a lot of people say they like kendall jenner
because she's the most natural of the kardashians the most down to earth so wrong is what we'll
find out in this video, right because kendall is an example that persistence was a
nym of the face dick because they weren't this   such a cock-guy investment of her family
this girl didn't have gold like a year   in this industry as a model she has salt a sense of
humor hypocritical [ __ ] arrogant lack of sense of reality and with all these attributes she still has
no managing to build a solid modeling career, right and worse, she was considered the
highest paid model in the world by forbes since 2017 it's hypocrisy not even 11 valentines if I could
help kingdom in something here o russian salt estonian salt must be inclusive is saltier
than usual because people this girl is rotten the chernobyl candle arrived, which is her name
kindle and candle is the same thing in English it is in the strength of the indignation that today I deliver this video  by the
way I'm going to keep this salt here if you're wondering people have that crazy boy
pleasure  welcome this channel breno moreno that that I'm breno moreno with your
crap sommelier who still institute bread enjoy and follow me on instagram arroba breno aleluia on
twitter at twitter at breno model about the repetition right today I'm here to talk about it kendalls o
how would I say cristal leggy without salt kendall jenner that for the love of god this is a long
awaited video here on the channel because in several other videos I've already released my rancidity like this for qingdao
and today I'm here to explain to you in two parts her part as a model and her part
the person because yes she's no good in both and if you like kendall watch it if you don't like it
watch it because I even tried to empathize with her but after I researched this girl's life
in depth hi quianças let's start talking about the pa model because so since she likes to
keep her personal life more reserved let's see that let's see how she started
how she has been dressing her time as a model to start, let go of what since childhood her dream
was to be a model and traveling to amazing places, of course, she didn't start her professional life
as a model because since she was 11 years old, there, in 2007, kendall participated for the first time
in keeping up with the kardashians, which is what her family's series, right, that it all started with a
hand on cris and ryan secrest launching a reality show about the kardashian family that at the time there in
2007 hot mixed her kika darcha with a ribbon for people over 18 years old it's all wrong just make a
parenthesis here at age 20 this girl started with 11 at 20 years old she already had a 9-year career
on television 9 years of career at 20 years old if   to say what and nothing anyway hypocrisy has always had
the dream of being a model including a little job in the school where she had to write a letter
to her from the future she wrote it like this hi kendall from the future one day i want to be a model and travel to
really cool places point i should have written it so will i be a good person
will i having moral values ​​never mind I come from a rich family her father at the time
the bruce who today is that jenner said so daughter you want to do all this with your life if that
is your life goal you will have to work very guard this part keeps this part because
it is important throughout the video no matter how much it tells this story that whenever she is a
model and such there is an episode in which pine the kardashians that the very one who went there to help
the farm I went there to have a look little push soon here at what did it all alone the village looks here
funny, right, her sister helps her even showing it on the reality show more ok then here
it was not taking the farm to train with a cult of models this willingness she has to
dedicate herself to her modeling career our the way she talks gas look here what difference
she would take her hair if we were not going to walk not since she was little she is disgusting the girl who has the
opportunity to train with a woman who knows the things faithful to the behavior she
does  this is her childhood dream of a life lesson imagine if it wasn't a detail
that you don't give here so she thought that the modeling career was just taking pictures and so on
remember this she rush is as we can see here in the excerpt right wow that was fine when it was
2011 I think and the burning still speaks like that qingdao I met the diva you are having you
will not be able to work with anyone in the future daddy day diva at my funeral, there was water
not in the canal, waking up keeps this part too because well, more than ten years later, some
things never change, including her behavior   then you can speak more clearly like that she
wasn't very young nowadays she matured and I tell her and then she doesn't give her whole
modeling career so she didn't want to run a runway I think the model was just to take a picture she's
still working let's see some photos of model kendall since the beginning you see that the
talent never really had there look at this magazine cover explains this face to me explains to me
this presence that it doesn't have and until in 2014 she was invited by marc jacobs to parade for
him in the fall 2014 collection you know which one it was the only condition for kindle to accept
the marc jacobs parade that her family not sit in the front row of the parade in full justification of
her people please I'm painting to be taken seriously this is not a
publicity stunt or anything and this is what I want to do with my life, look at that, answer using
the family name when it suits you and at least three years when it suits you but do you think this will change
throughout her career? I'm not even here to discuss kindle's talent for fashion shows no she
doesn't have when I look at a talented model the first thing that comes to my mind I don't
know what comes to yours but I think so wow, what a beautiful presence look at her attitude oh my god
look at how she walks and the one I have to go is just like that correct me if I'm wrong but I
think the role of a model is to feel inspired, right to win you over to buy that outfit she's
wearing there on the catwalk so let's stop here where is the appeal of the quinta is in the beauty it's not
in the way of parading obviously not every posture not even with the production she has access to
things improve soon we conclude that the appeal of kendall comes from birth and still yes she insists on
saying that she is a team that I have nothing to do with the kardashians in short the hypocrisy this
photo of a person who is campaigning is not to mark anyone it is not estee lauder
and says where the salt is t serving to want if I were a model and vice a girl like that
oh what a shame look at the cover of a magazine and I can't stop shaking with indignation
my god harper bazaar not even with a hell of a snake tattoo will see to mark the
her face my god harper's bazaar a cover collector's edition if i had subscribed to this magazine
i do wow you can put it there thank you guys not even a red lipstick helps detail that
is written here i'm more of a jenner than a kardashian shame her lambada this cover
here the problem is not she's not fat it's because she 's not fat and it's okay to be fat too
being fat is not a problem the problem is you being kendall jenner wow she doesn't have salt anymore
you're going to make me pale she was serving her fall cuts to 2018 in which here I still gave
an interview to lan house mag so behold, on instagram of this magazine they posted a picture
of the kindle and the excerpt of the interview that I will read that you since and we've been super selective
about which shows I'd do I've never been one of those models who do 30 shows in a season
or I don't know until four words from fall what these girls do out there in isola
go on dear I have a million more others work and I don't just live on the catwalk  it
was so much work at once that I started to freak out and I had to stop for a while
so that of course the modeling community was outraged and it's no wonder you look at
how many models went to complain on instagram about this statement about this interview from the fall
one of the models replied that the guy on the block   what one of these girls knows is the following is
to do his best to advance in his career and try to earn some money to support
himself and his family and it's not just 30 shows per season, it's not 70 and we're very
proud  here one of the girls who do that, another said so it was crowded, glad she tried to look the part here, no
, I even respect for those who were born in the spotlight and like they won't even be able to choose and such, but respect  of
this type directed to models who don't have   a rich family to enter the industry makes me sick
we models don't have the chance to choose where we're going to see the parade and it's an honor being able to do a
lot of work not to mention that many of us are financially independent and we have to
work hard to pay our bills this is very interesting but it is part of the work
that we say so not having this lot of work that you complain about having us is simply not
I would have a career and then who was going to receive it or not was people is bizarre, right because there are people who work
hard to create a reputation in the industry and there is still the open quote I'm better than
them so I'll just do the x or y liu z it's over not that there are one more these girls make a
lot less money for the same work as you they have to show up on time and not an
hour before the parade they don't sell famous family can't refuse work and they weren't born
in a pool of privilege but go deep dear and to finish there's even that beautiful that said
the following that many models are working to sit not only them but the family and not
all were born in Calabasas they they can have from somalia in siberia from a village in the countryside of
china and even from a trailer park that the house on wheels from tennessee this kind
of comment from kendall does not help to grow  it does not bring unity and much less contributes to the
regulations that this the market needs so much and after seeing a lot of talented model
talking about this subject I end up here with a cover of kendall for vogue australia with the
text so who is the girl of our dreams ours is an insult man there are so many talented models out there
this girl who will it be I will what you allow me but you think it ended up
here in the soul there's a lot more you've already hit there o indignation let it like and subscribe to the channel
also if you hadn't subscribed, you're the one who has n't commented on this controversy saying that
what she said was taken out of context that she was praising, not diminishing anyone in this interview
basically that's what she said in 4 tweeters that it was probably her adviser who told
her to put it I'll leave the prints here for you to read if you want you pause the video that so
excuse my mouth I don't come from the funny stage and that no 2018 interview for vogue kindle
said the following I have friends who got carried away by something that isn't real and that's
something I never want to do my life goal is to stay humble and down to earth as much as
I can doing what I love remember what her father said so daughter you will have to work
hard to get the things you want he forgot to mention that she comes from what she
can buy her work unlike many people who have to trying hard to get
where she gets without throwing a tantrum for the family there's also behind-the-scenes comments because one
thing is editing what I had for the kardashians right, that's the closest point of contact
we have with the real life of the hottie that she doesn't even make a point of showing up but that
I'll also explain later, and here she didn't say that as a public figure she is subject
to a lot of criticism and now she insists on presenting those models behind the scenes, wow,
what a good girl, right because according to she does it to prevent the models from feeling out of place
right because they are sharing the same space as her   my daughter wakes up with a model just like all
the others who are there if she studies we go there on the same catwalk to find herself you can let
you carry the king in the belly my daughter grows up spoiled by axé let's continue and it's not today that
the models all comment on the behavior of the crystal bermuda in psalms backstage let's read
some comments let's go who still didn't want to mix with the other models she went out with
gigi hadid her security guards everyone knew who she was but it didn't hurt for her to try to be mixed right
she also had a team just for her at the victoria's fashion show secret and took her security to the
party and pressure to stay here while many of the girls worked years to get there kendall
was only cast because she comes from a famous family and the diva behavior doesn't help her make many
friends the same as kim a her sister said years ago about diva didn't deal with your
water don't tip her at the time also put a fountain told people magazine that rent always decides
at the last minute and which parade she will attend depends on the money and how she is doing feeling
was the same comment that one of the models from the controversy of 2018 also mentioned our wonder  is
everyone  if a beautiful one with a weakness or is she   really like that and then you being the fifth or having the
mother you have kris jenner publicity stunt could improve your reputation as a clear model
nothing better than forbes to say that you are the highest paid model in the world no and we
saw why it happened to to kailane if you don't understand I'll leave it here on the card for you to see
but basically pure and simply a push of reputation advertising marketing nothing new
under the sun no way what kind of example is this that you're passing on to other girls you want to
be model is yes enough of it, so I think I 've said enough about the model part, right and
now we're going to tell you what kendall's personality is, which is if not worse than her model side,
I can start saying that the fan's own Kendall 's club decided to stop posting content about
her because not even the fan club could handle it anymore let's go to the gifts as we call people who can't
stand criticism and even ignore people who who are making suggestions for her own good
have a lot of bloodsucker acting like they are real friends actually just so there for
her tragic fame or also think she doesn't need anyone's support to have a career is
called an addict at work but cancels the fashion shows at the last minute stops and the birthday party and
walks with friends rich unemployed doesn't have to apologize for this advertisement she made
for pepsi, right, but on the contrary, staying silent, people forget, right, call the paparazzi
to do it this little show here, look here or is this the behavior of an adult
honking his horn like crazy oh no people then she was canceled right the fan club calling that part
of  she doesn't accept criticism and then only this friar on twitter the fan -club went there and said the following
we see a lot of people calling us fake we are her biggest supporters
whoever likes it doesn't need to be passing cloth for her 24 hours per day we didn't stop being a fan
because it wasn't getting anywhere.

grow better, right, get better [ __ ] better than this if even the fan can't take it or will the family
take it now we get to the part that I like the most   Kendall saying that she is the different
one of the kardashian why not interview for harper bazaar from 2017 she said she is more of
a jenner than a kardashian before we comment on this interview let's think like this
takes a step back to understand why someone would do an interview like this about kendall is to
want too much to force a reputation people open the entire trajectory of the corner is trying to force
a reputation that is simply not there because she can't afford that reputation that is not in
her in this interview to whom I still said that is worse oleca who does not have curves like her sisters
she is less vain – prim says she likes to be basic and to remain more reserved  no
matter how much she participates in reality the new cross even asked if she wanted to participate more and
kendall said she was good being a supporting player no problem with that who knows what I think
that being there even gives a crisis of qingdao to dissociate her from the family technically, right to
show that kendall is always there working as a model that she is too dedicated to career
and then the brands to look at who should speak so this girl I want, she works
very hard, look, she doesn't even care to participate in her family's reality show and
money and another one, until when will she appear on the reality show that she'll receive a little more
light, it's to talk about her anxiety that I respect he throws a pinch like that to talk like that
wow you know why the fall is anxious this girl works the other one has to know that
remembering work and leisure hey kendall you work a lot wanting how you worship
having to worry only about working or having to pay the bills because she doesn't have to
worry about that and I don't have a house to take care of because must have at least five the speech of the
assistant forum advisor I'm not here to invalidate her anxiety no by the way this is something
very common in many people the difference is that here there are not numerous opportunities and options on
how to deal with it if she does she can take medicine she can do a lot of alternative therapy
and a lot more but she keeps using it to create a reputation that she works a
lot my daughter will join the cornea that you two don't work it's no use wanting to
talk to her people you work with, you don't work hard, you do work, but to say that you
are so without percent dedicated to work and if you're going to talk about anxiety for the model looks at
so many models who share an apartment with other a lot of girls there from the hole where Judas
lost his boots he's there grabbing he doesn't eat gets stressed he goes through a lot of things
behind the scenes we can't even imagine and you're still coming to say that I'm very anxious oh
my god I have no options to deal with this anxiety makes you ashamed, not to
mention that you have ten years of career   it is managed by kris jenner and you don't have to go
through one a lot of struggle that other models much younger than you and who care a lot more have
to go through and then the icing on the cake is her saying that I'm not even a kardashian I'm much more
jenner after having conquered everything she has been recognized as a kardashian she
has the nerve to say it correctly you finally saw the hypocrisy then you remember that I talked about
the pepsi commercial in 2017 so it was like this I'll summarize for you what happens and
from here to kend all ea pepsi deleted on the internet   in this ad there is a protest happening and
kendall the spoiled rich white girl appears with a can of soda and offers it to a police officer
and then it ended up in the middle of the protest at the time of black lives matter which is not like this today 2020
right and you've been going on for a while, kendall in the middle of these demonstrations offers a can
that the policeman and ready to pass was a protest cut to 2020 kendall who had the opportunity
to show that he learned from this mistake because at the time the only one thing she did was disappear from
social media and came back as showing a magazine cover then the crystal without salt asks appearing
in 2020 and on twitter she retweeted 15 retweets she did n't even have the patience to comment she only
commented on a montage they made her and on instagram she posted a text from the advisor
and that she disabled the likes and also posted a photo all in black as well as the comments
disables of those who had learned not to have this fear is that saying, right, who shouldn't, don't fear, and
another one, right, this is not a lack of socializing with black people because only in her family we have meat guest
services corp her mother's boyfriend occurs gamble she has already dated with black people she has a
lot of nephew courage to speak an air of showing support will make a donation since
you have so much money it will help the people pay bail of the protesters who were arrested there
surrender you are rotten you have to tell that she also has a sense of humor anyway very acid she is
very tomboyish for example in an instagram photo that scott posted with him the children is sofia hit is
because here he also commented how cute scott the children this was a joke with people who are
from her family just because of the age difference of sofia scott  without counting in several
other cases about her not tipping in restaurants in more American custom, right
so I I think so, it didn't scare me much, only one of these cases in particular scared me
because back in 2017 the bartender complained that Kendall didn't tip, but in 2014 a
waitress also didn't receive a tip from that one and went there to ask later why you don't
leave me the tip because then the bill was high you know what the waitress said to kendall she did she
took the bills and threw them in her face she should have been safe but so
lucky for her she was safe that if if I were the waitress I wouldn't leave it now and so, you
know, there's a lot more testimony from you, there's a girl who went viral on tik tok talking about
how it was to meet celebrities, she who is also the waitress and of course I don't think anything sums up
hypocrisy anymore from kindle than plastic she said she didn't do I'm here to analyze why
so because it wasn't one or two or three no there were several for feelings over the years in
500 if she underwent me to the scalpel to the scalpel there is no   at least the injection let's analyze it from the beginning it
was if and nowadays you really want to tell me that she didn't put a mouth at least but that's not
all folks look at this comparison seriously even if you want insulting my intelligence and
that of the whole world saying that you only put on lipstick a little like that above the lips it's serious
that nose and eyebrows by the way I have a photo here comparing Kendall and a doctor
talking about the possible procedures to which she underwent botox to raise eyebrows
rhinoplasty why is the torso nowadays   thinner the famous the lip filler the
filler on the chin, right to be clearer and also the cheek augmentation is no use to say
that this is puberty, there is something that nature has no, it 's like a mouth you have you don't have it and another
time the meat posted a business about live because the voter drop in this photo you can
see that she is carlita for a month one thing we know that carly is plasticized to the
hilt and kendall has the same mouth as kylie ours stop being a
hypocrite once and for all he knows what kendall's problem is she insists on making up a story and was more
talking to lie because you don't want to admit it, that's why it's ridiculous, look at the photo, look at it,
she also talked about people thinking that she had surgery, follow the statement, the craziest thing of
all is that I feel that people just want to live underneath miga low you are already the
only thing people are doing is to spread the word to stop this buzz complexion admits it at once
I learned from her sister carla said so no this lip of any size here is my like kit
until she admitted that she was really doing  what lip fillers are like the day
the face appeared with a breast that size but her breast was that size and she said that
was what the bra she wore that gave a lift our poor rich girl that they are quite deaf has
already learned that it is better to tell the truth and you want it so if it is to be followed the example of
your younger sister look at this photo come tell me that this is the result of makeup she and this the ride table
our lady two android doesn't even look human god forbid this is what natural pretty
damn look if you had any doubts about kendall if those weren't enough powers
ok follow your truth so ok i did my part i spent 8 hours writing this script once hour
of an hour to record a video that I usually record a 30 or less anyway it does post I wife
here so after all that when I said there in the he says she is salty that she has the
sense of an [ __ ] that she is a hypocrite [ __ ] without a sense of reality I didn't lie and I didn't say it,
they sent several, many, many houses including I'll leave in the description
of the videos all the links I used have your script is ready and there are a lot of people who comment
on the videos like this sources voices in my head or real life I don't know you choose I just washed the
flint promise is debt and I paid my debt to you if you liked the video share it
subscribe to the channel if you don't if you had subscribed and also leave a like look I'm very upset
in this video I'm talking about bad things about kendall jenner but I like to talk about
good things including meat is going to have a birthday isn't it probably we'll comment on her party
so I'm waiting for you in the next video a kiss and then

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