to try. I have all that, just walk around. It's a little while away, so we were about to put up the tent.

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