Crazy Doll Returns! Sneak Attack Squad Wild Nerf Blaster Mayhem!

Hey guys! Just so you know, this video could be a little creepy
for our younger audience. Now, Return of the Haunted Doll. This again. >> Ethan! Can you please stop that? >> Yes Mom. >> Ethan! Can you give me the salt
and pepper out of the pantry please? >> Yes Mom. I swear that box moved. What is in this box? Oh! It moved again! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! There's something in this box
that keeps on moving. >> Oh, that's nice. What do you think it is? >> Mom, I don't think
you're taking me seriously? >> Ethan, I don't know what is in there. I can't really help you right now. I'm trying to cook. >> Ahhhh! Cole! >> No. I'm not helping you. >> What? Come on! >> No. I'm just not falling for your tricks. >> Okay! Fine! I'll figure it out myself! Do not open ever. Okay. Now, I have to open it. What's these all these locks! Ahhh! >> Ethan! Where are you going? >> I'm going to get some tools.

>> Um. No, you're not. Dinner's ready! >> Yeah Ethan. Dinner's ready. >> Fine. I'll deal with it later. >> Ethan, set the table real fast please. >> Yes mom. Right here. >> Good morning. What're you doing? Wait. What is this? >> I'm just building a box fort. Oh, and that? That's just a box that was moving
last night that Odin chewed up. >> The dog to this chewed this up? >> Yeah he did sometime last night. >> Oh no! >> What's the big deal? It's just a box.

>> This is not good. >> Why? I still don't see the big deal. >> You don't know what's in this box?! >> No clue. >> The haunted doll! >> Wait stop. You mean the doll? >> Yes, the doll! >> So, you're telling me that the doll
can be anywhere in this house? >> Yes! This is exactly what I'm saying! >> Uh, what do we do? This is not good.

>> Better run. [screaming] Get the door. Go go go go go. >>Oh my gosh. The doll is back. >> Why was it in that box for? >> Where else am I gonna keep it? >> Oh, obviously don't keep it! >> Well, too late now.
What are we gonna do? >> We're gonna do the same
thing we did last time! Take care of this doll. >> Let's get geared up! >> Alright! You ready? >> I'm ready. >> It's not a bit much? >> A haunted doll is worst. >> Still it seems like there's a lot going on. >> My blaster has heatvision. It's green with no heat. And red with heat. >> The doll is made of plastic. I don't know if that'll work. >> Well, we're about to find out. >> You ready? Let's do it.

>> See anything? >> Nope, it's all green. >> Okay. I think it's in here. Let's go check it out. >> Check behind that shower curtain. >> You check the shower curtain. >> Okay. Okay. Calm down. Calm down. It's all fine. >> Yeah, I got night vision. >> Do you see anything yet? >> Not yet. Ahhh! >> What did you see? What did you see? My turn, the goggles.
>> No, no, don't take my goggles! See if it's in here. >> I don't see it anywhere. >> Do you see it? >> Yeah I saw it.
It jumped right into my face. >> Where is it now? >> I don't know. Let me see. It's over there. >> Wait you see it? >> Yeah, it's right over here.

Come look. Oh see it. Oh! It just got wrecked! >> Yeah I did.
That what's you get! Let's go check it out. I'll cover you. It's not here. >> What do you mean it's not there? >> This is not fair! >> This is not good. We need to go search for it. >> All right. I'll check behind the couch. >> I'll check the other room. What was that? I saw that! Cole! Cole! >> I'm coming! I'm coming! What? What? >> Here, here. I think it's in here. >> In the ballpit? >> Yeah.

I saw it moved. >> I don't see anything. >> Me neither. Use your heat vision scope. >> Oh yeah. >> See anything yet? >> No, not yet. It's not there. >> Let me have a closer look. >> I don't think it's here. >> I don't know. I saw something move. I swear. [screaming] Get the door! I told you it was in there. >> There was no heat! >> I think it was… ghost or… >> My blaster's useless. >> Hold on. This will be better. >> All right, let's take care of this. >> Go go go go. It's right there. What is it doing? >> I don't know. >> I think I got a good idea. I can trap it. >> With what? >> Hold on. Give me a second. Just cover me. >> Hurry up! >> I got it.

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