Dragon City Beginner’s Guide & Returning Player Guide 2023 – Tips & Advice

hello there Dragon City enjoyer today I wanted to make a beginner's guide to start off the year 2023 that will hopefully help anyone from Level 1 up to level 50. this is more general advice and things that you can do every single day to help speed up your progress number one get events unlocked ASAP Dragon City has pretty much constant events going on but one good thing is that a lot of these events have four element dragons that are relatively easy to obtain assuming you're logging in for each reset that is you should try to get Four Element dragons as soon as you can because these will also help you in the arena so the quickest way to do that is to start playing the events events unlock just a few levels after level 10 so these are unlockable in less than a couple of days of gameplay Dragon City has seven Main Event types that are cycled through every month and each of these work differently I've already made event guides for the runner events and heroic races but I do plan to make a guide for each of the other events in time but you can get experience from placing and upgrading habitats hatching dragons and some of the goals can give you a hefty wad of experience as well so you could make quick work of your early game leveling up by constantly farming short time of food doing early quest battles and placing and upgrading lots of Terror habitats however and be aware of this they're at a certain point after unlocking the breeding sanctuary you will want to stop leveling up as quickly because of the league battles number two get your Hatchery upgraded as soon as possible Dragon City has up to six Hatchery slots and trust me eventually you're going to need all of these unlocked and maybe even wish that you had more like 10 of them but the sooner that you get this upgraded the more you can breed freely and get eggs out of your storage quicker if you happen to get a heroic or Legend from an event chest you'll need some pre-hatchery slots to ensure that you can still breed and hatch dragons for events and Daily Progress but you can get gems from the daily goals events and just general daily gameplay activities number three aim to get your dragon Roost upgraded ASAP the dragon Roost is a very annoying feature that will stop you from being able to level dragons past a certain point until it's upgraded you're usually better off upgrading higher Rarity dragons than those with four elements for this so that then you'll have more and better options in the arena you'll also want to get the roost upgraded to level 6 which allows you to take your dragons to level 40.

As soon as you can so that then you'll have a much easier time in the league and the arena to get more food you can of course put certain food types into your farm although you'll also have to get your Farms upgraded for this although the main way to collect food will actually be through limited time events that pop up the maze event for example has paths that hold exclusively food and the Mystery food box can drop up to 3.84 million food Excel food boxes are also guaranteed on certain maze paths which hold a guaranteed 3.84 million food so you can see how useful some of these events could be for upgrading your dragons considering that to get one dragon from level one to level 40 for the basic level cap only takes 6.28 million food which is essentially just two XL food boxes that doesn't mean that you have to ignore everything else from the events but getting lots of food early on will really help you get into a good spot where you can take on the league battles which otherwise will cause you major problems during events such as the heroic races number four make sure you are always aware of the current event collections that are going on event collections can be found near the top right of your screen in the little circle and there will always be some kind of event collections going up once you have dragon TV unlocked there will always be a dragon TV collection ongoing which relies on you watching ads and gives you a guaranteed mythical legendary Karma vampire or even heroic Dragon for watching enough ads to get you 50 Dragon TV coins this will typically take 25 days of the month to complete if you're watching all of the ads every day but this could net you an insanely good dragon on top of this we also have limited time collections that come into the game and by taking a look at these you'll see that there are rewards for collecting items from the various Dragon City events that have been going on during that time period the rewards can range from gems heroic and legendary Joker orbs trade Essence habitat upgrade tokens perks food all the way up to guaranteed eggs for vampires and Titans some special events even give you the chance to get heroics from their event collections the only trouble is that you'll need to typically collect a lot of events or event items through that month or the few weeks that the event is active in order to get those collection Rewards some event collections are better and easier to complete than others but all of these events typically have at least one outright pay to win only tier which is the collection that requires the most event items and sits at the bottom of the event screen usually all but the last or the last two tiers are achievable free to play if you have played the rest of the events through the month and have targeted event items while playing the events number five daily shop things to collect the treasure shop is mostly pretty useless and a really easy way to waste a lot of gems however there is a free Daily chest that you can collect during the daily reset time which for me is at 11AM here in England every day this chest can contain a few gems keys for drug and rescue joke robes and a couple of other items so it's worth opening it every single day hard packs are mostly useless so I don't suggest really ever using this feature of the game in its current state however one really useful part of the shop is the orb section you'll see that the majority of the orbs in the shop cost gems so these ones you'll be ignoring pretty much all the time however on the far right of the shop every 12 hours the shop will offer five orbs for a legendary or heroic dragon and then go out of stock before randomly restocking with a new legendary or heroic dragon's orbs during the next 12 hour reset as soon as you get a good flow of gold coming in from your habitats and you can easily afford it make sure you're picking up these orbs every 12 hours because these can easily net you loads of free heroics later on number six habitats and crystals early on you won't have very much space to work with in DC so really you need to start expanding out to the other Islands as soon as you get the chance because otherwise you will run out of space very quickly fast gold farming method for events such as the heroic race you can place down a lot of Terror habitats as they're very cheap and then fill them with Terror dragon eggs which only take 15 seconds to hatch so that you can keep collecting gold from these habitats and you have a way to clear the collect gold quests the outside of this all habitats can be upgraded and the first level requires gold to upgrade them starting off with the earlier unlocked habitats in the shop such as tarot fire sea and nature habitats will mean their purchase and upgrade cost is a lot cheaper than some of the later unlocked habitats however do be aware that you're better off upgrading all of your habitats equally in level for a specific type rather than having one level six five well flame habitat and one level two flame habitat for example as the habitats will cost habitat tokens to upgrade them after the first couple of levels so rather than costing gold these will cost tokens which you can get from events and a couple of other places as the token cost goes up very quickly based on the habitat level having five level three habitats will be much better than just upgrading one habitat up to level six plus you'll have more space from having more habitats placed the only issue is that this will obviously require more Island space to achieve early on you'll also definitely want to be taking advantage of crystals so having lots of fire habitats placed and lots of dragons placed in those flame habitats with flame crystals around will be a really nice way to generate extra gold Bristols don't have a massive area of effect so you'll need to be mindful of how you plan to place your crystals and do be aware that crystals can stack so if you manage to place crystals appropriately you can give certain habitats an 80 plus gold production boost so make sure you try and make this happen inside your most crowded habitats to generate the most gold number seven get your other breeding dens unlocked ASAP you'll start off with just one breeding done in Dragon City however there are actually three technically four if we include the Ancient World breeding dens available there's the base breeding Den which is unlocked immediately there's the Ultra Breeding Tree which costs gems to unlock in the building section then there's the breeding sanctuary sanctuary and there's also the Ancient World breeding area Ancient World breeding doesn't count towards event points so you'll mainly be using the three breeding dens on the main islands each day the Ultra Breeding Tree goes on sale roughly once a month for up to 50 off meaning that this will cost you 50 gems instead of the usual 100.

So I would recommend trying to have at least 50 gems spare to be able to purchase this when it goes on sale the breeding sanctuary will unlock at level 25 and that costs 25 gems to unlock however after it's unlocked it can be upgraded using gold so this means that it can cost just 75 gems to unlock all three breeding dens in DC if you take advantage of the sale having three dens will ensure that you can do all of the breeding required during your various events heroic races and puzzle events in particular will become much easier as soon as you get all of your dens unlocked number eight get to level 16 and join an alliance alliances in Dragon City are one of the main multiplayer experiences in Dragon City and they can give you some fantastic rewards for taking part in scoring during a lion's chess there are Alliance chests happening almost constantly except there's a one day break between Alliance events to give alliances a short break some of the alliance chests will require you to hatch dragons win League battles breed dragons or win battles in the arena some of these tests will be much easier for players that have permanent speed up happy hour but you should still try your best to contribute when these periods are on as you can get millions of food or orbs for a legendary dragon that you can use really early on and get empowered easily number nine getting Legendary Dragons unlocked in the dragon rescue dragon rescue is in a way a different type of in-game event except you can do dragon rescues at any time and it costs keys in order to do a new Rescue you'll start off by only having common dragons available to unlock but then once you finish the first Common rescue you'll then unlock rare rescues they're very rare epic and then legendary rescues so you'll need to do a rescue of each Rarity in order to get legendary rescues unlocked but you'll also get more rewards from the higher tier rescues the only thing to keep in mind is that the higher tier rescues also cost more keys to unlock but getting Legendary rescues unlocked will be very useful as you might need to unlock a certain legendary for quests events or sometimes very rarely some super special dragons become available such as Divine past dragons or high tier Arena dragons you'll also need a lot of higher level dragons to be able to complete the higher tier rescue such as legendary rescues for example but this is a part of the game that you can work at slowly over time as you collect more dragons and get them leveled up number 10 watch your ads every single day I mentioned Dragon TV previously in the event collections however the ads section of dragon CC can give more rewards than just the guaranteed mythicals or vampires every day at 11AM in England which may be slightly different from for your time zone the daily reset will happen and dragon TV rewards will also reset once this happens a new set of 15 ads will become available for you to watch on the 15th ad you'll get to open a loot box a loot box which changes daily these loot boxes in the ads section have lower drop rates than usual which you'd find in the regular events however they still give you the opportunity to get a legendary or even a heroic Dragon every day for watching ads some even guarantee at least a few vampire orbs which can then be used during the summoning happy hour but on top of this the first few rewards can sometimes be food but will often be event currency for one of the currently ongoing events in order to get a full value out of all of the events free to play you'll need to be watching ads to get bonus event currency to guarantee some of the harder to get dragons plus you'll of course get the dragon TV coins as well there are two sets of 15 ads every day that can give event items and dragon loot boxes so that's 30 ads per day after the first set of 15 ads there will usually be a cool down of roughly six hours before you can watch the second set so you're better off watching the first set of ads as soon as you can and then watching the second set later however the ads normally continue on after this but provide food as a reward instead of event currency so the lower your level the more useful these Food ads will be however one thing that I will note is that for some reason the usual Dragon tv ads aren't available for all new players from day one and you'll actually need to log into the game for 30 days before these upgraded reward ads unlock if this is the case for you you'll still have ads but they won't offer the chance for the best dragons until after the first month of you playing the game number 11 event reset times and how to easily complete event resets I keep mentioning this time of 11AM in England for the main reset time and that's because Dragon City like a lot of mobile games has reset times which are specific periods of time where you can collect event currency when timers tick over and events change Dragon City's Main Events operate on eight hour reset timers meaning that during maze events for example you can collect up to 600 event currency between the times of 11AM and 7 P.M that's for my time here in England 600 more event currency from 7 pm to 3 A.M and 600 currency from 3 AM until 11AM sorry about eight hours times three which is 24 hours that's one day The Maze Runner grid fog and Tower events will operate on these eight hour timers although Runner events require you to complete specific tasks during this time whereas during the other events you can do really any task in the game to get up to the maximum currency limit of 600 per reset this means that the easiest way to get all 600 currency per reset for The Maze grid fog and Tower events is to Simply hatch a level 1 Terror dragon and then feed it up until you've collected all of that reset 600 currency it is that simple it takes 10 seconds per reset to complete puzzle events and heroic races work differently as your progress mostly comes down to when you can log in for the timers but these events still have a couple of parts that do rely on reset timers as well 12.

How to start thinking about making a good team Dragon City has 21 elements total and each of these have different weaknesses and strengths in order to have a selection of dragons that can work in all different parts of the game such as the arena you would ideally be looking to use dragons that have four elements with as many unique elements on your main Squad as possible your main team in Dragon City will require three dragons that can take on League fights but these will also be useful in the arena although some may be restricted as the arena does have certain restrictions based on Rarity and specific elements for different Arena leaks however one thing to note is the ancient elements as of January 2023 and elements pure through to time are generally more desirable as primary Dragon elements and what I mean by primary element is the first element of your dragon because this is what determines what the dragon is weak and strong against in terms of Elemental typing for example a wind dragon is strong against time but is only super affected by the Pure Element ancient elements are typically harder to come by although these are becoming more and more common with each event that's released but as of right now they're only weak and strong versus other ancient world elements meaning that they're good to have as a first element on one of your dragons there's a lot of different Nuance to Dragon City team building which would take a separate video in itself but generally speaking you'd be better off using a dragon that isn't weak to elements such as fire or Terror as these are very common elements especially early on it's something to keep in mind as you're building your first team or two in Dragon City 13.

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