Explaining TF2’s Biggest Leak Ever

good evening yesterday something pretty insane happened that's both very exciting and also immensely depressing Team Fortress 2's entire developer repo leaked now what does this mean basically if you were making a game on valve Source engine you might make a deal with valve to get access to their developer repo this gives you a drive of files from many of their game's development history for you to reference and use when creating your own game these have been scrubbed of super sensitive files in the past due to small leaks so they don't contain absolutely everything but they do contain the majority of files made during these games developments and this week TF2 is leaked actually not only TF2 but nearly every Source engine valve game had their repo dumped Half-Life 2 Counter-Strike Source Day of Defeat Source even Half-Life 2 Deathmatch what does this mean for valve well they're probably going to tighten security they might not let people license their games ever again and if they weren't a privately owned company their stocks would probably be plummeting right now because this might be the biggest leak they've suffered since Half-Life 2 source code got posted online in 2003.

I'm hoping they don't go code red and start targeting people sharing the files or God forbid YouTubers reporting on them thankfully for them though this repo leak didn't include the files for CS go Portal 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 which would have made things even more catastrophic as those files probably include stuff from Half-Life 3. now what does this leak mean for the future of TF2 well it means that the community now has access to nearly every single piece of official TF2 content ever made basically no Stones left unturned so unless you're so huffed up on copium you still think that another major TF2 update or even tf3 is coming it would appear that this is probably the last significant drop of valve made TF content URI might ever see which is very saddening we've truly reached the bottom of the barrel and now have nearly every piece of official TF2 content ever prototyped and there's not any more on the way once the Nerds of the valve Community who spend hours obsessing over wall textures finish digesting and restoring the contents of this leak it's over now it's not all bad because of course these files include a ton of really cool [ __ ] and it'd be foolish not to expect them to spurn a new wave of interesting TF2 fan content so that should be fun to see it's also going to take a long time for people to wrap their heads around everything in this league since it's about 60 gigabytes and includes basically every file made for the game between 2007 and 2015.

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