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Your exam results. Is this a joke Maybe I can change it. It didn't work. What am I going to do? An F? Maybe I can scrape it off. This is dumb. Ok… think… aha, I've got it. I just need this glue gun and a stick of glue. I'll put some glue on the end. Then press it onto the ink. I'll hold it there for a few seconds. And it comes right off. I'm a genius… well maybe not. And now to put a new grade. I deserve that A. Check this out. You're so smart. And a show off. Give me the answers next time. Hold on. Did you know we had an exam? Psst. Who's the creepy guy? I've got what you need. Math, English… multiple choice… You've convinced me. Hand over the payment first. Obviously. Let me see what I've go I think this will be enough. Here you go. Fashionable and all the answers. Wow, this is amazing.

Thanks. Another satisfied customer. Hi. Can you help me? With your style? I'm not a miracle worker. This is so exciting. This is the smartest eraser on the market. This beats studying. I need to buy the answers. There must be some candy. This isn't going to get much. Excuse me… what can I get with this? Ha. You're cracking me up. Beat it. Ninja roll out of here. Just walk. Great, what am I going to do now? Hold on… this gives me an idea. It's worth a try. I'll place my case over the screen. I can scroll through the answers. Now I'm ready. There will be no cheating. Not in my class. Hmm… I better hide this. Let's see what the cheat scanner says. This isn't good.

I knew it! Cheating… using an eraser. I'm disgusted. I need to do this in every exam. And what's going on over here? No one can beat the cheat scanner. Using a hat to hide answers? Oh. Busted. It's going well so far. Oh, teacher is coming. I know I'm going to find cheating. Please don't beep. Huh? It must be broken. No cheating here miss. Such a good girl. I give up. Ah… what a great sleep. What time is it? Oh no, I'm late for school. I need to hurry. I'll grab some clothes. Wohoooo. I might have too many clothes. My head. At least that saved time.

Morning mom. Have some breakfast. What are you wearing? Huh? Sorry mom, need to go. What a strange girl Oh no… not again. I can't do this every day. Morning. Gotta go mom. What is she wearing? That girl needs to dress better. This room is a mess. There are clothes everywhere. Do I have to do everything? Although I do have a great idea. I'll take these clothes out. And hang this clothes organiser. Things are neater already. An outfit for every day. There. Mom does it again. Wakey, wakey. It's time for school. What? I was having a great dream. It's time to get dressed. Taa-daa. Come on. Fine. I'm up. Look. It's all neat and tidy. Wow mom. I can see all my clothes. And it's organised into outfits. What a great idea. This looks pretty good.

Oh no, the time. You're so silly. Have a great day. Thanks mom, you're the best. My very own unicorn. He's so cute. But you need some colour. My pens are in here somewhere. Oh that doesn't feel good. There's ink everywhere. I can't draw with these. Mom. What's wrong sweetie? Look at my pens. Oh darling. It's ok. Mommy knows what to do. First, we'll clean this up. We can't have dirty hands. Let's try your bag. It's not working. Hold on. We'll get a new bag.

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